What is the point of paying for clicks that don’t convert? Forget ranking experts; focus on becoming a conversion expert!

We are flooded with Facebook ads for ranking experts. Get to Page 1 of Amazon. We can help you rank! Here are the secrets to mastering the Amazon A9 Algorithm in 2020. Chat Bots and so much more!

I get messages and emails asking “Can you help my listing rank” or “Can you help me become a ranking expert?”

Facebook posts proclaim:
What is the best ranking strategy?
How can I get to page 1?
I got to page 1 and now I’m back on page 10 again. What’s the secret to staying there?
I’m on page 1 but I’m not making any sales
I’ve spent $500 on ads and I’m not making any sales.

I’m going to ask you 3 very important questions:
1. Can you pay for an ad to get your listing on page 1 for a medium to long tail keyword?
2. If you make sales from that ad, will your listing rank organically and in best sellers rank?
3. This is the most important question of all… now that your listing is on page 1, will it convert? Do you KNOW that customers will buy your product and not your competitors (who also have the ability to achieve a page 1 advertisement placement?)

Do you see why the most important question to answer is “Will my listing convert?”

Next time you see a ranking expert brag about how they can rank you to page 1, say “So what, anyone can get page 1 ad placement, can you tell me how to make my listing convert on page 1?”

Ranking experts are pretty cool, they make some really big claims. But have you spent any time with a conversion expert?

If you visit my listing optimization service page, you’ll see I emphasize the importance of hiring a conversion expert to write your listing. I’ve helped thousands of brands CONVERT on Amazon and their websites. How do I do this?

I help them communicate why a customer should buy their product over competitors.

Before you focus on ranking your listing, you must have confidence it will convert. The other day our ops manager sent a new product over to our photographer to shoot. She called me and said, “Amy, I didn’t get a set list with this product, do you want me to put it together”? The answer was “no, let me fix it.”

I went back to our ops manager and said, “Our number 1 job is sales. We ALWAYS write the listing first, because we follow a proven conversion template that forces us to define why customers will buy our products and not the competition. We then use this template to come up with the photo set list to help the photographer call out these main selling points in our listing photos”.

Here are the 5 key points in our proven conversion template:

1. Why people should buy our product and not the competition (our USP)
2. What is included with the product and why it’s important to the customer
3. Our risk free guarantee making the purchase a no brainer and assuring the customer of the products quality
4. The many uses for this product in the customers life
5. The giftability of this product or our authority in the space (if this is not a giftable product)

After really thinking through each of these points and explaining them, we now have a template to use for our photos. After the main photo we simply ensure there is a photo to represent each of the above 5 crucial points in our listing. Have a lifetime warranty? Now we have a photo representing that. Want to tell customers our cutting board is easier to clean than all the rest with deeper juice grooves? Now we have a photo representing that.

Have you ever looked at a competitors listing and saw some pretty standard photos, and then read their listing and they had all these really great points not shown anywhere in their photos? I have. I’ve looked at hundreds of listings that aren’t converting because of my free listing review service.

You can submit your listing for review and I will explain just by looking at your listing, your keywords, your competitors and your placement why you aren’t making sales and what you need to do to fix it. Submit your listing anytime at amazingathome.com/listing-review

I have reviewed hundreds of listings with these top complaints: no sales, page 1 ads but no conversions, I paid a ranking expert but can’t get any sales, etc etc etc.

Nearly every listing has the same three issues:
1. Not enough keyword phrases relevant to the main keyword (you’re trying to rank for everything and rank for nothing as a result)
2. Photos and listing do not tell the customer why they should buy your product and not a competitors product. They don’t create doubt about your competitors products. They don’t show your authority in the space. They basically suck. PERIOD.
3. Not competitively priced, no reviews. Branding and conversion strategy not strong enough to charge more.

NEVER hire a photographer, graphic designer, or web designer before you have defined these 5 points. Why? Because you’ll get a bunch of random photos of your product that don’t say anything to the customer. When you hire our photography service, we have you fill in a form that helps you to define these 5 points. If you hired us to write your listing, we will already have this defined for you.

If you want to LEARN how to define these 5 points, how to create converting photo set lists, and get all of our templates to use along the way, take our listing optimization masterclass. This is the best way to prepare for Q4. Who cares if your listing is on page 1, will it convert and stay there? Will you make any money or just keep paying for clicks?

People have had dramatic results just from changing their photos using our strategy while taking the class. From 5 to over 30% conversion rates. Another student in a very competitive category indexed for the most keywords in his category using our SEO keyword phrase strategy, but most importantly, because he could now communicate to the customer WHY they should buy his product over the competition, he was also making more sales than before.

Here’s some more awesome things said by our masterclass participants:

The moral of the story is stop focusing on ranking… because ranking is expensive and short lived if you are not converting. CONVERT!

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