How to Launch Your Products with Confidence

Today I talked with McClain Warren from about  how I’m launching my new E-Commerce and Amazon private label course in a mastermind group format instead of the standard watch a bunch of videos and execute.

Why did I choose this model?

It’s really hard when you watch a bunch of videos and not actually have people to talk to, get feedback from and hold you accountable…

The goal of this course and mastermind program and what I want people to get out of it is to be able to launch their products with confidence

Why Confidence? 

Because this Amazon FBA Private Label and E-Commerce journey is filled with pitfalls and doubts

  • Is this product a good idea?
  • Can I trust this supplier?
  • Is this a good price to pay for sourcing this product?
  • What price can I sell this product for?
  • Will people buy it?
  • What are my competitors doing?



What are the steps to launching with confidence?

  1. Have a great idea
  2. Validate others think it’s a great idea
  3. Develop a product with the features and benefits that serve that idea and the people who think it’s great
  4. Find a manufacturing partner and ensure we can be profitable by further validating the end product and price
  5. Launch… 

I left out some steps we cover in our curriculum such as 

  • Protecting the idea or company
  • Planning, Communicating, Executing
  • Developing business processes for success and scalability


What are you focusing on this month in the mastermind?

We are attending the virtual Canton Fair together in June in a free facebook group at 

But sourcing requires a sourcing list and many people source without having a list or understanding their numbers… so that is our focus. Starting with understanding what it takes to be profitable and then getting into how to come up with great ideas and source them

How will this format work? Are you just doing live sessions? What if people can’t make the live sessions? 

All group members receive access to replays, access to last months curriculum, discounts on services, access to the course catalog, group chat and other help with what is happening right now in our industry (example Merchant fulfillment and google shopping)


Find out how you can join our mastermind for only $49 per month at


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