Picture this scenario…

You’ve finally done it. Your product is finalized. You’ve stockpiled your inventory. Your listing is fully optimized. And now you’re live on Amazon. Life is good.

Suddenly, you receive an email from seller central. The subject? Something about a complaint. You start to panic. You open the email and read. Surprise, surprise. Turns out the complaint is from another Amazon seller who’s selling the exact same product you’re selling. The catch? Apparently, they have a design patent and Amazon is now taking down your account due to a patent violation. And now you can’t remember what happened next – except that you suddenly had a massive panic attack. Ouch.

Could you have avoided this? Definitely. In fact, one of the very first steps you should have done when setting up your Amazon business is to consult a patent lawyer. Or at least do a thorough patent search to ensure you’re in the clear insofar as design or utility patents. Believe us – one of the most painful things in business is dealing with those pesky legal issues. And if for any reason consulting a lawyer is not possible, then at least be familiar with some of those legal terms.

Yael Cabilly of Fortunet and E-Cabilly Law helps us in this area by compiling a list of common legal issues that Amazon sellers deal with. Yael mentions things like not doing a proper trademark search, copyright infringement, patent violations, and other legal jargon – and explains all of these in layman’s terms for all our sake. My friend, there’s no getting out of this. As a business owner, you have to make an effort to at least be aware of these legal issues. Luckily, we have Yael to discuss these matters with Amy in today’s featured video.

Don’t miss Yael and Amy’s latest conversation – watch the video below:


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