Amazon Editorial Recommendations – How to Get Your Products Featured


In 2020, E-commerce sales were projected at $3.914 trillion worldwide. Woot! You are in the right place at the right time. This presentation discusses a fundamental course of action you can employ to achieve and claim your chunk of that e-retail pie.

Since E-commerce does not engage all five senses of the customer you must develop an effective approach that compensates for that reality. How can you seduce and entice the customer to click, explore, research, and purchase your product? You as a seller must creatively and fully engage the online shopper, establish trust with the customer, and convince them that your product is the end all and be all purchase for them.  

Your marketing strategy is critical to your success and the process of expertly advertising your product must not be overlooked or underestimated.

Here we explore the power of publishing editorials, and how they provide online visibility to your specific brand and product. Obscurity as an online merchant should not be entertained. There is no need for that given the tools and possibilities at hand. 

We welcome the SRT Curt Humrichhouser of SellerRocket, an E-commerce PR firm. He joins us to discuss the broad spectrum of resources at your disposal to grow and track your path to success in the E-commerce marketplace. Get listed in Amazon’s Recommendations, become a featured seller, drive traffic and conversions, appear on Top 10 lists, all the while boosting organic ranking. In their own words, “E-commerce PR agency is harnessing the power of volume and programmatic approaches to affiliate publishing”. SellerRocket can assist you in navigating this vast online terrain.

We trust that after viewing this presentation you will have gained a better understanding of how hiring a PR agency, that is specific to E-commerce should be given serious consideration. Become an expert marketer in the online universe. Invest in your business and gain expertise as you carve out your unique niche in the online marketplace.

We at Amazing at Home wish you continued success!


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