Remember 2020? That was quite a year. It’s almost hard to believe that a global pandemic with a worldwide lockdown happened within just the last 2 years, but it did. And here we are, still living in its after-effects.

2020 was the year when many of us had to make certain adjustments in our everyday lives. Suddenly, social distancing was a thing, so there had to be a way to do business without being physically together. 2020 gave way to the rise of everything remote – at work, school, and business. The mobile and digital world skyrocketed like crazy – and eCommerce was well along for the ride.

This was great news for Amazon sellers – but as in other industries, adjustments had to be made, most especially in supplier sourcing. A great number of Amazon sellers source raw materials and finished goods from manufacturers overseas – the most common ones being China, India, and Latin America. Sourcing from these countries was made more challenging because of the travel restrictions.

The rise of eCommerce gave birth to new opportunities – new audiences, services, and product categories –  as much as obstacles –  market saturation, restricted borders, and shipping difficulties. New methods were introduced – virtual sourcing being one of them – and new routines were inculcated, which are still being followed today.

Today’s featured episode of the Seller Round Table discusses all the sourcing trends that started in 2020 that Amazon sellers can expect to keep going within the next few years. Amy sits in a virtual chat with Meghla Bhardwaj and Margaret Jolly of the India Sourcing Network for a lively exchange of sourcing experiences, insights, and ideas. Watch below:




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