Sellers Alley is a digital agency that helps brands optimize their PPC advertising on various platforms. In October 2020, during Prime Day, they held a 48-hour live stream featuring eCom personalities. The wide expanse of topics discussed were all related to Amazon selling.

Our very own Amy Wees was among those featured. Amy discussed optimization tips and tricks for boosting sales on Amazon. Watch her with host Jana Krekić below: 

Questions + Answers on Prime Day

Thanks to Seller Alley’s 2-day marathon live stream, sellers can relax and watch content with significant long-term value for years to come. And is there any other better timing for content like this than on Prime Day? People go shopping on Prime Day for two primary reasons – 1) If they’re looking for something specific, and 2) If they just want to look for good deals. Those two days – when things go a little bit crazier than usual on Amazon – will prove how optimized (or not) your listing is. Answering the questions:

  • How does your listing stand up against your competition?
  • Do your customers see you in search results?
  • How can you improve your organic ranking on Amazon?
  • What are customers looking for in your listing?
  • How can you boost your sales on Amazon?

Amazing At Home’s Top 5 Listing Must-Haves

Do you ever type in your product’s keywords on Amazon to check if it shows up on page 1? A lot of sellers don’t. Many of our listing optimization clients used to not have a clue about their product’s ranking against competitors. Lack of visibility and poor product rankings are some of the major reasons why sales are tanking or why a listing is not performing. And the first step to solving this is fixing your keywords. Examine your audience, find your main keyword phrase according to research, and use that in your listing title.

So now let’s assume that after you’ve fixed your keywords your listing has finally made it to page 1. Congratulations! Now what? Shall you sit and relax and watch the $$$ skyrocket to the heavens?

Listen – making it to page 1 for the right set of keywords is just the first hurdle. A click on your listing does not guarantee a sale. Your buyer’s journey is not that simple. Think about your own journey as a buyer – how long does it take to convince you to buy anything on Amazon? Do you buy the first product you see on page 1? Do you look at ratings, reviews, or other specific details? Now let’s go back to your buyer – what exactly is your buyer looking for when browsing your listing?

We have the answer – and we’ve narrowed it down to five. Top 5 questions that your listing images, bullets, or product description must answer. These are the must-haves to generate interest, boost conversion, and close the sale, in order of priority:

1 – Is this product for me?

This is your product’s differentiator. This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This is what tells your customer what makes your product better than the rest of your competition and what makes them feel, ‘Yes, this is the one for me.’

2 – What do I get?

Package inclusions. Your customer wants to know what to expect when they open their package from Amazon. Tell them exactly what’s in the box – dimensions, any extra parts, accessories, or fun surprises included? Let your customer know you’re selling something with value. Describe the unboxing experience as best as you can.

3 – Can I trust it?

Here is where you talk about quality. Your customer is always looking for a guarantee, warranty, or anything that will tell them that your product and your brand can be trusted. What is your product made of? Will it last long? If it doesn’t – will you replace it? Assure your customer that you are trustworthy and not a fly-by-night seller.

4 – How does it work?

Your customer wants to see your product in use. If it has multiple uses, show all of them. Use lifestyle photos to show how your product can add value to your customer’s everyday life.

5 – Do I really need it?

Is your product giftable? Show your customer who it’s for – perhaps a beloved family member, friend, or colleague? Use search suggestions and keyword tools to check the specific niche markets that appreciate your product the most – mother, father, best friend, boss. If it’s not giftable then add content that will connect with the buyer. Think – is there anything else your customer would appreciate knowing? Engage.



The main thing to keep in mind is the challenge of selling online – when you’re not in front of your customer to let them see, feel, smell, or try your product. How do you let your customer experience your product without actually being there? Amazon provides us with many ways to engage our buyers – through our listing copy, images, a+ content, and more. It’s our job now to use them to our advantage.

Go back to your listing now. Is there something lacking? If you need our help or would like us to review your listing for free – we can do that for you. Submit your listing for a FREE review here.


Jana Krekić: Hello again this is Jana for YLT translations so I’m here to help a little bit with cocoa staying so Lazar can actually get to get a short break today. So for my next guest is also like what am I absolutely favorite people and amazing foreigner and a lady guests. So bringing again some more girl power on the show. And I would like to present one and only Amy wheeze from amazing at home. Hi, Amy and welcome. Thank you so much for for deciding to help us and participate in our little crazy event.


Amy Wees: Thank you for inviting me I was telling Rashid this morning, we were looking at poor Lazar, he was looking so tired this morning. And I’m like, man, we gotta bring some fire to this broadcast we need.

Jana: Exactly, exactly. Yeah, I mean, you know, like, I went home and slept, you know, but he was actually I was like, this morning when we today and I was like, going to like to do a walk around, like around like offices and like, zoomed into his like little bed, like at this blow up mattress where he spent the night and in case something goes wrong. And I was just like, oh my god, you know, just, but I think, you know, this is like when you’re passionate about something 48 hours, Hey, that’s not a big deal.

Amy: Especially not on Prime Day, you know, it’s a kind of exciting day for all of us Amazon sellers. So yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s good to be part of something during Prime Day. Why not?

Jana: Of course, of course. And these, the stream has been seen by Around 1000 people for now. So I think, you know, I think people love the content and we got like a lot of random feedback being just like, What is this? You know, like, what, what is like, this is like a big brother and Amazon like, you know, Cassandra from Helium. 10 is like, Oh my God, you know, like, what are you guys doing? So I just think it’s, it’s a crazy concept and Lazar. He pulled it off in like, three days, literally, he just like, let’s just do it. Let’s just do it. Let’s see what happens in the Yeah, so we were just like, we just didn’t monthly invite, like, a bunch of our, in our friends were like experts, like just talk about, you know, topics that could be very important. And, you know, I think a lot of beginners and newcomers are watching this. And I think it’s a really, you know, cool thing to give out some like really good content, which they would probably have to pay for or don’t know where to go. So I think we’ve shared some, like, really good info. And I mean, we still have like, like, 10 basically 10 speakers more to go and like 20 more hours. So,

Amy: you know, oh my god. Yeah, I saw your schedule. It looks awesome. It looks like so much fun. So I like is

Jana: can you tell us something? Could you can you present yourself a little bit tell us what you do apart from being just a total badass and awesome crossfitter? I just have to say this, like, AV like is my spirit animal? Like she literally like wakes up in the morning. And I don’t know where you wake up? Is it like 5am in the morning? Like, I don’t know.

Amy: So this morning, it was four and I was just up because I was like, you know, I want to bring some massive value to whoever tunes into this stream this morning. So I got up at four. And I’m like, you know, I am going to just put a little put a layout of what I want to talk about today. And because I’m a planner, you know, that’s my thing. And I didn’t have a plan. So I was like, I need a plan. So I came up with little plan. And then I went to the gym at 5am. But our gym is like right across the street from our neighborhood. So it’s like, literally like a three minute drive. So it’s not, it’s not that bad. Even if I wake up a little bit late, I can still get there without you know, feeling like if it was like half hour or an hour away, you know?

Jana: That’s a that’s a no, no, but I mean, I just like see you every day, like every morning and um, like, even if I don’t feel like I don’t want to go out like and I’ll like go do a workout. I’m just like, but look, look look look at Amy’s list, like what is this? You know, like, this is like, this is what she eats for breakfast. And I’m like, you know, the, the assault bike and everything. And that kind of keeps you motivated and like whatever you’re doing, please continue at least for my sake. Okay. And I think a lot of people share my opinion, honestly. So you’re just you’re amazing.

Amy: Oh, thank you so much. I just want to fix my camera here. It’s kind of crazy. It’s I have one I have an extra camera that’s not part of my laptop. So you know, I’d like to kind of fix that up. So I guess I can introduce me. For those of you who have never met me. I’m Amy wese and I run a little a You didn’t see we’re doing an agency livestream. My agency livestream is not that exciting because it’s at home. We’re amazing at home for a reason, because we do everything we run for companies out of our home in San Antonio, Texas. And, and so my story is I started selling on Amazon and eBay when I was really in the military, I was in the US Air Force. And, and I was just doing it for fun, you know, so it was 2007. When I started, I saw this little button on Amazon that said, when I was shopping on Amazon, I saw this little button that says, sell yours. And I was like, oh, okay, let’s check that out. Right. And I started like, selling my textbooks and whatever, you know, buying textbooks from there selling textbooks, and then it was just a hobby back then, yeah, wasn’t anything like it is now. And then in 2017, I had an idea for a product. So I was working full time, you know, I had a, I was working for the Air Force, I was working in cybersecurity, and, and I had this idea for a product. And, of course, you know, I’ve got a couple of MBA, I have an MBA a business degree on the wall, but you guys know, that does not really help you develop and launch a product. So I went on this journey, I really felt the need to bring this product to market. Like, it was one of those ideas that just kept bothering me, and I couldn’t find a solution on the market. So I was like, you know, I’m just gonna be I’m gonna figure this out. And, and I figured it out and started my own private label brand in 2017. And 2018, I took the full leaf and left my job. And my husband and I both work from home and, and I started also helping other people do the same thing, develop products, bring them to market launch them. And so it’s been a really cool journey. And I just, I love it, I wouldn’t change it for the world. You know, I love I love what I do. And I love meeting, you know, this community is amazing. And, and it’s great. Yeah, so that’s me.

Jana: Yeah, perfect, perfect. Awesome. I mean, your, your whole, like life story is just like, so mind blowing, you know, and I just think, you know, like, it’s never late to reinvent yourself. This is what you know, I definitely think that everybody at any time is capable of doing doing that. So, you know, like, if you think you can do it, you can trust me, you know, and also, like a fun fact, like, Lazar, he studied Japanese language and literature. And now he is running like a very successful PPC marketing agency. You know, it’s like, nothing to do with that. So definitely, you could just, you know, pursue to pursue something else if you’re not happy with your life or whatever. So, you know, yeah. So, I mean, the whole reason why we’re doing this is because it’s, you know, Prime Day, like 48 hours to today’s Prime Day, the most important days on Amazon, basically, the scary schedule this year. So it’s q4 is kind of a little bit intense, I would say, you know, it’s like, kind of full of everything, like this bull bubble, glowing, and growing. So, you’ve had a lot of experience with working with various different sellers, you hear a lot of different stories of different ideas for products and stuff like that. But what has been your experience? You’ve been an E commerce for such a long time, like, what do people usually buy on Prime Day? And like, how can like versus I be sure that they will buy my product? Or maybe, you know, if I know that they’re not gonna buy my product? Like, why is that? And like, so what do what does the public want from Prime Day? And what what are the products that are best sellers? Of course, I mean, due to COVID, and all other, you know, crazy stuff happening this year, this is kind of, you know, turned upside down. And I think, like, some products have a bigger demand than they usually should. But apart from that, like, what is something that you’ve seen, like, that happens on Prime days, like what sort of products are, are being bought frequently?

Amy: So, you know, buyers technically, typically, not technically, typically have two different mindsets on Prime Day Black Friday, Cyber Monday. It’s either let’s see what kind of deals are out there, right? They’re either window shopping, or they’re just like, it’s like, you’re going to the mall, and you’re like, Okay, what kind of deals can I find? Maybe I’ll see something for my best friend’s Christmas gift or, you know, just for me, whatever. So they’re either deal seeking, or they’re going shopping on that day looking for what they need and looking for the best deal on it. Right? And that’s why we see, like for me, with my products, I don’t do any extra Prime Day deals. I just make sure my placement is emerging. And that I’m gonna get in front of their eyes if they’re looking for Something like that on Prime Day because I take advantage of the extra traffic so. And like yesterday, my sales were like three, almost 4x what they typically are on a typical day, and I wasn’t running any Prime Day deals, nothing, just taking advantage of the extra placement. So of the extra traffic and placement. So I think it’s really cool, though to see, you know, I’m seeing a lot of people, they invest in tools, which I don’t think there’s any problem with tools. I love tools. I use a lot of that many, many tools. But I think the biggest problem that sellers have, I did a poll in my group yesterday. And I was like, Hey, how are your Prime Day sales going? And I saw that, yeah. And a lot of people said, man, they’re sucking like, I don’t know what’s going on, right? I’m having the worst sales day ever. And some people were like, Oh, I’m doing really good. We did another guy say something like, I’m running a deal. And I’m doing like a Facebook external thing. And I’m not making very much money. And I was like, Well, you know, that probably was still a really good learning experience and something you know, that you can implement off of Prime Day and, and do really well. But I think generally, a lot of people do not take the time to look at their product on Amazon. I get so many I do so many listing reviews, people always send listings to me, I have that free review service, right. And they’ll send a listing to me and say, Amy, I don’t have any sales, and they’ll send me the link to their listing. Right. And I look, I can’t find it in search of a customer, I can’t find it. They can’t buy from you. Right. So the reason you’re not in a lot of times people don’t even check their their ad placement, right, they don’t look at their ad placement. So if you’re trying to sell your products under, you know, its main keyword, well, where’s your listing? Showing up? Number one? And where’s your ad showing up? Because even if your listing is organically on page 10 You know, your ad can still be on page one. Yeah, definitely. But if your ad in this is really, really key, right? If your ad doesn’t convert on page one, it’s Amazon’s gonna move it down. And you’re not gonna stay on page one. And now that PPC data is bad in that campaign, right for that keyword, right. So it’s just it’s such a crazy thing. Like, you know, people just, you know, I had somebody asked me, a client asked me yesterday on a coaching call, we were going over PPC. And she was like, you know, Amy, this auto campaign? It just it’s not performing? Like, should I just shut it off? And start a new one. And I was like, Well, what was the data that you fed into that campaign? Were you just launching that product? Did you have any reviews yet? You know, how, because if you weren’t index that much, if your listing was an index that much when you started that auto campaign, it might not have good data in, right, because Amazon is just going to kind of show it for whatever its index score. And then later on, when it indexes for a bunch of keywords, and Amazon kind of has a better at the algorithm has a better idea of where to place that ad, it could perform much better. So she did this, she saw this experiment on YouTube. And she was like, Yeah, I set up like eight auto campaigns all the same, and just to see if one of them would perform. And sure enough, one of them did perform one of them she had a couple of sales on. But at the same time, you know, if all of them are just spending, you know, I mean, you need to take a look at your listing. So anyway, I think that what back to your original question. People on Prime Day, they search in one of two ways. They either window shop, or they search for something specific. So I would love to share my screen and let’s go into Amazon and see what’s going on today. Awesome. Yes, it’s perfectly shot. Okay,

Jana: okay. So, um, just let me see. Okay, so I should click because I’ve never just freaked me out for sharing screen.

Amy: Oh, it should be good. It should be good. Alright, so I cl on Share Screen and then

Cool. So we’re on Amazon, right. And, and look at look at the banner. They’ve got the Prime Day banner. It’s so beautiful.

Jana: It’s very cool. Very cute.

Amy: Yeah. And so with our with our two ideas, right? If I’m just window shopping, I’m going to check out what Amazon is promoting. So we can see they’ve got a spotlight deal on their own on a TV right and then they’ve got all these deals under $25. So, you know, if I want some almonds, I could click there. And then we’ve got deals on gifts. So a lot of people might be holiday shopping. So they might go into there, right? deals on Amazon devices deals from small businesses. That’s really interesting. You’ve gotten your business submitted there, and then some trending deals. And then you’ve got all the categories, right? This is actually kind of overwhelming if you think about it, right?

Jana: That is, it’s just too much. It’s more than 48 hours of window shopping, honestly, it’s like, maybe like a 50 days. Just browsing and like, Yeah, but yeah, but I like the look of the page. It’s really, it’s kind of neat. It’s cute. You wanna Yeah, I want to spend some time like browsing your products.

Amy: Yeah. And you can see all the Prime Day deals, they’re really, they’re really showcasing though, right, so if you’re running a Prime Day deal, you’re getting showcased on the main page. But where you’re really going to win here, is let’s see, if we go like to let’s Alright, so I was buying. So let’s say that I’m, I’m shopping for something specific. So my daughter, she just my 13 year old daughter, she just redid her, her room, her bedroom, and she painted the walls like black and white stripes. And like we just redid the floors on like a woodgrain floor and the rest of the walls are painted. Why? And it just like, it looks very nice. But she wanted to kind of upgrade from the pink and purple of when she was a little girl. And that made me sad. But I was looking for a black furry rug for her room. So let’s pretend that I am looking through that because I want to show you guys something. This morning in my mastermind group somebody posted, they said, Amy, what is the deal? I have a coupon running. And somebody has like people have clicked my coupon more than 32 times. And I’ve only had two sales where they actually claimed the coupon. And I explained like as a shopper on Amazon, what happens is you go through this whole thing and you add it to your cart, right? So I pick your product, I see there’s a coupon, I clip the coupon, I add it to my cart. And when you add it to your cart, Amazon suggests other things that you might want to consider. So then you’re like, Oh, well, wait, that’s really cool. I didn’t even see that in search before. And you start going down that rabbit hole. And before you know it, you’ve got a couple of things in your cart, and you have to clean up your cart. And you have to decide, okay, this is the one that I really, really want. Because it’s the best price or because you know, oh, I read that review and you’re just it’s a lot of rabbit holes on Amazon. So let’s pretend that we’re looking for something specific. And I’m looking for a rug for my daughter’s room, a furry rug. So I go details our deals on home gifts. And I’m like, maybe I can find a rug for her. Right. And I’m scrolling through and I see nothing that looks like a rug.

Jana: Absolutely nothing.

Amy: It’s so random. Right? Like there’s no, there’s no real

Jana: I mean, yeah, this is uh, what is this on nail something like so random. Really? I would never like think of this as, like a home gift or something like Yes, exactly. very random. Oh, there’s there’s a rug.

Amy: There’s, there’s some

Jana: horrible, yeah, but I mean, you have to scroll like 200 products to get down to horrible looking right, honestly.

Amy: And you know, you would think that Amazon would even filter this further. Because like, if I’m clicking inside of these Prime Day deals, and I’m looking for something specific, like a black rug for my daughter’s room. I’m gonna go I’m going to scroll through here for a little bit and then I go okay, wait, there’s pet stuff mixed in here. Like this is not you know,

Jana: it’s a it’s really a big mess of everything. Honestly, some of those products you would not even think they belong to the home gift, you know, kind of category of products. Very weird.

Amy: Exactly. And if I’m running a Prime Day deal, and I’m trying to find my deal, like where the heck are you going to find it right? So let’s let’s scroll back up and let’s search for black, furry rugs for bedroom Look at that. And this is what customers do. Right? They start typing something in and then they look at the suggestions.

Jana: Exactly. That’s why I like that AMZ suggestion expander you know, like the little add on because it things like your customer, right? And then it gets like really cool. Like you get a lot of really cool suggestions for the keywords you you would use? Or maybe not. But you know, this is what the buyers would what types? I mean, I am

Amy: I haven’t heard that what is that? You’ll have to give me the link to that AMZ suggestion expander. Yeah, it’s an extension.

Jana: Yeah, it’s a Chrome extension. It’s brilliant. It doesn’t give you like a search volume. But this is very good. Like when versus like, your product is new on the market? Or maybe you don’t have a lot of competitors. And that’s what was right there. And then, you know, like how Helium 10 and other tools they can extract information from your competitors. But what do you do when you don’t have a lot of competitors? Or what if your competitors are not doing a good job, right? Like, you’re gonna get like this stuff like these, like shitty keywords. So basically, this this, like, you install it, and then once you type, let’s say, this black, like, you know, rug, and you don’t know what else you want to, you know, use in your listing, for instance, it opens a drop down menu with the key words, combinations before and after the main word.

Amy: Oh, I like it. I like it. Okay,

Jana: I like to combine that with like, regular tools. So like, it’s all a combination of both. You get some really good keywords. Yeah. Oh, I

Amy: love that. Okay, that’s good value. I’m gonna try that out. Yeah, I look, and this is what the customer is doing, right, Jana, they’re looking they’re okay. If I’m looking for black furry rug, I’m going to look at the suggestions. And I’m just going to click one. I’m not going to type out the whole thing. Although, when I pull my PPC reports, I do find some customers that will type out the whole thing. Yeah.

Jana: I know that there are and probably misspell it.

Amy: Exactly. Well, I think it’s the people that don’t know how to type and look at the screen at the same time, like their Hunter packers. You know, they’re like, Okay, black, you know, so they don’t look at the screen and see the suggestions. So you know, it’s good. It’s good to appeal to all those. But now look at this, like, Gee, how,

Jana: where have you been? Where have you been? Like for the last hour while I was scrolling down the gift section? You know?

Amy: Yes. So now I have to decide, right? I have to look at these black free routes and they pretty much all look the same. Yeah, I got these different these different main images. And to me, this one looks very appealing just because of light. You know, like, it looks really fluffy and cute and modern. Wear this one. I don’t know what the slippers are doing. Yeah,

Jana: it’s horrible. It’s a very poor main image, honestly. And the slippers are also cut in half. Like it’s like, you know, I would also go for the first one just because it’s like a it’s a it’s a staged photo. You know, like, there’s a chair with a blanket like, yeah, all lightning is perfect. Yeah,

Amy: it looks like the brand put some effort into this. And I might be able to trust them that I’ll get a quality product and not something that’s going to fall apart. Also, they’re

Jana: they’re the most expensive ones. But you’re like, because they’re expensive. It means they’re like really high quality look at their picture, you know, but


look, though, look Janna at the rink, so they’re actually not selling as well. Right. They’re at 9000 in Home and Kitchen, where this one over here is 13,000 This one? Oh hey, is 107



I know I like the numbers are so small, I could just see that. It’s unbelievable. So the worst image is is insanely ranked like this is



yes. And you know, and that could be many many things. It could be that their listing is very optimized and they’re showing up for a ton of different searches. Right so they might be showing up for many different rugs searches that these other competitors are not showing up for and that’s they’re getting more sales thus they’re ranking and a lot of people don’t you know, they just focus on that main keyword like black furry rug and they don’t focus on like okay, well is it bedroom decor is it you know, there might be called different things by people and so they might be doing a better job of getting their listing throughout multiple searches and really appealing to that customer I bet if we reverse search this asin versus this asin right here we would see significantly different keywords



definitely definitely and I wouldn’t be surprised at this one does not even have any keywords except from like the black for mug probably repeated 1000 times within listing and then yeah definitely if we break it down like with Cerebro or something you would get better keywords for sure.



Yes, definitely. And that’s something if you are looking to improve your listing and you’re wondering like hey I have a better photo I’m my ad is showing up at the top of search for my main keyword here BlackBerry rugs for bedroom right? And I’m not making as many sales as locusts here. What the heck is going on? Well, what you can do is you can reverse search them and you can compare reverse search yourself reverse search them and compare the two and see where you’re missing out, right? And then look at some of those other searches, right? So we can see we’ve got this at the top of the page, right? And if I’m selling a Blackberry wrong, if I’m not on this first page, you know, I’m not really paying attention to these Prime Day deals, right? It’s, it’s just okay. But if I’m really looking for something specific, even this one with a Prime Day deal is still $39. Right? So I might choose something else, right? But let’s say so you know, we can scroll down through here. And we can see all right now Amazon’s got these highly rated, well priced products in the middle, the the editorials, right? And so there’s just so many choices here. This is a video ad in the middle of the page. I’m not going to click on this because I’m not in I’m looking for a black free rug. So I think it’s really interesting that they’re running their video ad on this page, right? Yeah, that’s a keyword with not a lot of intent behind it. But you know, these video ads, man, they’re so cheap. They’re amazing.



I know. I was so shocked when I when I realized how cheap they were. I thought like Amazon is gonna be like fortune for your video ad, you know, but it’s not. But I think it’s gonna get more expensive.



Oh, look at this. Look, our bad guy is Amazon’s choice for this word. And they’re organically on the page. Pretty high up. Let’s see if we can find this guy organically. This one? Let’s see if we can find this one organically if they actually show up on page one. Yep, there they are there. Yeah. So okay, so we’re seeing that kind of twice. And we’re getting we’re getting there. And still, if I have to choose one for my daughter’s bedroom, I’m going to scroll right back up to the top because there’s too many choices here. And, and I’m gonna come back to here and I’m gonna go okay, I really like this one just looks the best, right? I’m gonna click on it. I’m sorry, seller, I just clicked on your ad. Okay, let’s check out their photos. Let’s because now this is what happens right in the customer journey. We’re gonna look through their photos. We’re gonna see if it answers our questions. We’re not going to read this listing. No, we’re gonna look



up because the title is horrible. It’s absolutely just blank, blank, blank, blank, blank blank.



So keyword stuff like rug black phosphor, that’s not even capitalized. Like it’s terrible. Yeah, but let’s take a look at the Okay, anti slip backing. All right. I like that. They’re comparing themselves to other rugs. Okay, cool. I like that. They’re showing it I still don’t see the size. I want to know the size. There’s no photo showing mid size. Still don’t see the size. Okay, different bed. This one doesn’t even look like the same rogue.



It looks really bad. It’s a poor. Yeah, it’s I don’t understand the point of the picture is like it matches also the wooden bed or something like matches different styles of bedrooms? Like, I don’t know, I don’t understand the message. Oh, here we are.



Okay, so we can see deciding which for rug is the one for you. Okay, I can see it’s ultra dense. I don’t even really know what that means in GSM. This is the other thing that sellers often do that just, like stop using all these technical terms. Like,



I think they I think they want to use this term. So it is like we know what we are selling. And we’re so like, I think it’s like, you know, like, like math or excel in all people like, oh, this formula. They’re like, Oh, and then you’re just so completely shocked and mesmerized by their knowledge. And you’re like, This gotta be good, because I don’t understand it. That’s what people do a lot of times.



I like but I like the rest of like, other than the for density and GSM. I like that they have the for height. That’s good. Um, fix soft padding. antislip backing like I like this, this little infographic. I mean, it could be a little cleaner, but it’s not too bad. Then we got another I don’t know what I don’t even know what this is like, what is the point of this photo? And then we have a video. But yeah, none of my questions about let’s talk about the questions that the customer asks, when they go through a photo. The first question they ask is, Is this for me? They want to know, is this for me? Is this what I’m looking for? And so that’s what I was asking, right? I’m like, is this the right size for my daughter’s bedroom? Is this for me? Then the second question they ask is what is in the box? What’s included? I don’t get a picture here of anything of what’s in the box. I don’t see the size. I you know, yeah, I can look up here at the title, the horrible title, but I’m not doing that. Especially not if I’m on my mobile phone. If I’m on my mobile phone, I’m just scrolling through the photos. And they haven’t answered my question. I don’t know how big this is. And it looks different sizes and these different photos like this looks thin.



Yeah, this guy More like how to narrow but then the first one is like kind of like a broader one like this. I mean, yeah, it doesn’t look like the color. It’s kind of grayish on the first picture. And this is black. I don’t know.



Yeah. So I immediately don’t trust it now, even though I really liked the main photo, and I’m done. I don’t trust it, because I don’t know what size it is. They’re not telling me that and then okay, so then I want to know, is it quality? So they have answered that question I do. I do see that it’s quality. But again, I don’t know if it’s for me, and I don’t know what’s included. So I’m gonna move on to a competitor. And then the next question I always ask is, can it will it fit in my life, right? Like, is this going to be good for my daughter’s bedroom, so I’m looking for those lifestyle images. I’m looking for it in different scenes. But the problem with this, both of these photos in these different scenes, is that none of them show them the rug in its entirety, or its size. This the only one that shows it is this one.



I know. But they’re, they’re not showing anything. You know, when it comes to size and thickness, it’s just like, it’s a really stupid angle. It’s a beautiful picture. But it’s a picture for this product.



Exactly. And then my final question when I’m scrolling through photos, and same thing for buyers, is they want to know, Do I really need it? Should I buy it? Or should I choose something else? Right? And usually what I love a photo for that I love to see a gift photo because you can remind them like hey, you could buy this for somebody else. And then the thing I love to see is like a brand trust photo, like are you going to take care of me? Are you what’s what is it quality? And are you going to take care of me? Right? Some kind of like quality guarantee photo, something like that. But yeah, so this one doesn’t win. So what am I going to do if I’m the customer, I’m going to scroll down here and of course, the customer is not going to see Helium 10 But I do appreciate seeing them there. So you know, thank you Helium 10 For



Yes, I love it. I love it. I love what my page looks like, you know, it’s like, oh, it’s all clear. And I don’t need to go in depth with the analysis of I don’t know what it’s like helium does that for me. Yeah, so thank you helium, yes to tears.



So now I’m scrolling through and trying to find another black fairy rug. And this is exactly what the customer is going to do. They’re gonna go and look at this. I’ve seen this somewhere before Jana. I’ve seen this somewhere before it was at the top of the page. It’s like subliminal messaging and I’m gonna go I’m just gonna give them a shot. You know, they have 500 units



one unit and you want and you know what, I will totally remember this picture because of these awful slippers. I’ll be just like, Oh, I know this picture because of these like horrible slippers. Just click on it. You know, I’ll be just like, I would remember this. I don’t remember any other image. But I remember this because I think it’s kind of disgusting, honestly. But that’s what I would click on was just like, let’s see what this is. Because the first one was so disappointing. Honestly,



we just found the secret to their rank. The secret to their rank is all these variations. Look at this thing of size color variations here. And then oh, you can get furred every color,



but they have those discussing slippers on every color. It’s gonna Photoshop This is so bad. Look at the Photoshop here. It’s really bad. It’s really bright slippers at least I know.



Oh my God, look at that one. You know, hey, but they’re they’re doing it man. There’s and that’s that’s the answer. Because when we have this many variations, we’re showing up for so many searches. And people have so many options. So people if you want to expand your product lines, variations is where it’s at always go into variations before launching a brand new product. Like if you already have an existing product that’s doing well like explore variations before you go and try to start over again. So let’s check out their photos. So again, like I’ve seen them before, they got a great price. They have a lot of readings. And you can see this is a big mistake that people make Jenna a lot of times they will their EBC will be awesome. And these photos up here will suck.



Yeah and believable. I see that all the time like bad quality, poor quality main images, but like a plus content templates, just you know fantastic. Like I don’t I don’t understand that honestly.



So you know, this is a really important thing you guys is if you’re going to do EBC or a plus content, make sure that your photos main photos because you saw I didn’t even scroll far enough to check out the EDC on that last one. I didn’t waste my time because they didn’t answer my questions in there. Top of listing photos. So let’s check these out. So we see this one, the terrible one. Oh, it’s luxurious. Okay. durable suede backing. Okay, cool. And then I don’t know what this is, again, no sizing, but 1200 GSM. And I learned on the last photo that that’s a good thing.



Yeah. Right. Good density for a wall. Yeah.



And then machine washable. Ooh, that’s important for my daughter’s bedroom. So I’m going to check this one out a little bit more. Now I got all these size options. And I’m like, Okay, two by three feet, two by four feet. Okay, I’m gonna go measure her room. Make sure it’s good to go. Oh, these bullet points. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. What is happening here? What are these brackets? I don’t know.



I don’t know why people also like I’m also totally against, like, the use of emojis and like little hearts and like littler flowers and stuff like that. I don’t I don’t like that. I would never recommend like putting any sort of like, we don’t you just put a capslock that over with like, this is this isn’t you like visually, I think that looks nice. And I think people should just like a start with a with a capslock. Show me your benefits. And then little bit, you know, explain them a little bit. And then let’s just go crazy with the EPC content or whatever you can offer like pictures, whatever, you know, right. Just don’t think it’s necessary to put any of these even like bold as soon as bold brackets and stuff like that. I mean, I don’t know what you think about it, but I would



so it for me, it depends on the listing. If it’s like a kid’s product or something like that, sometimes I will play around with the emojis. Right? Or both. But yeah, it was like your home decor item. No, I leave it out, I just go with the caps in the beginning. And then like, same thing, you know, so I, for me, I use a five bullet template. And that also covers my photos designs. So my first bullet point and second photo is always why you need this product and not my competitors. So it’s always the strongest selling point. So this listing, it says Ultra Soft Touch super soft, warm and cozy comfort of your tired feet after a day’s workmanship. Okay, but there’s 400 Other regs like this, you’re not telling me why I should buy yours and not somebody else’s? Yeah,



why is there a special, you know, like, I love when people write for instance, like, there was like a mug. And so like, there was like this really poor quality mug, but you know, it’s it’s a very popular product. And then the first blood from this seller says like, our handle doesn’t break. Because like all other like handles like from from that specific mug. Like the reviews were just like, this is like such poor quality, like handle broke like it for two days, my daughter, Baba. And then the first one, it was like, our handle doesn’t break. You know, like, interesting, you know, like, that’s what makes our mug different. And I think that was a very good, you know, a benefit or your product for the first one.



The only thing though, is if, if a lot of times when customers are searching through, they don’t know that the other ones break. No. Throw them off. But yeah, I know what you mean. like ours is super sturdy, you know, like, we took the extra time to make it quality and that, you know, I love that like attention to detail. That’s awesome. Yeah, especially if you’ve scrolled through and you’ve noticed, like, all of them are bad reviews for the handle. Well, then, you know, it’s it’s good stuff. I like that.



Yeah, it’s just gonna. Yeah, I mean, explain some others it was It wasn’t not like just, you know, that sentence. But that would even Of course, you don’t know the competitors. Maybe the first product you step, you know, that kind of popped up on your, like, Prime Day browsing hunt. But that kind of makes you think like, what, why did they why did they handle doesn’t break, you know, and it’s like very kind of suggested that suggested that they are maybe better than other products and you’re like, Okay, so I would maybe go and look for other products then. But I will definitely go back to the first one, you know, taking consideration they have like really good pictures and other things that I would go back to them and be like, because they are the only ones.



Yeah, they’re creating doubt about other products when you’re listing. And even if you look, check out other products, you’re gonna go back to them cuz you’re gonna be like, Oh, wait, I only want to buy this once. I don’t want to have to buy it again. So exactly. On that first bullet point, you should always have a photo to represent your strongest selling point. So you want to call out your strongest selling point, but then that should also be your second photo. And here, this is their second photo. It says It’s luxurious to the touch. But honestly, none of their photos show the strongest selling point, none of them. And they’re the honestly their strongest selling point is their price. And that’s, you know, their price and the fact that they have all these different colors to choose from, but they’re not calling out their strongest selling point anywhere. They’re just competing on price. And then the second bullet point, I’d love to always say what’s included, right? Like, what do you get. And again, they haven’t said the size anywhere like, hey, choose from any of our sizes, you know, whatever. And then they don’t have a photo showing that either, I realized that they have a variation listing. So they’ve got a lot of different sizes, so it doesn’t bother me as much. But I still think you should have a photo calling it out or a photo showing all the different sizes you can choose from. And then the third bullet, I love to have a quality guarantee or some kind of like, hey, we care about customer service, because you want to remove the worry for the customer. What if this doesn’t work for me? Right? And because they go Kenna and customers think can I return it? And so they they’re showing multipurpose design here, but they have quality and service bullet? Point number five, but do they have a photo that shows their quality? Any kind of guarantee? I would say that it’s this photo, but this photo could definitely be done better. Right?



Right. And then they have this little like, in on under the title, another title, but under the price, it says returnable until January 31, next year. So you know, it’s a long time for you to you know, they probably think like it’s good quality, so it will last so we can totally give you like this amount of time to return it like so almost more than a year, which is a lot. That’s



actually Oh, returnable until January 31 2021. Okay, well, that’s really just the normal. That’s the normal four month return window on Amazon right now. Well,



so it is, but I think, yeah, nevermind, I just thought that, you know, it’s something that you might also want to put in your listing, like, you know, like, that’s why I thought to put that in the listing being like, you can return it like, you know, or like a lifetime guarantee or something like, you know, like more than that what says on Amazon, you know,



yeah, definitely, if you can offer a lifetime warranty with your product, you should definitely mention it in the listing, and definitely show it in a photo like that is a crazy opportunity not to gain a sale from that, because customers really love that. And then my bullet point number four is always get this product in your life, I always talk about multiple uses for the product. And I love to have a photo showing that. So a photo to represent that bullet point. So for those of you who are trying to write your listings, you can take each of these bullet point templates, and make sure that you also have a photo to represent that. So you know, when you’re working with agencies that are taking your photographs for you, they’re going to be even better photographs, if you can provide some really great direction. So if you write your listing first, using a really great bullet point template like this, it’s very easy to go, Okay, I want a photo to represent the multiple uses of this roof. So you can reuse it in the bathroom, you could put it in the kitchen, you can you know, obviously kitchen probably wouldn’t be very good. But living room, bath bedroom, you know, the different places you could put it in the bedroom, but you’re showing them this product in their life, you’re showing them Oh, I didn’t even think about putting it there underneath that share. Oh, that’s so cool, right. And it helps them see it in their life. And then you can remind them in your listing, if they get around to reading your listing, that there’s many different ways you can use it. And then finally, the last bullet point that I always do is either gift or authority. So if you have a giftable product, this is a great opportunity for gifting keywords, utilize your gifting keyword, so many people put it’s a great gift for Christmas birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, that you’re not going to rank for any of that do like gift for girls, or you know, actually use the search suggestions, use your keyword search tools and find the gifting keywords that are going to matter for you and use that and then make sure that you have a gifting picture. If it’s a giftable product, show it as a gift, because when they’re scrolling through your pictures, they’ll go, they might not need it for them. But they might decide, oh, you know, I really don’t need it right now. And then they see your gifting photo and they’re like, oh, I have a housewarming party next month. Yes, this is perfect. It’s posh. It’s really fun. Perfect housewarming gift. Yes, I’m gonna get it. Right. So I mean, it’s a great way to do it. And if you don’t have if it’s not a giftable product, right, if you’re selling a headlamp or something like that, then you can always do a an authority photo where you’re showing them how to install it, showing them how it works. You know, if you’re selling lipstick, you can show them how to create a pouty lip with it something like that like something to get them to trust your brand even more and kind of connect with you because buying is a psychological experience. And again, none of these photos really, really go into any of those five key things that customers think about when they’re Buying something. Would you



agree? Yes, I would agree. But I just think it’s the point of the machine washable. I think that’s very important. For instance, like, not for me, because I don’t have like, for instance, if I’m buying this for my daughter, which means that probably I will be the one to go to do the washing, right? I want to know how to take care of this. Right? So this is the only picture day thing. It’s kind of it’s important. Yeah, either on the picture or in the bullets. I think this is absolutely important. Like, how do you take care of this? Right? So it’s like a, as we learn it’s 128 millimeter wall. So I guess it’s gonna get dirty easily. And it has like, a lot of dust and you know, hair and you know, whatever not. So I would definitely want to know how to how to, what’s the maintenance for this rug? If it’s something super complicated, I’m probably not gonna get it. But since it’s machine washable, it’s still maybe I will get it maybe not from this seller, but maybe from somebody else. And I absolutely agree that the idea about gifts is really awesome. Because maybe you like this, and you’re like, Oh, I’m not I don’t really like a you know, like pink color of a rug. But my best friend is crazy about pegging. Oh, she’s like, Oh, Paris Hilton, and like, she will love this. And I would have not thought think of it. Because just because they don’t have the picture. Like, I think that seller suits should suggest to the buyers like the lead them in a way that they want them to be, you know, like, this is perfect. If not for you, it’s for your mom or somebody else. You know, it’s like, if you don’t like it, don’t worry, but you can, you can buy it as a gift. I think this is a really, really good point. And also I don’t like when people just write, you know, it’s great. It’s crazy for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and all of the other holidays, like during the year. I think that’s absolutely, you know, it’s just horrible. And I also think, like, when people just can’t do that, and even if they get ranked, I mean, you’re gonna just get like this huge page like those, like Amazon deals like today. We’re just like, like, how a pause, like, you know, how, how often do people think of a blank rug? When they think of like, you know, Christmas presents? You know, it’s kind of, I don’t know, like, I think they should definitely get like some better, better keywords to be rank for. I think it’s definitely like a narrow one. But like, Christmas, and all those, like, seasonal keywords are not always good for all the products, even though you know, of course you can sell it for like as a Christmas gift. But how often do people would buy something like this for Christmas? You know? Yeah, I feel it’d be it’d be like rational, you know.



So did you see this to this seller is using one of the display as to go ahead and show that there’s a newer model of this item. And look what they’ve done, they’ve dropped the price, really get it selling well, right? Because that’s like, you’re like, oh my gosh, and it’s cheaper. 15,000 pounds on reviews? That’s






Yeah, I bet if we were to look through some of those reviews, they would be like from another product or something?



Yeah, probably it’s, I mean, it’s still impressive when you see the number of course, it’s not from the you know, probably not from the same one but,



but I wanted to show people besides scrolling down in the listing and seeing all the different products that Amazon is going to sell. Now if you’re wondering why your product is not selling, take the time to look at your listing, take the time to see what other products are being advertised in your listing, take the time to actually look at who you’re being compared to on Amazon, right? So they’re showing all these different comparisons. Look at the different prices, they’re comparing you to look at the different reviews they’re comparing you to. And then what sometimes you’ll see is Amazon will, they’ll build they’ll show you may also like and then sometimes Amazon will actually show people who viewed this item ultimately purchased this right but sometimes they will not show it so whenever I do a listing review, I look for that because I see what people are ultimately purchasing. Now what happens when I add this to my cart, Amazon is going to suggest all of these other products. So this is what happens if somebody has clipped a coupon of yours. They are you know, they’ve added to the cart Amazon is going oh look at this. I see this stool that I didn’t even you know that would be super cute for my daughter’s bedroom. And I mean I wouldn’t have even thought about that. But Amazon does such a good job of showing what it goes along with this product. And now I see all these other black rugs and I go oh well wait. Oh, that’s cool. Oh look like free pillows right? So this is another really great way to check and see what other people are buying because Amazon is clearly showing this in different places. Right. But yeah, so and then you still see best sellers, they show six pages of that inspired by your browsing history, you know, all that kind of fun stuff. But Amazon does such a good job of selling other products to a customer after they’ve made a decision to buy your product. And now I look and I go, Oh, I would really like this stool. And I look at this one, and I go, Oh, wait, well, that one’s round. That’s cool. It’s the same brand, you know. So that’s something for you guys to keep in mind is remember that at every corner, Amazon is selling other product recommending other products over yours. And so it’s really important for you to make sure that it’s really important for you to make sure that you are doing a good job of helping them decide that they want to buy your product when they go through your your photos, right, when they scroll through your photos, they should already have decided that yours is the best, and that they’ve made a good decision, they can trust you with the quality of this product. And it’s the right thing for them. Because if they aren’t sure if they’ve just gone through like we did and saw some mediocre pictures, and we don’t really know what’s special about this product. I’m gonna go down here and I’m going to search other ones and I’m gonna go okay, well, wait, I didn’t see that one. Okay, that’s cool. Let me go in there and check that out. And if they do a better job of convincing me to buy theirs, because they actually include those elements. I’m going to buy theirs instead. And I’m going to delete yours from my cart. And I’m going to move on with my life. It’s so so so important, wouldn’t you say? So?



Yeah, absolutely. I think that, you know, I think that this is like you should like, I’m going to sometimes people forget about like, you know, we’re just gonna browsing and like complete chaos and like hysteria. And like, you don’t actually know what what do you want from a product, like even me, like I work like with a lot of work with a lot of sellers on Amazon, and you know what’s important, but when I buy stuff for myself, just kind of randomly buying stuff. Like I’m a very impulsive shopper, I forget about a lot of like, qualities that I should look for in a product. Sometimes they do but sometimes I’m not. So I’m definitely gonna write down like those like key points, like, what should you look for in a product gonna, like don’t just go by you know, impulsively shopping, I think I should and everybody should kind of know, what are some like main benefits you should expect from a product and, you know, what are some qualities that you should look for in a product, and sometimes it can be like, very exhausted, because you have like, tons of those. I mean, as we saw, like, 10 1000s, like similar rugs are just like a different angles. But I think if you want to, you know, like do it the right way and get the best out of these like all like same product, you just have to follow some like guidelines, and especially if people you know, I think this is going to be very helpful to sellers, who just have like random images. And sometimes I’m like, really surprised by like, what like how poor quality these images are. It’s just like, you know, as you said, like, EBC is outstanding. And I just think that you know, that for many images, sometimes people when they start, they don’t have a lot of money to invest. And they’re like, What just put whatever, and then you know, they get somebody and then then invest in like somebody who’s gonna do a very good job with ABC and stuff like that. But you know, it’s just this this discrepancies and say,



it’s not going to pay off. So I would love that I’m going to share my screen one more time. And I just want to remind you guys, I have a document here that I’ve just taken it through some points. So when you have no sales or drop in sales, I want you to do these things. Number one, check your placement. Remember, if you can’t find your listing, neither can the customer. And if the customer can’t find your listing, they can’t buy from you If you can’t find your listing and search, you need to improve your placement, right. So whether you’re going to improve your placement through PPC or organically number one, you need to make sure you’re super relevant for the keywords that you want good placement for. So if you want to be at the top of the page for black furry rug, you know if you want to be at the top of the page for that search term, if that’s your most relevant search term, you need to make sure that your listing is very well written for that and you’re using those exact phrases in your listing, because PPC is based on the relevancy of your listing. So even if I bid $5 on the keyword, black furry rug, I’m not going to get good PPC placement if my listing isn’t very relevant for it. So we want to make sure that you’re using the most relevant keywords here and And number three, make sure that your listing is ready to convert. So you’re gonna pay for all these clicks at the top of the page, and you’re gonna get people to your listing, and then you haven’t taken any of the time to actually make sure that your listing is going to convert. And so on PPC, I just want to sum a few tips on PPC. Number one, remember that PPC holds a grudge. She’s like a mean girlfriend, and she holds a grudge. And so of course not like Jana Jana doesn’t hold a grudge. She’s amazing. But PPC holds a grudge. So if you had a terrible listing and terrible photos, and you’ve started a PPC campaign, or you had a listing without reviews, or anything, and you weren’t converting, and what happens is, even if you raise the bid for that keyword, Amazon keeps track of that data inside of that campaign. And it goes, um, No, you weren’t relevant for that before. And you didn’t convert for that before. We’re not going to show you there. All right, it’s better if you bid $5, we’re going to show your your brother listing over here, even though they’re worse, they convert higher. So guess what, you don’t get that placement. So remember that your PPC campaigns hold a grudge. And so also remember the opposite of that. If you have a PPC campaign that is doing really well. Don’t go start up a bunch of new campaigns. Use that campaign because it’s got good data. And it’s like the sister who’s gonna back you every step of the way. Right? It’s like, Jen, she’s going to have your back no matter what, if you have a good campaign, utilize that campaign, optimize that campaign, keep it going, don’t spin up a bunch of new campaigns. Right. So raking campaigns, this is the other thing that I see that drives me mad people will create ranking campaigns, and only use exact match keywords. If you don’t have the data yet for this, it’s not good to only use exact match keywords, it’s better to use phrase and exact match and compare them. Because I can tell you, I’ve looked at a ton of campaigns. And I can tell you, in many cases, your phrase match will convert higher and better than your exact match. And if you’re only doing exact match, you’re missing out on that opportunity. So we want to put our money remember, PPC is a bidding war, you’re bidding with all these other competitors for relevancy and bid price and everything else and conversion rate, right? So you want to make sure that you’re putting your money where you’re converting, and that your listing is set up to convert. So if you’ve got a bunch of clicks, if you’re at the top of the page for search for very relevant keyword, and you’re getting clicks, but no sales, what is the problem? Should you be going oh, I need somebody else to do my PPC. Should you go I’m gonna higher up PPC because I’m at the top of the page for search for a very relevant keyword. And I’m getting clicks, but no sales is PPC the problem. Jana, do you think PPC is the problem in this case?



I’m sorry, this is so small.



If you’re at the top of search 100 Very relevant keyword and you’re getting clicks, but no sales is PPC the problem? Is your PPC campaign the problem? Like do you need a better PPC campaign? The answer is no. You don’t



hate me see, none of these are missing. Because, yeah, it’s your listing, you’re not you’re not out, you don’t have an optimized listing. And you just just have to, like optimize it and like use a very relevant keywords in your listing. Because as you said, like, you know, if you don’t get any sales, I mean, you can have your ads on page one, and then your listing is like on page 10. But it still needs to be relevant. And like Amazon understands that you’re relevant, you’d lose everything you’ve had. And this is something also that often happens when people go to other marketplaces and then they have the you know, the famous honeymoon period. And then this is what the typical mistake they do when they start selling. And once you’re irrelevant for this, you know, just it just not worth it. Honestly. I mean, I see this all the time. So Exactly,



exactly. And if the keyword isn’t as relevant. So this question right here if the keyword isn’t as relevant, so if it’s like black area rug, if it’s not as relevant, it’s not an area rug, it’s just as black area rug right? Well, then you’re not as worried about it because you want to lower your bid because you don’t want to spend all that money on a keyword that isn’t as relevant that you’re not going to convert at the top of the page anyway because the person isn’t looking for a If you’re smaller up there looking for an area rug, so in that case, you don’t necessarily want to blame it on the listing. Sometimes in that case, you want to blame it on the PPC, you want to optimize your PPC if the keyword isn’t as relevant. So that’s the thing. So, you know, we went over all this, we talked about your price, your reviews, your title, your bullet points, here’s the five things. They’re asking, is it for me? What do I get? Can I trust it? How does it work? Do I really need it. And then you know, show that in your photos, all these things that you’re answering in your bullet showed in your photos. And finally, I have a Prime Day mastermind offer if you guys want to learn these things, everything that I teach about launch about finding great products about you know, I have 140 Page launch guide in my mastermind group from last month, you can check that out, I’ve created a coupon code for you all prime, the coupon code prime at amazing at will save you 50% off a mastermind membership with us. So you can always come check us out. And that is good. Just today expires tomorrow. So for those of you seeing this live stream today, if you want to learn more about how you can convert more about PPC, more about how to sell more on Amazon, that’s the offer I have for you today.



Perfect. Thank you so much like this has been so much fun. And honestly, it was like packed with information. And you know, just like sells, like what goes on behind the scenes of like, how what should you present the product like the right way? And yeah, like we have a bunch of people signing up for our sending emails, actually at this address So we’re gonna draw winners, we have like bunch of some awesome prizes from our speaker guests. Amy, thank you so much, once again, for taking the time. I know you’re super busy. And joining us today. And this has been a really epic, I love just you know, breaking down listings and analyzing them. This is also what I like to do for fun, just like for international marketplaces. And I just think we touched on like so many important stuff like from keywords to PPC to it doesn’t really matter if you have good PPC campaign, but your listing is not optimized. And vice versa. Everything which you said was definitely on point. And I hate that we don’t have more time because I will definitely spend like five more hours with you and guys go check the code. You can go check it out. Of course. I’ve also logged in, I’ve listened to a couple of the presentations. It’s been more than amazing as amazing at home. So thank you so much. And I hope to see you soon in person again, hopefully. Yeah. Yay. Thanks, everybody. Have a great day. Thank you. Happy Prime Day. Bye Bye

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