Optimizing your product listing is crucial for the success of your eCommerce business. And there are several basic optimization tactics used by thousands of Amazon sellers – keyword research, PPC, and infographics, to name a few. But while these are all great and helpful tips – there’s something else you need to understand more. In the wildly competitive world of Amazon and other eCommerce platforms – the ultimate key to conversions is to have a listing that stands out from your competitors. So, the question now is: how could you stand out if everything you’re doing is also being done by your competition?

Here at Amazing At Home, we don’t just focus on the basics that everybody knows. In our listing optimization services and courses, we share unique optimization strategies that are proven to produce favorable and quantifiable results in your ranking, engagements, and sales. Whether you are just starting out as an Amazon seller or if you’re looking to recalibrate your existing listings – we are sure that we can offer something of value that you won’t get anywhere else.

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For a quick preview, watch the video below where our CEO, Amy Wees, shares one of the most powerful keyword optimization hacks that we teach in our masterclass course:

Amazon Optimization – The AAH Way

In this short tutorial video, Amy reiterates the value of ranking for the right keywords and shares what she did to optimize one client’s listing and take it from page 4 to page 1. Watch the video and learn:

  • Why the order of your keywords in your product listing is super important
  • How using medium to long-tail keywords in your listing title can boost your sales overnight
  • How else to optimize your listing on top of keyword research

Simple Changes Can Make a BIG Difference

Have you searched your product on Amazon lately? If you haven’t – do it now. Let’s take a walk in your customer’s shoes by first going to Amazon, then searching for your product using the search bar and entering the keywords you think your customer will use.

Now tell us – on what page did your product listing show itself? If you’re still here reading this – chances are your listing is not ranking very well. Or to be more specific – not ranking on page 1. You may be asking yourself now – what’s the big deal about page 1? Well – if you scroll down on page 1 of Amazon you’ll see thumbnails of more than 20 different products that customers examine before buying. If your listing is on page 2, you’d have to pray that your customer would skip over 20 higher-ranking listings to get to you. And that’s just page 2. What if you’re on page 5?

So – yes, page 1 is where it’s at. The funny thing about eCommerce is that it’s not about finding your customer. Ecommerce is about letting your customer find you – and it’s your job to make the search easier. That’s where keyword optimization comes into play.

Now – let’s turn it around and think about your product listing title this time. What keywords are you using? Are you using the same keywords as everybody else – even those bigger brands you can’t possibly outrank? If you are using the same keywords – and you’re connecting the dots now – then you must see where the problem is. You’re competing for the wrong keywords. You’ve gotta change your mindset. You can’t compete with big brands – and you shouldn’t. You won’t be able to outrank them – at least not for the same keywords they’re using.

The beautiful thing about eCommerce is that a few small changes can make a world of difference. If you dig deeper into your product and think about your most specific target audience – e.g. niche down from women to teenage girls, from men to fathers, or from athletes to tennis players – then you could search for the more specific medium to long-tail keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche and include that phrase early in your listing title. Voila! Instant level up. Page-1 ranking. Super-targetted niche. Now all you’ve gotta do is work on the rest of your listing.

Remember that your listing is like an engine and your product title is just one part of that engine. If every component of your engine is working – including your listing bullets, product description, product images, a+ content, and more – then you’ve got an optimized listing that will work like a well-oiled machine.

 Try it now. Go make those small changes and watch your listing skyrocket to the top! 


Amy Wees: Hey, everyone, I hope you’re doing well this morning. I wanted to give you a really key listing optimization tip today. All right. The thing is the words in your title, they really, really matter. If you want to be on page one for a certain keyword phrase.

So, this client and I were talking and this is another thing I want to talk to you guys about, when you’re setting up your numbers and your potential for your goals for your sales goals. Look on the page that you want to be on page one for and look at what that keyword phrase is in Amazon search bar. Look and start typing in whatever it is – pillows for the house, whatever it is, right? Start typing it in, and see what Amazon’s suggestions are. Then put those suggestions, search it a few different ways. Put those suggestions into your keyword tools, and search and find what the search volume is. Okay, to find what the search volume is you can use helium 10. For this, I posted a 50% off link yesterday for that. But either way, there’s a ton of tools that you can use. There are free keyword tools, Seller App has one of my favorite free keyword tools, you can go to sellerapp.com and go underneath free tools and keyword research.

You’re going to put those phrases into your keyword tools, and you’re going to see which one obviously has more volume. The key in the phrases is that you want it to be medium to long tail. You don’t want to go for the phrase water bottle, you want to go for the phrase ‘water bottle for bikers’ – you want the medium to longtail phrase, it’s very relevant for your product. Then, you want to pull up those search results and see which page has the most opportunity for you.

So, with this with this client, she had some goals for some numbers. And I said, Okay, well, what are you basing those numbers on? Is there potential in the market for that? So, we pulled up the page, and I couldn’t find her listing. And she was making sales, but not a lot of sales. And I’m clicking through and she’s on page four. And I was like, okay, and I look on page one for this medium to long tail keyword that we discovered, we made sure it was the right keyword, we went through, through some keyword tools made sure that it was the right keyword, the most search the most relevant for our product, right? So we pull it up. And sure enough, there’s only one other product like hers that is kind of differentiated in this way on the page, and hers is much nicer. I knew if she could be on page 1 she would convert. I went and I looked at her listing and the phrase that we found that we wanted her to be on page one for was nowhere in her listing exactly in that format. This is a key mistake a lot of people make. They put individual keywords or little keyword phrases throughout their listing. But they never focus on that one phrase that one medium to long tail phrase that they want to be on page one for. So I just sent her a new title while we were on the coaching call. I sent her a new title. I said, Hey, just change your title. If you do nothing else, just change your title to this. And I gave her the title. We did the very first that phrase before the dash and the title. That was what came up first.

She told me she changed the title. She doesn’t know it because this was a couple of weeks since we have talked right? She told me she changed the title. And she doesn’t know if it was the title or what. But she started making $700 a day. And then $1,000 a day. And she was like, you know, I went from $200 a day in sales to $1,000. And my rank went from 60,000 to like 14,000. And I was like, did you look at the listing because I bet you’re on page one. Pulled it up on page one for her new phrase just by changing the title.

What happens when you’re on page one? People can see your product, you don’t get lost in search. So it’s really important. A lot of people don’t realize – they think they have to do giveaways to get to page one. In some competitive categories, yeah, you got to do giveaways because you’re not going to get going. But sometimes it’s as simple as especially if the rest of the listings on that page do not have that exact phrase in their title. The search engine is going to crawl your listing and they’re going to look in your title and they’re going to see if you that makes you super relevant for that phrase. I want you guys to focus on what page one you want to be on and make sure that that phrase is in your title. Because that’s going to make all the difference in the world here. In this case, 5x sales.

I’ve worked with other clients that we have changed their titles and their listing and made them super relevant for that main keyword phrase that they want to be on page one for. And suddenly their PPC that had been running all this time. Suddenly, they could find their ads on page one, where previously they couldn’t find their ads. So it affects everything that you do. If you want to be on page one for a certain keyword phrase, you have to optimize for that keyword phrase. If you aren’t sure which keyword phrase you should be going for. You need to learn how to research from that perspective. Use Amazon search bar. Don’t just use a keyword tool that might not be the latest and greatest of what people suggested searches are. Amazon suggested searches are based on people’s actual searches. So make sure you start at the search bar.

In our listing optimization masterclass that we do in our mastermind group, you can access our whole listing optimization masterclass. We teach you how to do the photos, we teach you how to look for your main keyword, what it should be, we teach you how to format your title, we give you templates to write your whole listing. Everything. That’s it, all of that. So you can literally start your own listing optimization agency if you want after that. We’re aiming to make you the expert because this is a core skill for you to have. If you can write a listing and understand how SEO works, you are going to master eCommerce, because when you can get found online. People can buy from you. That’s so important. It really makes a difference. That’s what happens when you know what that main keyword phrase is, and you’re able to put all of your attention on it, then you can take up the real estate on the page, you can ensure that you’re ranking organically and that the search engine is seeing you as super relevant, that pays off in your PPC and everything that you do.

The one other thing I have to tell you is once you get on page 1, I need you to make sure that you’re going to convert. I want you to make sure that you’re answering the customer’s questions in your listing in your listing photos. I’ve reviewed so many people’s listings. If you want me to review your listing, send it to me go to amazing at home.com/listing-review or underneath the Services menu at amazing@home.com. Get a free listing review, send me your listing, I will tell you what I think is wrong with it. And even if you have problems with your PPC or low sales, I’ll send you a confidential video that you can watch and you can use that to improve your listings. Okay, so if you’re having issues with your sales utilize that. I’m happy to do it for you. All right. But really, really focus on where you want to be make sure that your photos show exactly. Answer the customer’s questions, your photos should answer the question why they should buy your product and not your competitors. What’s included with the product, how big it is, how it works, your risk free guarantee or your warranty on your product, the quality of it. It should show the different ways they can use it in their life. And it should show if it’s giftable it should show it as a gift, because that is going to help them remember oh yeah, my grandmother needs one of these. Let me buy two. Okay, so those are the minimum photos I want you to have. I want you to really think about that. I’ve seen amazing listings written and photos that don’t represent that amazing description in the listing. I really want you guys to focus on writing your listing than designing your photo layout.

Our listing optimization masterclass, shows you all of that step by step, and you can access that for $49 in our mastermind group. But anyway, that’s the bottom line. I just wanted to give you this tip today. So to summarize, find what page you want to be on page one for and make sure that your title has that phrase in it first and foremost. When you’re changing your titles, it’s often tough to change your titles on your listing. When you’re changing your titles, I want you to use flat files. How to use flat files you go to Seller Central inventory, add products via upload, go to that and download the template fill in everything. On my blog, I did a thing on flat files where I walk you through how to do it so check that out but amazing at home.com/blog and you’ll see I did something on listing optimization using flat file so you can see kind of a tutorial there. But use a flat file because then you’re not going to have to argue back and forth with Seller Support to change your title. They will update it for you, it’ll automatically be uploaded. And you want to use partial update for the update category on your flat file if you don’t want to overwrite everything.

But anyway, we have been going for 10 minutes. I like to keep these things under 15 minutes. So that’s the quick tip for today. Change your title, get on page one, it’s not that hard. You can totally do it. It’s going to change your sales. It’s going to change your PPC get it done. Learn listing optimization, learn search engine optimization is going to change your sales and everything that you do in Ecommerce. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day. Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll see you soon. Bye.

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