Amazon Trends 2021- Private label, Branding & PPC

We teamed up with Davide Nicolucci, PPC master and founder of “We Are Growth Hack Seller” to present this edition of Seller Round Table Extra, where we explore upcoming 2021 Trends in the ever-expanding and challenging world of online retailing. 

Davide, a global explorer and innovative pioneer in digital merchandising, has worked in social media since 2010 and loves to share the inside scoop on Europe, and more specifically the Asian online sales market. His groundbreaking article “The Secrets Behind the Chinese Amazon Sellers as Revealed by Insiders” in concert with a video from the 2018 interview “How Chinese Sellers are Winning the Game,” secured his digital footprint and online presence.   

Davide’s wealth of insight and expertise will inspire and motivate you in your individual and or partnered quest for online business success, as he and Amy offer strategies, tips, and advice to the aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Take some time to enjoy this dynamic duo’s presentation!

On a side note, Davide has another passion, which is music. His business CV includes the role of club DJ in Thailand. If music is your cup of tea, check out his House music sounds on YouTube and Facebook.


Highlights and Key Factors in 2021 Trends

  • 1st think about the customer, be customer-centric in your approach
  • Being brand registered should be a seller’s top priority 
  • Be specific and have a long-term plan, be realistic about your investment capital
  • As an Amazon merchant, treat it as a real business and be creative, plan ahead, network
  • Know the opportunities for organic growth
  • These are exciting times as Amazon is revolutionizing online selling
  • Become better at branding and stay updated about branding options
  • How to sell your Amazon business (also tips about purchasing Amazon businesses)
  • Be aware of achieving organic engagement 


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Blog about Chinese Sellers:…/secrets-of-success…/ 

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