The Amazon universe is a vast and mysterious space – it’s overwhelming yet simultaneously fascinating – especially when we uncover and conquer new territories in this highly-profitable business arena. Navigating Amazon’s ever-changing marketplace is not advisable to do alone – as you may end up sinking before you even set sail. Luckily, previous navigators have laid the groundwork for us and are willing to help us steer our business towards success.

Danny McMillan is one of the most esteemed professionals in the Amazon seller communities – a former DJ and now world-renowned host of the enormously popular Seller Sessions Podcast, founder of Branded by Women, SellerPoll, and co-founder of DataBrill PPC management agency. If anyone knows Amazon – it’s Danny – and it’s so obvious when you listen to him speak – almost like a mad scientist exploding with high-value information that he can’t wait to share and you know you can’t miss. We say this with all the love, appreciation, and admiration for Danny – especially for newcomers in the Amazon space – he is a genius.

We are so lucky to have Danny in this featured Seller Round Table episode, where he, with hosts Amy and Andy Arnott discusses important and complicated matters that sellers encounter and almost make us pull our hair out in frustration. Watch the video below to learn things like decoding the A9 algorithm, resolving issues with seller support, prioritizing high conversions vs high search volumes, and many more.

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