The Amazing At Home Mastermind Program is a monthly subscription where eCommerce sellers are given access to eComm-related content such as live webinars, Q&A sessions, and more. This membership program was initiated by veteran Amazon seller, coach, and CEO of Amazing At Home, Amy Wees.
Below is an example of video content you can find in the mastermind program archives. In this video, Amy answers one of the most asked questions in the group: how can we change our listing price without losing eligibility for the Amazon Buy Box? Watch as Amy shares her pro tip as a master Amazon seller:

“Hacking” The Buy Box – Amy Shows Us How It’s Done

The Amazon seller population is increasing by the minute – and competition is becoming more intense every day. This is why winning the Amazon Buy Box placement is a major deal for Amazon sellers – anything that gives you an advantage over your competitors is a win. This must also be the reason behind Amazon’s strict regulations for keeping the Buy Box – i.e. slight pricing changes may result in you losing Buy Box placement. Amazon’s regulations give all sellers a fair chance in winning the coveted Buy Box while also preventing abuse of the privilege.

That said, it always pays to be one step ahead of your competition. And at Amazing At Home, we’ve discovered a few hacks that help sellers keep the Buy Box position – even if you implement some pricing changes. How is it done? Amy shares it in the video – and here are some of her tips in bullet form:

  • Putting your product on sale changes the price without touching the Buy Box price. To do this – go to the offer tab, set a sale price, then schedule for a week/month or your preferred sale duration. This way, you don’t make any changes to the Buy Box – instead, the system changes the price since you’ve set up a sale.
  • Running a coupon/promotion also does not affect the Buy Box since you won’t have to make changes to the Buy Box price. Instead, your customer will have to apply a coupon or discount code to purchase your product at a discounted price.
  • Remember: it doesn’t look good if your MSRP keeps changing – but pricing changes due to sales, coupons, and promotions are a different story.
  • Take note: fees are calculated based on the Buy Box price – not the dropped down/discounted price after a coupon code, sale, or promotion.


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The Buy Box and other things concerning Amazon Seller Central are just a few of the major challenges of managing an Amazon business. Honestly – there may be times it could feel like you’re constantly striking out in a losing game. Amazon is so vast, complicated, and overwhelming. Let’s face it – we need all the help we can get.

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The Amazing At Home Private Mastermind Program is offered at three membership levels. Members choose based on the level of assistance they need. Every level gives members access to the entire AAH course library, live group coaching sessions, and an invite to the exclusive AAH private Facebook group. Higher membership levels offer one-on-one coaching sessions with Amy on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The program is designed to help you succeed and scale your Amazon business to unimaginable heights – with the help of successful professionals.

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Amy Wees: Hey, Danielle, thank you for asking this question, I get this question so much. And so many people get confused by pricing. So I just want to kind of clarify it for you. So you are using your MSRP. So your MSRP in some categories is going to show a slash through when your price is different. In some categories in some categories, it does not okay. So, can you add a sales price. So for example, you right now you have your MSRP, at $39, and your price is $39. As well, your sale price, you want to run a sale for $25, that’s fine.

So you’re going to click Edit on your listing. And you’re going to go into your offer tab, and you’re going to set a sale price for $25. And you may schedule it for a week or three months, or however you want to do it, that’s fine, that will not affect your buy box, that’s going to immediately put your item on sale and everything will be fine. But you’re asking about your fees, how are your fees calculated, when you run a sale, your fees are calculated based on whatever price is in the buy box. So if you’re running a sale for $25, your your fees are going to be calculated based on that $25.

The difference this is where you’re getting it confused, when you run a coupon or a promotion. That doesn’t affect your Buy Box price, right because somebody has to do something to change that price, right, they have to apply that coupon or they have to accept that promotion or put a code, you know a coupon code in to take that promotion to get that promotion taken care of. So your Buy Box price is not affected. So if your Buy Box price is $39, and you’re running a coupon for $10 off, you’re paying fees based on that $39 Because the coupon is charged separately. But anytime you run a sales price, it’s I always tell people, when they set up there listing, you want to make sure that your price your MSRP is like your suggested retail price. So the value of that item, it doesn’t matter if that item never sell. So if I say the value of this, you know, double walled, you know, awesome water bottle is $40. That’s fine. Even if I sell it for 25. You know, it’s it’s fine. If the suggested retail price, the value of it is $40. Right now, my price, whatever I set in the price, when I set up a listing, I want to make sure that the price is where I eventually want to meet, to work to so that I don’t have to sit here and play these 2% price manipulation games with Amazon, right? I want to whenever I set up my listing, I want to make sure that price is where I want to work to. So if that MSRP is $45 or $40 for this, and I really just I want to be able to sell it for 3899. Like I feel like that’s the perfect price, it’s competitive, it’s awesome. Well, then I’m going to put when I create that listing, the price is going to be 3899. And if I launch and run any promotions, I’m going to use the sale box in the offer tab and not change the price. Because it really just it doesn’t look good, right? When you’re constantly changing the price when you’re you know messing things around constantly just use that sales price field, then you don’t ever have to worry about losing the buy box. Your price will be calculated based on that Buy Box price. So it does affect the Buy Box price when use the sale price field. And then if you’re wanting to run a coupon or a promotion, then you can set that up. And again, your Amazon fees are calculated based on that price whatever’s in the buy box at the time, right not based on your promotion.

So take those things into account when you’re setting this up. And I hope this has been super helpful answer for you. Thank you for asking it


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