Attending the Canton Fair is the dream of every ambitious seller, but navigating this colossal event is no easy task. Many sellers make the mistake of thinking they can and should navigate the fair single-handedly. Imagine trying to navigate 60,000 vendors, in a space the size of 3 large airports, all by yourself! Amy Wees and the Amazing at Home team bring you Amazing in China, the game-changing solution that transforms this dream into a reality. Prepare to elevate your business to new heights through expert guidance, a thriving community, and a wealth of valuable insights tailored to Amazon sellers embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, or seeking to enhance it. The Canton Fair Experience should be navigated the proper way – here’s why and how:

  1. Guided Factory Visits with Amy: Experience a factory visit like no other as Amy, joined with other seasoned experts in the industry, guide you through the manufacturing processes. Gain an in-depth understanding of product creation, enabling you to make well-informed decisions when selecting suppliers. These invaluable insights ensure you establish strong business relationships with trustworthy manufacturers, setting the foundation for your success. Amy has profound experience in guiding sellers towards products that sell – and she’s done it herself as a successful Amazon seller. Not to mention, learning from other awesome mentors on the trip such as experts joining us from Movley Inspections Company, Zignify Global Product Sourcing, and more!  You’ll be learning the tips and tricks that these experts have personally tested, and proven to work.
  2. Thriving Community of Like-Minded Sellers: Joining Amazing in China immerses you in a thriving community of like-minded sellers, offering the perfect platform to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs who share your passion for success, providing invaluable support and inspiration. Leverage the collective knowledge and experience of this community to gain fresh perspectives and discover winning strategies that will catapult your Amazon business to new heights. If two heads are better than one, what more 10? 20? 30? There are also fun networking opportunities so you can get to know your companions much better. Remember, The Canton Fair is the biggest influx of Westerners to Guangzhou – oh, the faces you’ll see, the stories you’ll hear, the hands you’ll shake.
  3. Expert Trip Mentors for Unparalleled Guidance: Within the vast expanse of the Canton Fair, finding your way can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Amazing in China provides expert trip mentors who accompany you throughout the fair. These seasoned professionals possess extensive knowledge in product sourcing, navigating the Canton Fair, and conducting business in China. Their guidance streamlines your journey, ensuring you make the most of your time by focusing on the most relevant opportunities and avoiding common pitfalls. (We’ll be announcing the line-up of mentors as we go along, so stay tuned!)
  4. Access to the Amazing at Home Course Library: Prepare yourself for the Canton Fair by gaining access to the exclusive Amazing at Home course library. This comprehensive resource equips you with in-depth knowledge on various aspects of selling on Amazon, including product selection, branding, and marketing strategies. Immerse yourself in this wealth of educational material, and elevate your understanding of the Amazon ecosystem, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. This way, you’ll be a sourcing pro by the time you reach The Canton Fair, and you’ll know precisely what to look out for when shopping around for your next product.
  5. Tackling the Vast Vendor Landscape: With over 60,000 vendors spanning a huge space, navigating the Canton Fair alone is a Herculean task. Joining Amazing in China ensures you don’t face this challenge alone. Benefit from the collective wisdom and insights of Amy Wees and the trip mentors as they guide you through the fair. Together, you can identify the most promising products and suppliers relevant to your business niche, maximizing your time and investment. You’ll know how to negotiate with sellers, navigate the language barrier, work with lead times and minimum order quantities, and so much more.
  6. Explore the Expo Floor with Seasoned Experts: Wandering aimlessly through the expo floor can lead to missed opportunities and overwhelm. Amazing in China offers the unique advantage of exploring the Canton Fair alongside seasoned mentors and Amy herself. Their expertise enables you to efficiently navigate the booths, focusing on high-potential products and engaging with suppliers aligned with your business goals. Let the experts lead the way and unlock your success at the Canton Fair. Looking for the needle in the haystack is so much easier when you have a metal detector – ergo, the search for a new product is much more successful when you’ve got a team of experts, backing you all the way.
  7. Streamlined Trip Arrangements: At Amazing in China, they understand the importance of a seamless journey. When you join their group trip, essential arrangements such as hotel accommodations, transportation, and most meals are taken care of. This allows you to focus on forging meaningful connections, learning from experts, and maximizing your Canton Fair experience. Additionally, their team provides guidance on visa applications, ensuring a smooth process for those who require assistance.

Here’s a word from Amy:

Every seller aspires to attend the Canton Fair, and Amazing in China makes this dream a reality. With their expert guidance, thriving community, and unparalleled networking opportunities, you can maximize your time at this prestigious event. Prepare yourself with the Amazing at Home course library and let Amy Wees and her team empower you to conquer the Canton Fair with confidence. Unlock your full potential, make invaluable connections, and embark on the path to entrepreneurial success in the exciting world of Amazon selling.

Grab your tickets – hop on over to – seats are limited, so grab access to be sure you are part of this groundbreaking opportunity!

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