I just wanted to tell you about a new fun tool that I discovered today. And of course, I didn’t discover it on my own. I always like to give credit where credit is due. There’s a guy named Sam JT who runs a group called Amazon FBA Mavericks. He wrote a book about his selling experience on Amazon and he needed some reviews. So he left a blurb about his book and said, “hey, go buy my book and leave me a review. And I’ll send you this this worksheet of tips and tricks.” The book was a mere 99 cents on Kindle, so I checked it out!

I started reading it a little bit this morning, and he gives some good tips. He doesn’t use product research tools, but he doesn’t knock people who do use product research tools, but he says it’s much better to build a brand. If you’ve followed me for long, you know I’m all about building a brand too! He gives a bunch of different ways to do that.

One of the tools that he mentioned when he’s talking about product research, market research and creating bundles is Yasiv. Yasiv seems to be all about creating a map of similar products based on what people have searched for and purchased on Amazon.com. You come here to the site, and you search for something by Amazon categories. I’ve searched for garlic press in all categories. Initially, I did this on my phone, and I didn’t realize I was in the books category. I saw a list of magazines and that was NOT what I was looking for! So, you should probably pick a category outside of books if you’re looking for products.


First we see the OXO good grips soft handled garlic press is very popular and you can even bring up the customer reviews over here. So cool, right? This allows you to, oh, get a stainless one somebody’s telling us it’s this is not very high quality, right? But you can look at the reviews.

The other thing that’s cool is I can see other things that people have looked for or purchased. So if I’m looking to create a unique bundle, or I’m just looking for other products in this niche to build out a brand, here you can zoom in and out here I can see that people that bought a garlic press also bought a lemon squeezer, a spatula, a garlic slicer. So apparently they need a press and a slicer. And off of this garlic slicer people bought choppers, mandolins, garlic peelers, and more.


If we switch this category to kitchen, home and kitchen, let’s see if we get different results. It’s sorted by popularity but you can change the sorting feature there. We see a ton of linked products. We see the Pyrex measuring cup, people also bought multiple different Pyrex measuring cups, they bought little stainless steel measuring cups, and people who bought a
a baking dish also bought the measuring cups. They also bought the same measuring cups in different sizes. The tool is easy to use, you can just click and drag, and we can see there’s just all these really cool connections.

So check out Yasiv, it’s free, you might just discover some amazing connections to build out your brand. If you want to learn to build a brand from scratch, step by step, with products you can sell on Amazon and beyond that have great margins and raving customer fans, join us in the premier course for entrepreneurs, The Canton Fair Experience.

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