Michal Chapnick is a mother, eCommerce entrepreneur, and business coach. Michal’s 12 years in eCommerce allowed her to experiment with various platforms – including Walmart.com. In the process, Michal has discovered Walmart’s potential as a seller’s main income source – if only they knew how to optimize on the platform. Today, she shares her best practices for selling on Walmart at sellingonwalmart.com.

Watch Michal with our host Amy Wees as they compare listing optimization techniques on Amazon versus Walmart.com in the video below:

Amazon or Walmart? Why Not Both?

Amazon is the eCommerce leader – but don’t underestimate number two. Walmart may be behind Amazon on eComm market share, but they dominate retail as the largest in the world. If you’re selling just on Amazon at the moment – here are some facts that might sway you to look into Walmart.com as your next eComm frontier:

What do all these statistics tell us? It tells us that sellers at Walmart.com are enjoying high traffic with less competition. Imagine all the customers you can steal away from your competitors on Amazon – just by being at Walmart.com!

Amazon vs Walmart Listing Optimization – Similarities, Differences, Insider Tips and Tricks

So how do Walmart listings compare to Amazon? How similar/different are both platforms from each other? Which optimization techniques can be applied to both platforms in the same exact manner – and which ones are supposed to be modified? Could you just copy and paste your title, bullets, and product description from your Amazon page over to your Walmart listings and call it a day?

Let us answer the last question first – technically, you could have the same everything on your Amazon and Walmart listings. But Michal strongly suggests not to. Remember – although Amazon and Walmart.com are in many ways similar – they are still two different platforms. They each have separate keywords, different formats, and their own unique algorithm. In fact, one could argue the slight difference in audience profile of Amazon versus Walmart.com. Being that Walmart is more known as a retailer/supermarket chain – we imagine that a large chunk of their online shoppers might be there looking for grocery items more than anything else.

That said – let’s get back to the big Walmart-Amazon listing comparison. First – let’s talk about the format. Below are sample listings of the same product on each platform:

Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds on Amazon

Jabra Elite 85t on Walmart

These are standard format listings on desktop. Our observations:

  • Both Amazon and Walmart listings show the images and listing title at the top
  • The listing title on Amazon is followed by basic product details, then bullet points.
  • The listing title on Walmart is followed by price and shipping details
  • Amazon shows the product description way down below on the listing page (after the customer inquiries/questions).
  • Walmart shows the product description immediately after the images, title, price, and shipping details.
  • Walmart shows the product features (this is their version of bullet points on Amazon) after the product description.
  • Amazon shows several reviews on the listing page (about 8-10 reviews).
  • Walmart shows fewer reviews (only 2 reviews in the sample listing).
  • Walmart does not have a section showing customer inquiries about the product.

Looking at both platforms should give you a clue on which details to prioritize in your Amazon and Walmart listing optimization. Amy and Michal discuss these on the video, which we reiterate below:

  • The highest indexing priority on both platforms is the title. However, there are different title guidelines for each platform. Amazon titles allow up to 200 characters, which may or may not include the brand name, and some special characters such as hyphens, commas, or periods. Walmart title guidelines require the brand name to be at the front. Walmart allows only up to 75 characters in the title and restricts most special characters (except commas).
  • Amazon bullet points are second in ranking factor. This is why Amy insists on putting more relevant keywords in the bullets. Walmart bullets – as you may have noticed on the sample listing – are not easily visible. They also do not rank as high as Amazon bullets. In fact, instead of bullets, the second in ranking factor for Walmart listings are the backend fields. So it’s best to prioritize filling out all necessary information in the Walmart backend such as your product category, target audience, and other details.
  • Since Walmart listings do not show answers to customer inquiries, your images or product description should answer every inquiry you’ll imagine your customers might have. This will help decrease your bounce rate and unsatisfactory reviews.
  • Amazon product descriptions allow up to 2000 characters. Walmart product description allowance doubles this at 4000 characters.
  • Both platforms give high importance to product images. Make sure to optimize your images with infographics and lifestyle photos to help your conversion rate. On Walmart listings, 80% of the screen shows the product image – that’s how important images are in selling your product.
  • Walmart isn’t as crowded as Amazon (for now). Competition is relatively lower at Walmart, so most listings will show up on the right search results as long as their backend fields are optimized correctly.
  • Best of all, the Walmart support team would provide feedback on your listing when necessary. They will review your listing and grade its quality. They will point out areas of improvement and give you tips on optimization (title too short, missing keywords, etc.)

There are so many other details that you’ll learn about Walmart if you take a deeper look at its platform. When you’re finally in that position to expand, diversify, and scale your eComm business – Michal is your go-to gal to help you conquer Walmart.com. Check out her selection of Walmart courses here. 


Amy Wees: My friend Michal, and we are going to talk about the big battle between Amazon listings and Walmart listings. And, wow, it’s really cool that we can I know many of you guys sell on Walmart, or you’re interested in selling on Walmart. And you might be wondering, what are the differences? So, I would love to just make sure that McHale can introduce herself. I know that many of you have seen her around and in the amazing at home community, I always refer people to her if they want to get started on laundry, or if they want to learn about Walmart. So why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about you?

Michal Chapnick: Nice to be here with you. So yes, I’m Michal Chapnick who doesn’t know me. And I also have my own Facebook group for Walmart, where we help everybody start on Walmart. I’m selling on Walmart for more than three years. And I think 2020 was the best year ever for Walmart was actually growing in 69%. More than any ecommerce out there. So definitely people paying attention now to Walmart and, and I hope we can guys help you today to know all the tips and tricks to make your listing amazing. So you guys can start selling successfully.

Amy: Yay. So we’re going to be talking today about listing optimization between Amazon versus Walmart. And we’re going to be talking about all the things you need to know. So your titles, your bullet points, your back end fields, all those types of things that you should be considering on Amazon versus Walmart. And so me and Macau are just going to try and pour as much value into you guys as possible. And we’re going to get it out there. So I see 11 of you are watching right now, and rowing. Please say hello in the chat. And let us know if you have questions about anything along the way. And we’re happy to answer them. Okay, so let’s get started listing optimization, Amazon versus Walmart. So the things we’re gonna go over today, we’re going to talk about overall search engine optimization tips, we’re going to talk about your title, your bullet points, your description, your photos, your back end fields, everything you need to know Simon Says, Hola amigos. And Julie says Hi, woman. Really awesome. So let’s go over some SEO, I’m gonna go first, I’m on the left side and left handed too. So you know, it just works out. I’m in the left side, we’re going to talk about search engine optimization best practices on Amazon. First of all, finding your keywords on Amazon, it’s important to know what your main keywords are that your customers going to find your product under. So you want to overall you want to know what to customers search for on Amazon. So get in the search bar and try to search for your product yourself and then use Amazon in Google keyword tools to prioritize those keywords by both search volume and relevancy to your product. Right. And then order of ranking. So on Amazon, your title, and your bullet points have the most have the highest ranking order in terms of search engine optimization. So whenever I’m writing a listing, whether it is a plus content or not. So a plus content is where you can have that really nice web page looking description on your page. And sometimes you don’t have as much opportunity for optimization there. So in whenever I’m reading and listening, I tried to make sure that I fit as much optimization as possible inside of my title and my bullet points no matter what. And then if I have a little bit of extra text in the description that I can play around with, I will as well as search terms, the search terms in the back end fields, also kind of play along with that ranking there. All right. As far as external search engine ranking, you should always write your listings on Amazon to rank both on Amazon and off of Amazon. So you don’t just want to use Amazon keywords. You want to look at what is ranking on outside of Amazon as well. Right? Because 65% of Amazon’s traffic comes from search. So Amazon external traffic Excuse me 51% of Amazon’s traffic is direct meaning people are going right to the web page looking for that product. Right but of the external traffic the 59% external traffic 65% of that come From search, so why would you not want your listing to be optimized for search engines like Google who owns 87% of the search traffic to pick it up, so you want to look at that as well. And then use the suggested search. That’s the next bullet point here, use the suggested search to kind of come up with keywords, because that is how customers search as well, you want to search and optimize your listing out customer search. So if you’re searching for your product, and you see those suggested searches, that’s your best free keyword tool, it’s giving you the order in which people search for a product. And in order for you to have a page one listing, if you do all of those things, you can very much have a page one listing, make sure you’re sticking with keyword phrases and not just individual keywords and make sure you’re making make sure you are looking at the Suggested searches. Make sure you’re prioritizing your keywords. And you’ll do very well on Amazon. Okay, so it was a lot of information about overall SEO, we’re gonna dig deeper in a minute, but I’m gonna hand it over to the house to talk about a warmer,

Michal: yes. So I’m not gonna repeat what he said by you know, everything you said is, is really very similar to Walmart. Yes, you need to know your keywords, your phrases, you need to know how to optimize it for your platform. So she was talking about Amazon for Walmart is different Walmart algorithm and searching agent workflow with different suggest if you know the differences, you can do much better work for creating a better optimized listing one thing I want to say that is very important that I see, everybody’s making that mistake is that they’re just copy paste their listing from Amazon to Walmart. So if you really want to get a lot of traffic, and make sure your listing is optimized for Walmart, don’t do that take the time and global changes is really just a couple of tiny changes that you can do that gonna increase your chance that you’re going to rank higher on Walmart. One of the things that Walmart is very, very, very specific about when about their guidelines is they ask specifically, hey, we want your listing to be unique to Walmart. So there’s a reason behind that. And another thing that is extremely important, as Emily said, all those marketplaces get a lot of traffic from searching agents, not everybody is going directly to Walmart, or to Amazon, even though those website have around a Walmart have around a 40. Also 43%, direct traffic starting@walmart.com and similar to Amazon, but again, there’s a lot of traffic coming from Google and other search engines. So when you optimize your listing, make sure also to do your research for Google and just check your iPhone and go to Google. And always make sure it shows up in there. If it doesn’t show up in there. It’s mean, there’s things you can do. And fix your listing to show up on search and agent, a Google not like Amazon. And so both of them running ads. And you’re going to see a lot of time you search for your item and you’re going to see your ads on Amazon, or Walmart. Amazon is limiting the quantity of the item he posts to Google and Walmart is more generous. So everything you sell in Walmart, you have more than 80% to show up on Google ads and get more traffic. So paying attention to the strings is is really going to help you get rank high

Amy: All right. So Simon says a quickie four or five years ago, it was not simple to set up Walmart Is it as simple as opening an Amazon account. So it’s not our topic today. However, Simon Michelle has really really great training in her group free training in her group selling on Walmart. As far as how to set it up, it’s it’s not hard to set up an account but the way that you answer questions in your application could disqualify you. And if you answer them, not in the right way, you automatically get flagged and they just put you in this decline folder. And that’s what happened to me and I was declined for years. And every time I would reapply, I would never hear anything back. And then finally I ended up having to get in touch with somebody who knew someone at Walmart and they were able to manually correct it for me, but they told me that because I answered one question wrong in my application, or one of their flag questions that they automatically just put it in a decline folder. And every time you go to apply after that you get declined. So they had to manually take me out of that auto decline status. So it’s important to follow because rules of filling out your application on Walmart, don’t just go fill out the application, fill, look at her rules. Look at her training, I have training in my group from her. So in amazing at home, you can search for selling on Walmart, and you will see that training that video training. So make sure that you guys are not only visiting Macau’s resources, because she’s got them out there for you. But that you’re following those instructions don’t blindly apply because we don’t want to get declined. All right. Yeah. So our titles, so your titles on Amazon, you really want to focus on your main keyword. Right? What I mean by this is don’t try to sell everything to everyone. Right? If you think well, my water bottle could be for babies, or moms, or, you know, it’s for everyone. Well, it’s not for babies. It’s, you know what I mean? Like make sure that your focus not on the the keyword with the highest search volume, like the tiniest little short tail keyword, but really look for medium to long tail keywords that are very relevant to your product. Really focus on that, what page one do you want to be on? That’s how I explain it. My listing optimization masterclass, what page one do you want to be on now you might have two page ones that you want to be on. And as long as they’re related, that’s, that’s okay. But you should really focus on that medium to long tail keyword page, one that you want to be on from the start and really focus your title, your first six words in your title on Amazon should have that keyword in it, because that’s a higher ranking factor for you organically being placed on that page one, I’ve had clients before, we’re just changing their title to include those that exact keyword phrase that we wanted to be on page one for just changing their title and doing that tripled their sales, because it took them from page two or page three and immediately put them on page one. So it really, really matters. Like you need to fit those keywords in there. You need to know what they are, and you need to fit them in the first part of your title. So highest ranking factor in indexing this. I mean, you know, when you first launch you, that’s what the search engine reads. First is your title. So those are the keywords that are the most most important keywords in your entire listing the ones that you put in your title. So that that’s that’s really kind of the guidelines for writing your title on Amazon. What about Walmart?



Yes, so titles. So another thing I really want to mention about Walmart at Walmart, still their catalog is not as packed as Amazon. So that is such a huge benefit for you. Because you don’t need to have the most amazing listing, you just need to follow the guidelines. And I think title is extremely, I think on Walmart I noticing that the title. And some work you can do in the back end of your listing are so powerful. So even if your description, and bullet points are not have all the keywords and everything you’re still going to show up, you can still show up in the first page. Many times I see a lot of listing in the first page that they don’t have much description or listing is only because there is no other 50 similar item to them, there’s maybe 10 or 20. So that put you directly on the first page, you just have a really good title. So Walmart have a very, very specific guidelines for your title. So once when I started doing the listing, the first thing the biggest tip I really want to share with you guys is before you start doing any listing, first go and do your research for all the keywords and create like a list of keywords or how you want to call it a keyword band, a search terms, have all that list and start from there. And take your title and make sure in the first four words of your title, you have the most important a search term that is actually your item not just the keyword is actually describing what is your item. Your title needs to be very clear and consistent. It cannot be just 10 keywords mixed together. People do that all the time. It might gonna work it might not Not. So the title is going like that the guidelines say you have to start with a brand, you need to have your brand starting the title. And then you need to define what it is, what are you selling, I’m gonna give you an example in a second. And then if there’s anything that specify anything, the quality, anything you want to add, there is important, but people are going to use to search for there. And then only in the end put if there is a color, the path, the inches. And all these things I see, again, all the time people studying with like to pan or this is not a search, people don’t use that to search for a product. And again, the beginning of your title is so powerful. So don’t waste those words on an irrelevant words, make sure you have the most relevant words. So let me just give you a small example. Let’s, let’s say you want to lease a dove a bodywash. Right, so what people are going to search, mostly bodywash. If they like the brand, they’re going to search dove bodywash. So the title, my title we start is dubbed body wash for sensitive skin, then I define what it is, if somebody is looking for sensitive skin bodywash. Again, he’s going to find my listing. And then in the end, I will put one pap or two pack, eight arms. Anything else that again, it’s not extremely important. Put it in the end. And that’s it. I’m not gonna add anything else to my title. Walmart, like their titles, not too long. Not



very same things like most important keywords up front, make sure it actually is your product and not just you best gifts for women, you know, like, you really want it like what is it? And then then it’s okay to put you know, gifts for somebody or something. But But yeah, it’s almost the same. The main difference with Amazon is you’ve got 200 characters for your title in some categories, you’re limited to 80. But But yeah, on Amazon, you have up to 200, but only 150 of them show in search. So you want to, as you mentioned with how those really important kids



keep the most important thing that the find the item or is the best search the people using the search, keep it in the beginning of your title, we have some good and bad examples.



Yeah, so we’re starting off with some bad examples. This is on Amazon, it’s a dog toy. And literally, the title has the brand name, and the product name and nothing else. So you know, I had to go pretty far down the pages to find this. And you could I mean, think of all the keywords that you could put in this. It’s ultra tug of what tennis ball dog toy, you know, tug of war dog or toy, whatever it is, but they’re missing this incredible opportunity to show up for so many searches. And they’re counting on the fact that people are only going to search for Chuckit Ultra tech, which is funny because you know they got a ton of ratings and they’re Amazon’s choice for dog tug toy, which is really great. But they’re missing opportunities to get even more sales so and then what about your Walmart one here? Yeah,



I saw agrees like I can see it like where is the dog dog toy. This is like the best search term dog toy. They can be in the first page easily with just that little change and I think you found it in page four or something right? You need to go to page four. So yeah, that’s exactly this is how you can get to page one just add the same with Walmart. So again, with Walmart I still see a lot of bad listings in page one only because there’s a lot of competition. So for me when I create listings for Walmart it’s taken me like maybe a day or two maybe a week to be on the first page and sometimes it’s take me a day to be on the first page on the top only because there’s no other competition and I optimize it very well. So let’s look at the Walmart really bad example. So again he start their title with four piece even didn’t put it right in he put it as P SC I don’t know what he’s trying to say. But usually you can put for PC that’s enough for people to understand it’s for peace. So again, he used the most and relevant word in the beginning of the title there is no brand, the brand have to start the title, there is no brand. And then, and then you have some, you know, he’s describing what it is. And then you have the word combination that I still cannot understand why it’s there.



The thing is, these are four separate tools as well. So in this listing, you could say, a gardening tool set. And then you could do like a dash you could do for peace. And then you could say, what is that called, like a rake. You know, you could give the actual names, you could do the keyword research for each tool in the set and get the actual names and you’re going to show up in more searches. So somebody’s just looking for a small hand shovel for the garden, your listing is going to show up right now it’s not because all it says is flower planting shovel garden plastic handle



zactly. So he’s he missing out, this startup is really, really bad. And I would definitely change it. And I would start with the brand and then garden garden tool or gardening tools, it doesn’t matter one of those and then you can use the other variation in your description or somewhere else.



Seems like a bad a bad attempt of just kind of keyword stuffing. And then there’s no less separation between the words. So it’s just like, and a lot of people do that on Amazon, too. They’ll just there’s no like commas or anything that just like blah, they’re just like spitting out keywords, and it doesn’t really make any sense. Right?



So that’s exactly, yeah, so that’s you hurting yourself, because a customer, they’re gonna read this title. It’s not clear and consistent. He doesn’t really understand what are you trying to sell him. So again, the title should follow the guidelines and being much more focused and like me said, describe each one of the tools with common another thing very important. And they don’t want to say about titles, guys on titles on Walmart, you cannot put any kind of a hyphens dashes or kind of, you know, character symbols. It’s, it’s against the guidelines. So don’t do that. That Okay, the only thing you can put is a comma. But even that you don’t have put it just make it nice and clear with no symbols. Not at all, okay?



But commas are okay. So if we if you do if you have a longer title, but on a Walmart, you can only go up to what 70 characters. So now we want to give you guys some examples of some good titles, or at least better titles, right? I think all of us listing optimization nerds are always trying to perfect our title. So I don’t want to call it too good because you know, I always see improvements that can be made. So this one has started with their brand name on Amazon, you don’t actually their style guidelines saying that to start with the brand name, it says to put the brand name in the brand name field, they used to force the brand name in some categories, whether or not you put it at the front of your title. So nowadays, recently, we did an update to our listing optimization masterclass. And we went back through and we looked at it. And nowadays, Amazon does not tell you to put the brand name in the front of your title. However, I still think it’s a good practice to put your brand name there, especially if you are building a brand. That’s important, right? So this one has, you know, it’s dog toys for aggressive chewers, it’s specifically addressing that large breed, they’re even longer tail keyword, they’re so looking for large for large breed dogs, very descriptive, squeaky dog toys for medium to large dogs. 100% Natural rubber. So they’re talking about, you know what it is. Now they’re missing here, they could do a little bit better by explaining, because this one has some unique textures here that could explain the differentiator a little bit more, they might want to put alligator in there because that actually is a searched word for certain dog toys like so I would. There are some improvements that could be made. But compared to the target compared to the Chuckit the tennis ball title, they’ve really improved. So what about your title?



Yeah, I want to say one more thing about your title. I would use the word green too. Because that’s that’s a good word. Oh, yeah, green is green. Yeah, green color. So if there is a space again, don’t make it too long. If it’s too long, avoid, you know, some things that are not extremely important. But if you have the space for the color color, definitely can help. Yeah, so about mine title. So again, I was trying to stay with a gardening tool. So I went to Walmart. And this is the product that showing up number two, so it’s really on the top of the page. So it’s ranked really, really high. And because I think, I think another factor is, of course, you know, when people buy it, you guys gonna get rank high. So you know, that’s one of the tips and tricks that can always help you for Walmart and Amazon as well. So what I like about this title there is short, it’s nice, it’s clean it short, we change it a little bit, because it started with them with a brand that that’s perfect. And then there is the numbers, I guess that’s the item number or something. And then it says hammer stone garden tool, five pieces. So how we do real changes after the centurion, or we put garden tours, and then I will put Hammerstone for 85. If that’s again, the model, and I will end up with five piece a tool set. So we’ll add the word tool again. Sometimes I would add a word or another similar so we could tool and then I’ll put tools with n with snd. And so that will help me and again, it’s not the exact same word, but I’m not going to repeat it repeat the same word too many times. But as long as it makes sense. Am I repeat a word two times



I do the same thing I try. And for important keywords, I try to use the plural and the singular, like I was just writing a dispenser listing the other day and I did dispenser and dispensers. And in PPC plurals are recognized whether or not you actually bid on them, or whether or not you have that keyword in plural, the plural is automatically recognized. But for ranking factors, it does help. So you don’t want to just repeat the same phrase over and over again. But in terms of like repeating related phrases, as well as plurals and singular. Yeah, it can be really, really good. So yeah, good tip. All right, so let’s get into bullet points. on Amazon, you have five bullet points, they are called key features just like Walmart. Wow. Okay. And your bullet points, something to keep in mind is they actually show up last on mobile. So when people are shopping on mobile, your bullet points show up last, and often you have to click to expand them on mobile. So if you’re counting on people reading all of your bullet points, the good luck, okay, you really want to have your your photos really needs to tell the story of your product on Amazon, not really your bullet points. Your bullet points are really great for SEO and they should be totally readable should the should the customer decide to read them. They’re second in the highest ranking behind the title right for ranking, your listing. And then I my aim, when I write a listing, what I do first is I draft the listing, I draft it so that it’s very readable, right, I don’t worry about fitting in keywords. In the beginning, I draft the listing, then I go back to my keyword list and I look at the most important keywords. And everywhere that I mentioned that thing, whatever it was in my draft of my listing, I simply replace it with a keyword, a keyword phrase, not an individual keyword, a keyword phrase because people don’t search for individual keywords. People don’t search for mug, they searched for coffee, large coffee mug, ceramic, you know, that’s what people search for. They don’t search for money alone, right. So you want to make sure that you’re using as many related phrases as possible, but you’re not keyword stuffing. So all I do is pick two phrases per bullet point. So if I three sentences in my bullet points, I usually try to keep them underneath 300 characters, you have a 500 character max on Amazon, but I usually keep them underneath 350 characters. So it’s about three sentences, right? And I try in each of those sentences to fit in one keyword phrase. So I’m not talking about individual keywords you can you can put those throughout the listing but whenever I review listings and by the way, if you ever need a listing review, I do free listing reviews on my website, you can always go to amazing@home.com click on Services click on free listing review right underneath that and you can submit your listing and I’ll send you a video review of what I think of your listing and any any improvements that you can make. So but the bottom line is what I see often with other copywriters when I put their listings into my tool, I’ll see the individual keywords lots of individual keywords but that listing is missing those phrases that help it rank organically. So if I can tell you need to do nothing else is focus on those organic phrases. Those phrases that people are searching for not just mug, coffee mug, ceramic, right? Focus on those and two Do per bullet point, Max, you’re not trying to stuff it. You’re just trying to make your listing very relevant for ceramic coffee mugs. Right? Again, keep them about 350 characters, and this is the second highest ranking factor and over to Macau for Walmart.



Yes, yeah, great deep. So again, very, very similar guy. So I think your key features is one of the best places to make sure you’re not missing out any search term keyword, again, in in a reasonable way, in a way that you’re, each one of your key features, is actually given a lot of really good information. So on Walmart, you can do between one or none, you don’t have to your listing is still going to show up if you don’t put key features. But again, I don’t recommend that because again, it’s so powerful to have more search turns into your key feature. So I recommend to go between five to 10 is more is better. I think you can do up to 500 characters for each one. But that is where a lot, I recommend to stay between 150 to 200. That is a nice, you know, I wanted to have it maybe two nice centers, or maybe three, not more than that. People get hired, you know, sometime I open a listing, and I see this so much description. And so, and I’m like, I feel like my eyes are already, you know, and there’s like, I’m not gonna read that. Okay, it’s shorter people like it when it’s nice when you Charlie, we can highlight your first few words and make like a little note of what he’s about. Say, for example, start with amazing quality, and then start to describe the quality. The most important thing that I’m doing first, when I’m doing my keyword research, I have a list of my keyword research. And then I’m sitting and I’m actually sitting and thinking is the customer and I’m thinking as a customer right now, what do I want to know about this product? And then I ask myself the question, what do I want to know? And then this is where I start my key features, because my key features for me is the answers I give the customers on Amazon, you have the best, you know, they don’t have much of it on Walmart. But on Amazon, you have the place when people ask question, right? That is such a good place to go to similar item and get some questions and think, Okay, I need to make sure I have the size, how does it fit? How does it smell, you know, whatever, a customer will have a question, make sure you use your key features to add. So the key features shown up last your mobile and on the web, when you’re on desktop. But again, if you make them very nice, short and bold, the people will probably read it more than they’re gonna read the description. And again, it’s very important today, I think, like me said, the images this is by extremely important tell your story in the images. And of course, first image is the same is Amazon nice and clean picture by background. Now another thing that I’m doing with my key features, now looking at my list of all my search terms, I’m more focusing on relevant search terms, and I want to hit him in there. So for example, I’m selling, let’s say I’m selling the frozen pajama right. So in my title, I’m probably just gonna use pajama, I’m not gonna use too many search terms in there. But then on my key features, I’m gonna start playing with all the relevant search terms. So my first one can be your little girl gonna be so cozy in this two piece pajama set of pajamas or PJ, and then the second one will be this asleep where set is made off. So I’m not just gonna put 100% polyester I’m gonna, again take a nice search term and add it there. So I think you get what I’m saying. Just use your phrases nicely and apply them one or two to each key feature. What else up? Okay, most important thing on Amazon usually in the fifth bullet point everybody’s telling about 100% warranty a customer service returns. You guys put in a lot of information. Walmart is a big no no, you cannot put any kind of information that is not informative and relevant to the item you cannot have. So don’t do that, guys. I recommend that



oh wow, that’s significant difference. Yeah, yeah, that’s awesome. All right, so our descriptions on Amazon, your description shows up first on mobile. So make sure that you HTML format it, you can use basic HTML formatting. For this, you don’t want to use really advanced HTML formatting text, because Amazon will say you’re not allowed to use this. But basic HTML formatting is fine. And the reason that you want to use that is because it shows up first, on mobile, it’s the first thing that customers are seeing, and they’re reading through your description. So if you don’t have everything in your bullet points, you don’t have any information about your description, or about your product inside of your description, then, you know, you’re missing potentially a chance for that sale right after they get through the photos on mobile, because you know how on photo, on mobile, your photos all just show up in a row. And then once they click on the product page, and then they see your description, and then they see your bullet points, and they have to expand them. So it’s important to write a good description, and what is a good description look like? I usually start with a call to action, I say something like, you know, this, you know, this is a really the unique selling point, right? So whatever it is, like, you need this long lasting cold, cold forever water bottle in your life, you know, something like that. And then I do something like Why Choose Us. And I explained, I kind of like rewrite my bullet points in another way, but just provide information about the product. And its benefits, I don’t focus on features, I don’t focus on the fact that it’s stainless steel, I’d say it’s stainless steel, so it keeps your water cold there longer, right. And so it’s easy to wash and easy to clean the things that my customers care about in terms of that product. And then I include some product details. So like, for example, it’s five inches tall by two inches wide, you know, whatever the dimensions are the materials, instructions, if it’s not clear how it should work, then you might want to include that. Again, you want to include all this stuff in your photos too. And we’ll talk about photos in a minute but but you also can do your A plus content, if you’re a registered brand. A plus content is where you can show off your really nice like web page looking product description, which is really cool. Often a big mistake I see is people will spend a lot of time and effort on their A plus description. So they’ll put, you know this beautiful A plus content, but their photos at the top part of the listing will be terrible. And so I’ll scroll down when I’m doing listing reviews. And I’ll be like, This is amazing, you’re calling out all these amazing benefits. And wow, I’m really drawn to this. But I wouldn’t have scrolled this bar had I just looked at your photos. So you’re probably missing some sales there. So make sure that that you don’t just focus all the great content in your A plus content, use those techniques in your photos as well. I use two to three total keyword phrases in my description. I don’t just you know, keyword stuff. And you can use alt text for your photos in a plus content. And that works. It’s the last in your ranking factors. It does index, but it is last and it does take a little bit longer to index after you first launch because you know you need that many page visits to keep it going. But yeah, as far as description goes, keep it easy to read. Remember that it shows up first on mobile, so HTML, format it and remember that it’s not as important in your ranking factor. So focus your keywords mostly in your title and your bullet points. And remember that sometimes people won’t read your bullet points because of the way that it’s set up on mobile, go and look at your product on mobile and see what it looks like so that you can get a better idea. And then, you know, so make sure that you’re repeating or including those important parts of your product in the description. Overview.



Yes, I love your tips. So yes, that’s a great such a great tip. Always go and check your listen on the mobile before, look at somebody else, or after you make your listing go and look it up and then fix it. One of the things that I love about formulas, you can use Excel sheets to create your listing. And very quickly, you can create any change updated again and it’s like magic. It’s showing up. You don’t need to open cases. Nothing. It’s very simple. I think the same with Amazon right when you work with flatfile it’s it’s easy to Create changes.



Yes, it is, it’s pretty easy to create changes as long as you own on the listing



on the listing. Yeah. So that’s, yeah, that’s such a great tip. So again, the description is shown up on top, for a mobile and for desktop. So what I like to do with my description, again, not too long, you can go very long, they’re gonna let you go very young, but I would stay with around, again, 500 characters, I’m not gonna make it like a whole story, it will be a story there. Because this is your place to tell the story. And I like to get the customer. I like to get him attached already, when he starts reading my description. Of course, we use some keywords, and search term. But just for an example, let’s say you’re selling a salad dressing, right, so you want to get the customer a little bit excited to say our salad dressing, or you just explain the name or whatever is a great addition, for every salad. It tastes so good is wonderful, you know, it’s, you know, whatever tells something exciting, so the customer read it, he knows directly that he’s, he’s really good. Tell him it’s good. Yeah, my item is good. You know, don’t be shy to say the great quality, it’s tasty, delicious. It’s cozy, it’s everything that goes to the customer already feeling it right you already feel when he where it, how you feel you already feel in it, you know, if he’s gonna eat it. So this is where you guys you know, it’s some way you hook him. So again, you don’t try to sell sell him that too strong, but you do get them excited. And another thing is the same, I take all my bullet points. So I would start with the bullet points, key features. And then I’m gonna go to do my description. And then I’m gonna take a little bit from my bullet point mix and match and make sure it’s also in in the description like everything is very important information like the sizing the fabrics, everything is informative, because again, if somebody didn’t read the pictures, and he just read the description, so he got all the information he needs. Put a lot of really good facts and just make sure it’s good information in there. Yep, that’s it.



All right. Yeah, very some similarities between Okay, so what about symbols and stuff? So no, you can’t see you’re not on Amazon you can use like the ampersand and, and commas and periods. You can just use commas and periods on Walmart you can’t use



you can but it’s it’s just gonna hurt your ranking because it’s against the guidelines. And again, remember make your description unique do not copy paste from Amazon take five minutes and mix it have something do some edits don’t copy paste again you’re going to see that you’re going to show up much better when your listing is unique Walmart noticing that and he will reward you for that for



I was at Walmart the other day we were buying a TV and and I was looking for an Amazon firestick and I can buy those at Best Buy so I just thought I would just ask this this guy in the electronics department at Walmart but I was like hey do you guys have do you guys have fire six amazon fire sticks and he was like no I was like okay that was that was there’s some you know so Amazon and Walmart are not friends they’re not friends and so they you know you cannot drop ship your products from you can’t fulfill your products in a Walmart you know it to Walmart customers they will be mad even though I have yet again



it’s it’s a suspension for sure on Walmart



yeah I have received what I have received some Walmart products in Amazon boxes so I know people are doing it legally. But But yeah, if if Walmart catches you you will you will be on their banned list. So alright, let’s get into photos as we said photos. Yeah, they’re not really ranking us that much for for those search terms. But they are the biggest factor in your converting making the sale because you have to communicate what the customer wants and needs. Right so I love doing photos my My photos, I have a seven photo strategy that converts really, really well. And so I always show my first photo after the main photo is always the unique selling point, I want to showcase whatever it is that makes my product special. And then my second photo after that is what’s included. So I’m showing them the dimensions, the size is what you get in the box. And then the next photo after that, I’m showing them the quality of the product. And if I have a warranty, I’m showing a photo of that warranty, or whatever it is, right, I’m really trying to assure the customer that this product is for you, here’s what you get. And oh, by the way, we back up the quality, this is a quality product, right. And then the next photo after that I love to show different ways you can use the product. So you know you can use it at the park, use it at home, use it in the kitchen, use it in the bathroom, right, that’s a really great way for them to see it and get it in their life. And then the next photo after that I love to show it as a gift, if it can be a gift, if it can’t be a gift, then I try to show authority in the space for another lifestyle photo. So another like get it in your life, right? So authority in the space would mean like talking about your brand story or something like that, where hey, you know, we’re a trusted brand in this industry for 20 years, you know, whatever, whatever it is, but or giving a fact. So like, if you’re selling a headlight for a vehicle, obviously, that’s not very giftable it’s something that’s needed, but you could show your authority like, hey, you know, This light comes with, you know, 3000 LED lumens, and it’s going to last, you know, for many more years compared to the competition, which only includes this or whatever, right? But But yeah, that’s my seven photo strategy. And we also use that in our bullet points. So that we always have both the information that we want to present, oh, I have a meeting coming up y’all we have both the information that we want to present and and as well as that and then as well as represented in the listing right and in the photos. So infographics and lifestyle convert very, very well. And then videos are so great. So if you have those available, if you don’t have brand registry and you can’t upload a video, you can always have someone else upload videos related to this product. Near the end, I think you can even upload them yourself in the reviews area. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of value.



Yeah, wonderful people buy the videos. And yeah, make sure to add videos or Adam in you know in the relevant. The same with Walmart. Guys, especially for you people that invest in lube with getting reviews and things, get reviews with videos, those are really converting, that’s going to help you a lot. So guys pay attention when you go to the mobile and you open walmart or amazon i think 80% of your screen is the image. Right is the main most of the screen is image, you don’t see nothing you have to scroll down to get to the description, and everything else do you see the image you see the title. So again, make sure your images can sell like me said everything she said just do the exact same thing. Make sure you have infographic and lifestyle, just showing the benefits of your product in different kind of pain and goals and how you use it. What’s the size, everything is really important. Just again, make sure you have as much more information on your images because I think today people just buy by the image. Sometimes I see something like the image is good. I have some infographic I just add to cart and spend time reading description or I will just scroll down you know read one or two reviews and see it and I’m gonna buy it on Walmart.



I have a pic. I have a question for you for pictures, you have 1000 by 1000 pixels minimum for zooming in and it’s the same on Amazon but 1000 by 1000 is a square image. So does it have to be a square image on walmart



i Oh, we can get away with sorry, identity is such a good question. Very good question. So again, the minimum is 1000 by 1000 for most of the categories for everything including its mean clothing, shoes and backpacks. It has to be 1000 by 1500. So it’s not going to be it that’s the guidelines make sure to follow that. So yes, is bigger is better and better resolution. So I’m trying to do always 1500 by 1000 or even a 2000 you know a little bigger size If I need to make a match in the category, like fashion category, so again, just make sure your images are good and following the guidelines. Very, very important. Yeah. All right.



So let’s get into the back end feels. Um, for your back end fields on Amazon, you want to make good use of your additional fields. So you in the More Details tab in the back end, you want to fill those things out. In fact, if you don’t fill them out, some of those fields they’re at are some ways that competitors can actually take your listing down and get your listing suspended by using flat files. So that’s like another talk for another day, but but you really want to make sure that you’re utilizing those additional fields, because you’ll notice that a lot of them index so if you look at your competitors listings, you’ll see that hey, how did they get extra two bullet points here? What is that right, and you can look through and see that those areas that they filled in, are lined up with fields in your More Details tab. So make sure you take the time to fill out those additional fields. I love using Amazon’s category categorization tool and looking at the breakdown of categories and using those for like the uses and subject matter and target audience. Now, the Keywords tab used to have subject matter and target audience in it and those fields indexed. And now those fields have been removed by Amazon, however, you’re going to find very similar fields and some additional fields now in your More Details tab. So take the time to just you know, make a little test in there, fill something out and see what happens right look at your competitors listing, see what happens. So make good use of those additional fields. Do not repeat your keywords in your search terms. I repeat, do not repeat your keywords in your search terms fields. So the search terms field and your keywords tab of your back end of your listing has only 249 bytes available, right? So one letter is a byte. So you’re the format to put those in is word space, word space word. And if you already use water bottle in the front of your listing, you do not need to repeat that in the back end of your listing. So this is a great place to put Spanish words misspellings, other related keywords that aren’t relevant for the front end of your listing, right. So for example, if your product is battery operated, but people often look for rechargeable ones of that product, you can put rechargeable in the back end. And it’s not going to a lot of people are scared about that. Because they’re like, Oh, does that mean that my listing is going to show up? And it’s going to confuse the customer and they’re gonna buy it for rechargeable? And now they’re gonna I’m gonna get returns? No, that’s not what that means. Because your listing goes off relevancy, how many times you’ve used similar keywords to that main keyword. So if you haven’t put rechargeable anywhere else, it’s not going to rank on page one for rechargeable, but it will show up in more searches. And it will become more relevant for that type of product. When you put related keywords in those back end search terms. That’s the biggest question I get whenever I deliver listings people are like me, but my product isn’t green. And you put green in my back. And it’s like, well, because a lot of people are looking for green ones. Do you want to show up for search or not? Right. So that’s the thing is, is it can help in your relevancy. But don’t there’s no need to repeat keywords there. You don’t need to use commas. You don’t need to use dashes. You can just word space word space word has a medium ranking factor. And because it’s not, it’s it’s individual keywords, right, it’s not phrases. So it’s got that medium ranking factor is in terms of relevancy, helping your product be more relevant for those related keywords, and then your back end, your weight, and your packaging dimensions are used in calculating your Amazon fees. So if you create a listing, and you don’t fill out those two fields, and you’re like, I don’t know what my FBA fees are, they’re not showing up there, it’s because you didn’t fill out the weight and the package dimensions, you need those two, those two things to calculate your Amazon fees. So that’s important. And then your categories can be important. So make sure on mobile, it forces you down into a category when you’re searching. I know this because I’ve grabbed those links on mobile and put them in a desktop and it actually has filtered down into category it doesn’t say all at the top anymore, right? So you want to make sure that if your product is being forced into the wrong one category, that you open a case and have Amazon change it. That being said, if it’s a subcategory, like a subcategory of a subcategory, and you’re like, well, Amazon, I’m in yarn, and I’m supposed to be in thread and bobbins, Amazon’s going to tell you to have a nice day, but they’re not changing it. Because those categories, those sub sub categories are based on how people find you in search. So they will not change that they can’t change it, they their algorithm has gotten smarter than them. So you know, they don’t really know how to fix it other than changing your main category that can change that you can change that yourself as well, you can go into your More Details tab and click Edit there. And recategorize your listing. So who Oh, my goodness I have. So I have you a little bit late. Well, you talk about this, I’m going to message my next meeting and just let her know, I’ll be about two minutes late here.



All right. All right. So yeah, I’m gonna try to do a chore. But yes, the back end is so important. And again, I love Walmart algorithm and researching it, because it’s not packed with millions of meals, like Amazon. So guys, this is working for you. So even if your listing is not so good, and your images are not so good, but you pay attention, and you fill up your attributes, right, and your back end, right and the keywords and everything you guys gonna show up in the first page, even if your listing is not so good. I’m not saying do that. But pay attention and make sure you following up the right, pick the right category with Walmart, you cannot really go to the in the sub sub sub category, you can hope it’s going to go there. But if it doesn’t go there, you can open a case and they actually will change it for you. So you can always change your category, make sure you’re in the right category and subcategory. Make sure you fill up your attributes. Like there’s such an important question there, like what is the age range? And what is it for and what’s the season. And all this, like really good information that help you show up on the right shelf. So Walmart work on shelves, this is how they call their you know, the way they’re the product showing up in search results. It shows up by shelves, like you go to the store and you have you go to the main department and then you have shelves and you have you know, sizes and so on and so on. So this is this very similar system, they’re working on their website, it’s working by shelves, so it’s more attributes you’re going to fill up, you’re going to show up in the right shelf, and people are gonna search for something like very generic like men, big size t shirt right, and you have it in your attributes, you will show up in the search result. Use the US Excel spreadsheet, there is a lot of ways to create listing for Walmart. The only way there is working perfectly is to use the Walmart Excel sheet. And the biggest thing that I love the most Amazon give you 250 keywords characters for keywords Walmart say, Here you go. 4000 Guys, this is wow, you can just go on and on and put all the search term like for example, frozen pajamas, I will put frozen pajama for two years on frozen pajama for three years old pajama for toddler and



is that available to you if you don’t use the spreadsheet or? Okay, so I just go on Walmart into the back end and I’m sorry for all the distractions you guys I’m like pulling up zoom on my screen and messing everything up over here. It’s a crazy day of meetings yesterday, so I apologize for that. But um, you’re on Walmer if you’re using that spreadsheet, you have this opportunity to add keywords and more back end fields. Oh my gosh. Yeah. That’s That’s amazing. That’s a really key thing to learn.



Oh, yeah, it’s very helpful. It depends what there’s different excels they’re trying to remove it from some excels and the new ones but you can still find those right excels at the spec. Point three is called the spec point three one. Those are the right Excel that they give you a to use the keyword again they still changing a lot all the time. But they give you that an inside your listing in your web inside your listing. Now they’ve given you feedback and they tell you exactly your listing quality. And you have another dash of listing quality so they’re actually doing something Amazon doesn’t do. They’re reviewing your listing and giving you feedback. They say oh, your title is too short. Your title is too long your description missing this keyword As you’re telling you the exact keyword that is missing in your description, it is really nice. So we



need to learn how to do that. So we have a lot of questions about mostly about selling on Walmart. So it looks



positive, I will answer I will go back I know you need to run by a guy. I will I will come later and I will answer everybody’s questions. Yes.



And so let’s, let’s go to our last slide. And we both have offers for you guys today, you guys can save 10% off amazing at home listing optimization and our listing optimization masterclass, with code amazing at amazing at home.com/listing optimization. And we will just have to come back together and do another training on Walmart because clearly, people are missing that. So we need to do that. So we’ll we will set up another meeting and do another training on Walmart. And speaking of Walmart, Macau, what do you have for them?



Yeah, so first thing guys join a selling on Walmart Facebook group. So look for selling on Walmart, Facebook group, we have a great group and posting, there are some links for free guides. So you can go you can go on selling on walmart.com. And look in the bottom for the free guide. So I have a free guide for how to get an account, how to set up your account, and another free guide about how to optimize and get more traffic to your listing as well. If somebody’s already selling on Walmart, and wanna, you know, step by step with everything you need to know and so much more we do have selling on Walmart Academy, that we’re about to raise the price I was waiting for today, guys. So if you’re really interested, grab it before the price going up. So come check it out. And again, ask question, we have amazing sellers in our group, ask your questions. And again, you can also shoot me an email if you want a listing optimization. So we have a full service for listing optimization. We working with amazing brands, and again, we have amazing results. So email me and I will help you out.



Thank you, Howard. I’m sorry you guys for any distractions today. I’m just had a crazy day. But I’m so excited that we were able to kind of just talk about this because I know I was making mistakes in my Walmart listings. And you recently met with us and helped us optimize our Walmart stuff. And I you met with my husband and and he said it was just so so helpful. We were doing a lot of things wrong. And I realized today that we were doing a lot of things wrong in this training. So hopefully this really, really has helped you guys understand the differences. Overseas sellers can now sell on Walmart. So we are going to do some, some follow up training. I know in our mastermind group, we’re going to be teaching about that. But how and I will come back together and we will talk about Walmart again in Amazon again, you know setting up both of those things, because we know that it’s going to help you guys be more successful. So thank you guys so much for being here today with us. And as as McHale mentioned, post your questions, anything that you guys have, and we will follow up with you and answer those inside of the chats. All right. Thank you everyone.



Thank you guys have a good one. Thank you

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