Big News! We’re going to China for an incredible price! Watch the video here for all the details!

BACKGROUND AND RECENT CHANGES: There’s been some confusion with my former business and China trip called the Canton Fair Experience (TCFE). My former partner Steven and I have taken nearly 60 entrepreneurs to China with us following a two month long course that covered everything from coming up with an idea to understanding manufacturing.

Steven and I had different visions for that company. I really thought it was important to get the course information out to you separate from the China trip. I kept getting messages from people that were not ready yet to go to China and they really needed the information. The only choice that they had outside of going to China was to book a lot of calls with me to try and get the information.

Steven and I both just really want to help people, but he really wants to do the whole thing as a big package. So he’s doing that on his own now, and he’s got a lot of great information to give.

However, it is my intention to get this information out to you all year roundseparate from a China sourcing trip. I want you to have all the information that you need to successfully come up with product ideas, without having to go to China to get it. Then you can travel to China if and when you’re ready.

IDEATION MASTERCLASS: I’m launching an ideation and validation masterclass beta in mid-February. You can sign up for that on our interest form at We’re actually building on previous courses, because we didn’t really cover a lot of ideation in the Canton Fair experience course, and it was something that our participants really, really struggled with.

So we’re doing a full masterclass just to focus on how to come up with great ideas, how to study your target market, and then how to validate those ideas in the marketplace, and finally turning that into a business plan. Everything in the ideation masterclass is designed to help you build the foundation of your business. We’re going to be teaching you in depth how to come up with ideas. We’ve developed some incredible curriculum. But the idea is to get you guys really thinking, really studying your market, really finding opportunities in your niche, understanding how to pick a niche, understanding how to give people things that they actually want, and then understanding how to actually validate your ideas.

Then after you validate that idea, how do you turn it into an executable business plan? Because that’s the hardest part. You can go through this whole ideation process and come up with a product idea, but you’re still nervous about launching. If you actually have it fully validated and planned out, the next thing that you do is just source and execute your business plan. You already know where your audience resides, you already know who to reach out to. It’s really really a great thing.

AMAZING IN CHINA: If you’re wanting to come to China for the first time or even the fifth time, I want to remove all the barriers. I don’t want you to be afraid to come to China, and I don’t want you to not be able to afford to come to China.

China is super affordable. So let’s talk about what Amazing at Home is going to do in China. I am partnering with my friend Baptiste, who lives in China, and he is setting everything up for us. He has already looked at hotels, and it looks amazing.

Our China trip is for the people who haven’t been to China before and ALSO for people who want to go back to China with a group of like minded entrepreneurs.

TRAVEL DATES: We’re going to go during phase 2, we are also going to have optional add-ons if you want to come during phase 1, or phase 3 of the Canton Fair.

Canton Fair Phase Two is from April 21 through 27th, and you can also purchase an add-on for hotel if you want to stay during phase one or phase three. We’ll be meeting as a group during phase two. We are going to cover seven nights of your hotel, transportation to and from the airport to the hotel and to and from the Canton Fair every day. We will cover a tour around the Canton Fair on the first day so that you can kind of get your footing under you and understand what’s going on there. We will also cover three evening meals, which are going to be a lot of fun. We’ll either do those at the hotel or we’ve got some ideas for some really awesome restaurants.

EARLY BIRD PRICING: If you want to go to China in person and source, you got to come with us. Let’s go with like minded individuals and source together at the fair. $2995 during our early bird pricing and official payments and signups start next week (January 20).

WHAT’S INCLUDED: So Everything that I just talked to you about, we’re going to help you with your visa, and make our travel plans together.

  • 7 nights of hotel including breakfast
  • Transportation to and from the fair every day
  • Daily Breakfast and Three paid dinners
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel and back
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions leading up to travel
  • Travel and Visa Assistance

STRATEGY SESSIONS (WEEKLY MARCH 15 – APRIL 15): We also cover a whole month of strategy sessions in a Facebook group. These are weekly live strategy sessions, where we’ll talk about sourcing, coming up with your sourcing list, communicating with suppliers at the Canton Fair. Finally, just being able to connect with each other before the trip and we’ll also have some experts in those strategy sessions to answer your questions.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: You’re paying for your flights, any transportation or travel expenses outside of our trip, and a few meals.

  • Flight costs ($700-$1200):  I got a multi city flight from San Antonio to Shanghai, to Guangzhou, to Chengdu, and Beijing for less than $700.
  • Lunch and Additional Food: Usually meals in China around $4 USD, so you can plan less than $100 in food costs for a week.
  • Some Transportation: Most of your transportation will be covered but a cab across town ranges from $10 for a short distance to $40 for a longer distance.

FUN ADD-ONS FOR EVERYONE: We’re doing some really fun add ons, all add-ons are going to be optional. If you want to participate, then you can add those onto your trip. Even if you’re not with our group, you can participate in our add-ons. So keep that in mind if you’re going to China and you want to participate in our master classes and purchase them ahead of your trip on our website.

  • SOURCING IN CHINA MASTERCLASS: That the Canton Fair has a lot of great factories, but those factories pay sometimes over $100,000 for one booth. So the factories that you’re seeing at the Canton Fair, makeup over 60,000 booths but represent a tiny sliver of what you can find in China. For this masterclass, I’m inviting some of my amazing friends that are on the ground there in China to come and do a panel and answer your questions and teach you how to source outside of Canton Fair. Because I want you to find good suppliers at Canton Fair, but I also want you to be empowered to find factories for your niche outside of Canton Fair. How do you find suppliers when it’s not Canton fair time? Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been to China many times, we’re going to really help you master that.
  • PLACING ORDERS & LEGAL PROTECTION MASTERCLASS: The second master class is all about placing your order. When you get there, and you find a supplier and you do a factory tour and it’s time to place you first order, what do you do? Do you know how to put your order together? Do you know how to do a spec sheet? Do you know what legal documents you should have in China? Do you know what they should look like? Do you know how they should be signed? What should you be looking for? Do you know how to do a purchase order with your supplier and have the correct information included?
  • PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS & FACTORY TOUR ASSISTANCE:  I’m also going to be opening up my schedule so you can book me to help you during your factory visits or for one on one time at the Canton fair.
  • MORE FUN ADD-ONS TO COME! Other add-ons will include leisure travel and group excursions

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