Amazon has established its presence in 19 countries all over the world – from its first major marketplace in the USA to the most recent one in Poland (opened in 2021). That means 19 potential minefields for Amazon sellers to pursue potential income. If you’re seriously considering expanding your Amazon business to cater to overseas buyers, which of the 19 marketplaces would you enter first and why?

International business expansion is an exciting time in an Amazon seller’s life – especially now that the rest of the world has joined the eCommerce bandwagon and is catching up. If you’re reading this now, perhaps you’re at that stage wherein you’re beginning to consider marketing your products on a global scale. That’s awesome – and we’re rooting for you.

But as with every other decision we make as an entrepreneur, an Amazon seller like you must enter an international expansion with caution – not with less enthusiasm, because you want to be as driven as possible – but just with careful considerations before taking this massive step. Remember: apart from the distance, there are cultural differences, language barriers, and logistical issues on a larger scale that you’d have to face. Are you ready for all that?

In today’s featured episode of Seller Round Table – Amy and Andy Arnott invite Pearl Ausch of First Choice Shipping to talk about all the big and small considerations to think about when expanding your Amazon business overseas. Catch Pearl’s insightful tips when you watch our short video below:


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