For many sellers, navigating the complex world of Amazon PPC advertising can be daunting. It’s common to either get PPC wrong or feel overwhelmed by where to begin. That’s why the session on PPC between Vince Montero, a seasoned digital marketing expert and PPC Expert, and Amy is a must-watch! This session serves as a valuable starting point to demystify PPC and its potential impact on your Amazon business. If you missed out on the live stream, here it is again – there are so many tidbits you’ll want to put in action, yesterday, they’re that golden. Check out Vince and Amy’s riveting and lighthearted discussion on Amazon PPC here:


The great part about this conversation is how Amy and Vince set expectations. PPC isn’t just about the science and the keywords; there’s a proper mindset you’ll need to adapt if you want your campaigns to be successful.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of their chat – but you’ll want to catch the video as well, because Vince and Amy answered some burning Amazon PPC questions from the audience, and who knows, those might relate directly to your business as well!

Set Realistic Expectations with Amazon PPC

Vince shared his vast experience in the digital marketing space, emphasizing the importance of setting realistic expectations with PPC. He’s the TACOS Tuesday King after all; you can rely on Vince to know his stuff for sure. While PPC can be a powerful tool, it’s essential to recognize that it’s not a guaranteed “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Vince encourages sellers to approach PPC as a long-term investment that gradually builds visibility and, consequently, sales over time.

The Evolving Landscape of Amazon PPC

In the past, PPC campaigns were focused on sponsored ad results. However, the emphasis has now shifted towards branding, lifestyle imagery, and customer-centric content. By developing a strong brand presence and optimizing product listings, sellers can effectively capture their target audience’s attention. The point is for an ad to look less like an ad. Customers have gotten savvier as time has gone by; they know when they’re being sold to. Hide those ads creatively by focusing on the delivery of your message.

Leveraging PPC for Enhanced Visibility

Visibility is crucial for attracting customers on Amazon, especially in a competitive marketplace. Vince advises sellers to utilize all campaign types available, regardless of the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS). Instead of obsessing over immediate profitability, prioritize maximizing visibility to gain exposure and establish a strong presence. The point isn’t to worry about how much this campaign or that campaign costs you right now; the aim is to get the word out there. People can’t buy if they don’t know your product exists.

Unlocking Customer Behavior Insights

PPC campaigns offer pretty valuable insights into customers’ decision-making processes and buying cycles. By analyzing historical PPC data, sellers can gauge if their products are within their customers’ consideration cycle, and optimize their campaigns accordingly. Is it possible that customers are buying a product for features that don’t exist in the listing? Vince uses the example of a bedside table that allows you to eat in bed without making a mess. Is it possible that customers are buying the table because of its portability, something not mentioned in the sponsored ad video? Amend the video accordingly; customers are already putting their money into that feature, so allocate your budget there, and watch the money fly in! (Although remember, PPC is not a Get Rich Quick sort of thing, ok?)

Best Practices for Effective PPC Campaigns

Vince and Amy get deep into the common mistakes that sellers make – these include faulty organization, stuffing too many keywords into a campaign, choosing the wrong keywords altogether, or errors in the naming convention. They also get into the best practices to keep ad spend down while still staying effective – Vince recommends embracing new PPC strategies in 2023. Harness the power of video content and leverage historical data from search term reports to identify hidden opportunities. But also, Vince is clear that PPC is the road, and the product listing detail page is the destination. Put it this way, you could be traveling down the prettiest and most picturesque road, but if the destination is a run-down Mom & Pop at a roadside motel, nobody’s going to buy that product. Optimize, optimize, optimize.

Forward Thinking is Crucial!

Amy pointed out Jeff Bezos’s mindset, which is helpful for all aspects in a seller’s cycle, not just PPC – consider the impact of your actions today on the future success of your business. Think 5 years in the future. What are you doing today to impact your life in 2027? View PPC as a strategic investment that fuels brand visibility and growth, rather than an immediate solution to net sales today.

Conclusion: The Expert Advice on Amazon PPC You Most Definitely Need

If you’ve struggled to grasp the intricacies of Amazon PPC or find yourself unsure of where to start, Amy’s and Vince’s casual chat is an invaluable resource. By understanding the role of PPC in managing expectations, optimizing visibility, and ultimately driving sales, you can start to unlock the full potential of your Amazon business.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced seller, this session offers practical advice that will up your PPC game today. Start managing your expectations, exploring new strategies, and harnessing the power of PPC to propel your Amazon business to new heights.

For more info on Trivium Group, check out Mina Elias on Amazing at Home’s Maximizing Profitability Series. Also, check out Mina’s guest blog here on KPIs for your Amazon PPC campaign! Check out Trivium Group here.

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