Ranking on page 1 of Amazon – does it seem like an unattainable dream?

You’re sure you’ve been using high-ranking keywords in your listing. But what you may not realize is that hundreds of your competitors might also be using the same exact set of keywords – and that’s what’s keeping you from securing your spot on page 1. Do you ever catch yourself wondering what voodoo magic other brands do to allow them to take advantage of Amazon’s ranking algorithm? Or is it really ever possible to overtake a giant brand’s ranking position?

It’s not impossible. You may just need to add a few extra tricks to your optimization strategy.

We hope you know that stuffing in as many keywords as you can is never the answer – in fact, keyword stuffing may do you more harm than good. Actually, it’s not so much as how many keywords you use repetitively – but which keywords you choose to rank on page 1 for. It’s a proven fact that simple strategic changes such as focusing on medium to long-tail keywords versus short-tail keywords can make a huge difference. Besides, ranking on page 1 for generic keywords won’t matter if your conversions don’t move an inch.

In this short video, Amy explains how medium-tail keywords in your listing can help push your product up the rankings that are most relevant for your brand. Amy also shares a few other clever moves that very few are doing, but can help cement your brand on page 1 status for good. 

Check out Amy’s quick tips video below:

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