Remember: as an Amazon seller, your first goal is survival.

Let’s face it – the Amazon marketplace is brutal. We witness startups that start with a bang, but for some reason cannot manage to sustain their business and eventually, close shop. It’s a cutthroat world out there – your survival may mean the end of your competitor, or vice versa. Scary, huh?

Why are we telling you this? We want you to understand how crucial it is to market your products right on Amazon. Do you want to know the key to survival as an Amazon seller? Repeat customers. Remarketing. Spending your money on useful assets that not only help your business survive but thrive. Once you crack the code on how to get your customers to repeat their purchase twice, thrice, four times – trust us – your customer’s journey will take a life of its own. So, how do you reach these customers? How do you study your customer’s buying behavior so you can figure out the ways to convince them to keep buying from you?

It’s all about data. Analytics. Extensive market research. All the nitty-gritty details that allow us to form insights from patterns and trends in the market. The challenge is that Amazon will not exactly give us access to all the wonderful data in our seller central accounts – and that’s why we’re introducing you to Nozzle.

Nozzle’s intuitive AI software gathers, organizes, and presents data and figures in customer retention rate, order history, customer acquisition costs, and all the other good stuff. Amy sits down with Nozzle co-founder Rael Cline, who walks us through a quick demo:

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