Sellerise is an online resource that offers a suite of tools for Amazon sellers. One of which is the Amazon Reimbursement Tool for lost or damaged inventory, unprocessed returns, and other claims
Today we are featuring a Cool Tool Review of Sellerise’s Amazon Reimbursement Tool with their guy, Dima Kubrak. Watch Amy and Dima go through the features of this wonderful tool in the video below:

What Can Sellerise Do For You?

Being an Amazon seller involves a lot of administrative tasks. Some more complicated than those of a brick-and-mortar’s. Because – let’s face it – not everybody is born to be tech-savvy. The duties of a digital-oriented business may be a little more challenging for some of us.

Sellerise makes it easier for Amazon sellers by providing automated software for the menial tasks of their business. No advanced digital know-how or training required.

Here are some of the tools that Sellerise offers on their website:

  • Inventory Tool
  • Sales and Profit
  • PPC Dashboard
  • Review Requester
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Reimbursement (which we’ll talk about in today’s blog)

Amazon Owes You Money – Claim It Fast and Hassle-Free

Yes, it’s true – so many Amazon sellers have never filed their reimbursement claims. Some have even lost a lot of money not having done so. Did you know that you are only allowed to claim your reimbursements from less than 18 months ago? We’re not talking about a measly amount of money here. Reimbursements can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think about it – all that money could be sitting in your account – but only in less than 18 months. After the 18-month mark, your money’s gone forever. Ouch.

Questions? We’re sure you have a lot. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked:

Where did all this money come from? Honestly? From all over the place. If you’re an FBA seller, you do know some of your inventory may get lost or damaged in shipping and storage, right? Well, Amazon owes you money for that. Unfulfilled orders, refund requests, and other discrepancies are also eligible for reimbursements. Amazon is not perfect. They make mistakes. And they pay for them. But only if you file a legitimate and valid reimbursement claim.

How are reimbursement claims processed? Filing reimbursements involve a lot of those boring and complicated tasks that most Amazon sellers don’t enjoy. Of course, there are service providers who can do them for you – but you also have to realize that having someone else handle them does not get rid of the complications. On top of that, also consider the fees, deductions, and commissions that come with hiring someone to do the job. It isn’t cheap.

What does Sellerise’s Amazon Reimbursement Tool do? Automation – cutting the time and effort needed to file your reimbursement. Sellerise calculates your reimbursements and shows you the potential amount you can claim. It also helps you organize and submit your documents for filing and processing. No middleman required – no commissions or deductions from your reimbursements. No more manual processing. Done in 60 seconds or less.

It’s clear, isn’t it? There’s nothing to lose if you try. Do yourself a favor. Try Sellerise. They have a 7-day free trialno credit card required. Find out what Amazon owes you. And get that money back. Now.



Amy Wees: So we also have recording a lot of UI. And then while you’re introducing yourself, I’ll go around and post all the links. Hey, everybody, how’s it going? Man, we were just live. And we were having all kinds of issues with our software. So we’re back. We’re using zoom, the tried and true, and we’re coming back to you guys. Today. I’m here with my friend, Dima Kubrick. And we’re going to talk about automating your reimbursements. So Amazon probably owes you money. Okay, that’s the point Amazon owes you money, you get returns all the time, that could be refunded shipments that aren’t always checked in. There’s all kinds of sources for reimbursements. And I’m going to talk with them about those sources today. But Diem has created a pretty cool software tool that allows you to automate reimbursements without having to pay any Commission’s that’s pretty cool. And we’re gonna find out more about it so that you guys can try it out. So Dima, I’m gonna hand it over to you to introduce yourself, again, and tell everybody a little bit about you and what you do.

Dima Kubrak: Okay, I mean, thank you so much for this amazing introduction. I actually love your energy. And I think that you’re probably group and people who are following us at the same level. So, guys, today I’m going to share with you some cool information that I have been created for several years. And also guys, I want to tell you, like I’m, my name is Timo Brock, I’m a founder of the Solarize company by beside of this, our main business were the Amazon sellers. So I go to a lot of conferences and events, we also do some like local meetups all the time, just to gather the information and, and grow our Amazon business. But sometimes, while we’re focusing on the new things, we keep forgetting about continuous operations that we have to take care of, even when I do a lot of consulting for small, medium or big sellers, I can see a lot of you guys have employees, and when you bring to them some new technologies or ideas, they just don’t want to implement them. Because sometimes it’s just take them time to, to learn or, or, or be a bit uncomfortable, not like go a step out from the comfort zone, some. But everything that I’m going to show to the guys will take almost no effort to get your money back from from Amazon, and a process of what you can do is absolutely fantastic. And I can tell you that one of our users, he was seen almost $577,000 in reimbursement money from salaries. And as I was mentioned before an MSA to you, we’re not going to charge you any commissions, there is no hidden fees, there is no hassle, and you will be able to, to even manage the cases and open everything to get the money back from Amazon right through the salaries, you don’t need to even login to seller accounts. So that’s how almost no hassle you need to do to complete this process, which will take you we’ll call this you can get your money back in 60 seconds or less. So also, guys, I know a lot of you who’ve been active seller for a long time on Amazon, you probably already have heard about people who help him to get money back from Amazon, there’s a lot of service providers and companies as well, individuals to claim and they’re gonna get you all the money. And absolutely, it’s absolutely great because it used to be a so complex process. And people used to charge a lot of percentages to, to take the steps to to gather this information. But nowadays, there’s a technologist come and the technology helps you to automate. So you don’t need to pay the percentage. And everything that you will be able to do is just with a few clicks of the bottom, take this money back and even if you if there will be some complex cases, maybe then you can ask this service providers or kind of helpers to do it for you for the percentage base by 95 99% point nine, you will be able to just make the simple as possible. So today we’re going to go through the process of of how you can take advantage of this and what will be simplicity in terms of your operations and how you can do it either yourself or dedicate to one of your employees that you have in your company. Even if they are you know like it takes about 15 minutes per per per week maybe like one hour so it’s not even a full time employees even not even a part time employee who can do it you know, so you’re gonna save a ton of money and you will be able to see like I was talking to one of the webinars and the guy told me Hey, I just registered a few days ago there was another company was showing me $800 Your software show me $15,000 And the cool part about these guys it goes to zero it goes to zero to check how much money Amazon owes even though after that the software gonna cost you about $39 per month, which is relatively nothing because we have a About 15 different tools inside, but beside on me right now kind of sounds like I’m pitching to you. But honestly, me as an Amazon seller, if someone would present me something like that a couple years ago, I will probably just hug him and kiss him and, and give him all my energy I have. So So with with all this information and positive wipe, guys, I want to jump right now on a little presentation. But honestly, if you will see me at any event, after you claim all this money as I, as I promised, you know, you always can come to me shake my hand even give me a hug. I will. I love hugs. So and, and just and just tell me your experience because it’s I know it’s going to be fantastic for you. So okay, let’s let me share a screen. And okay, that’s should work. Oops. Let’s do like this. All right. All right, guys. So that’s how the software looks from the inside. I hope you can see my screen. Okay, Amy, do you see my screen, I just I just want to double check. It’s great. I just want to double check. Because, as Amy mentioned lately, like, the first attempt we got with the live stream was on different software, and was having some like connect connections issues, who kind of was dropping the voice and screen was freezing, but we went very positive through the process. So now guys, you will be able I know guys, a lot of you will see this in recordings. That’s why police watch it. Because this is will take you a lot of advantage for the q4. As you will be surprised sometimes how much how much Amazon can lose money for you. Let me just start from here. That that’s kind of a presentation, we’ll call this how to get your money back in 60 seconds or less, which is absolutely true. And of course the presentation would that will take a bit longer 65 seconds. You know like and I know like I wouldn’t be able to surprise you with 60 seconds or less when I present in the the reimbursements process but probably you wouldn’t be able to surprise any girl was such a quick amount of time but and and then additionally I can tell the guys sometimes my jokes too crazy. But if you will be able to digest them you know like then you will be able to get to the very valuable information that will make you a ton of money. Which what we do with Amazon for the last nine years we absolutely love Amazon private label model we produce products in China, Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, in our like we deliver a lot of containers and just sell them and I know a lot of you come into the q4 for us October is I would say the slowest month out of the year. Thanks Amazon they made this additional Prime Day which was was not as good as original one. But still there was some traction. So I hope you guys made some money and and your p&l will look better at the end of the month. So all right, this software it’s called salaries, which is you know and today guys I’m going to give you some some discounts and and some some bonuses you know like but overall if you’re gonna register you will be able to see amount of money Amazon owes you without paying anything for it. So which means it’s great there’s no commission there is no hidden fees, there is no need to open manual cases in Seller Central in majority of the cases. And as I was mentioned almost no hassle. So on average guys, we can see that Amazon owes you between three to 7% of your revenue. And I’m not talking about your profits not because majority of the people calculate profits. Some people talk about revenue, but revenue is the number that you can calculate from I can see sometimes on some of my accounts I can see 10,000 $15,000 A month sometimes it can be up to 10% So Amazon loses just a lot of inventory they destroy your inventory they do incorrect reimbursements by our adjustments. There’s there’s so many ways Amazon can do this. And in more in most of the cases it’s near to impossible to calculate all these reports manually especially with the with the Amazon ability to hide reports in different places and trying to match this data. That’s why services like that become a popular feature to to optimize your your Amazon store. So also there’s a lot of service providers who can do this for you as well guys, but I can tell you, sometimes it’s very complex for you to for them even to process this amount of orders and databases and also, sometimes they become a bit too aggressive when they work with Amazon, Amazon doesn’t like it. And also when you process a lot of orders, you can do mistake and by mistake you can you can request from Amazon, mainly for the orders that were already reimbursed. And that’s Amazon treat like a, like a scam because they think that you can you try to scam them and get the money for something they already give you back and you also abusing their customer support. So we’re gonna get to this point a bit later, I’m gonna I’m gonna touch base.

Amy: Can I ask you? How far back? Can you go? So like if I’m if I’m a seller who’s never claimed a reimbursement? How far back can I go to ask Amazon to look into where they might owe me a reimbursement?

Dima: Payment? That’s an amazing question like amazing at home. So no, it truly, truly is really a good question. Because a lot of people they they don’t know, because in their TOS Amazon clearly saying, for how long you can you have time to get your money back. And based on the case, there could be between three months up to 18 months. As you can see the dashboard right here, let me just go to another page. You see, we have we have in our dashboard, we’re gonna have the amount of money Amazon owes you, you and then you have zero to nine months, nine to 18 months and then 18 months plus, which means if this is 18 months plus this month, you will never be able to claim back buy on Amazon. I was I just came from another webinar where a person was asking me Hey, Dima, we lost inventory. And Amazon rejected our case already twice and ask you like for how long the case exists. And she’s like, it’s more than 18 months. I say like, unfortunately. And she’s it’s a lot of minus, like, that’s the point. You know, like, look, as I told you guys, if you never if you never did reimbursements, it’s a perfect software for you to check if you have a service provider, and he already helping you. It’s a perfect software to check, you know, you you can register, we call this one click Connect, you connect your account, we calculate everything for you. And if there is a zero right here, you find you know, it means Amazon doesn’t owe you anything, you know, but if you see if you see numbers here 1000 2000 18,000 Then there’s there’s a job, there’s work to be done, you know, and there’s actual money. It’s it’s not like it’s not estimated, it’s it’s actual mind that Amazon will give you like there’s almost no no chance Amazon will refuse your your money will not be transferred to your account, you know. So

Amy: you mentioned Dima, if there’s another service provider, because there are a lot of great service providers, I use seller candy, they do my reimbursements for me and a bunch of other things for us. But you mentioned if I’m using a service provider, I can also check with your tool. But is there any danger in claiming accidentally trying to claim the same reimbursements again? Or how does that work?

Dima: Yeah, I’ll explain to you, it’s actually a very, very good question because it will also prevent this as well. So, if you if someone works with you, you know, like you will be able to see that there is a case is by another company, we call this manual cases. So which means someone else or in disobedience cases will will not be copied this again. So you will be able to see exactly what what is available to you. Even though we’re counting the other person job. So that’s as I’m saying the salaries is a great tool, just to do a quality check. So you just register you see it, you have 30 days free trial, within 30 days, you even can claim the money you know, like you can optimize everything and then you can decide if you want to continue using or maybe you want to go back to the to the service provider and it’s going to be fine for you now like so. And I know look the biggest part of this is the is this part service providers are great I’m not saying there’s something wrong with them and they perfect like sell candy you know there’s plenty of them there is a huge list. So they all do hard work and and they charge percentage you know which is which is fine because they do the job you know but imagine if entire company exists based just on a percentage from the money they make from you imagine how much money is this so and why would you enter in in a healthy mind you know like when you have automated process why would you give all this money back to someone else if you would few clicks can request this money but the hard cases sometimes Amazon can be hard give to them they’re gonna work for it in all this is what they made for. They’re gonna be able to get all this money back for you. And now you can be sure hey, guys charging the percentage? Absolutely, because they do the real work, you know, and I will show right now to you what sometimes can happen. So let me, let me show you the, this is the real case, this is the biggest case we’ve ever seen in salaries $577,000, you know, for the person who has service provider. So this person was working with it with a service provider, like individual not not like a company like solar County, there was just the individual who helping them, but it’s a big company. So they have dedicated service provider, helping them to get money back from from Amazon, the biggest problem was this. When I checked his account, there was $4,500. In a minute, he lost forever. The next day, when I was taken screenshot, unfortunately, didn’t take the first day, I saw 5100, he lost almost 607 $100, overnight. So the problem is a lot of service providers, they work on old strategies, there used to be books and information. And sometimes they just don’t know that there’s also additional spaces exist, because to find some extra money, sometimes you need to process so much data to get this money. So and understand manual work, sometimes it’s a tough job. That’s why they charge you so much percentage because they work so hard. So it doesn’t mean they lazy and don’t take me wrong, you know, and it doesn’t mean they take money for nothing. They do their job, you know, like so. And

Amy: yeah, and Dima, you know, I actually have a reimbursements course in, in my course library and amazing at home. But you’re right, a lot has changed, because Amazon and just in the last like, of course, you know, these are tried and true practices that are manual, but as you mentioned, like a lot has changed a lot of policies to change, Amazon’s entire shipping system, and the back end is changed. So that means that there’s different data, the data has changed. And we could probably use the same process. But we might not see the same things where if you’re able to comb through the data a little bit faster, pull new reports that maybe didn’t exist back then when we learn those procedures. You might have a leg up on that. So yeah, I would agree that there’s nothing wrong with the service providers, especially if you’re like hiring somebody on fiber, for example. They’re probably using the same information that people put out there in their courses when we first learned how to do this process manually. But the manual process needs to be updated. Because it you know, I no longer do my reimbursements. Right. So I have a little disclaimer in my course that says, you know, this is a manual process, you’re going to have to make sure that you look at Amazon’s policies that anything new that’s been updated. So people should just be aware of that. And there’s nothing wrong, like you said with using a service provider. Or even using a service provider to use software for you. You know, that’s that’s okay, too. Or you know, somebody a freelancer to use software for you. That’s fine, too. But, yeah, always be aware of that things may have changed since the last time you did your reimbursements process, and you might be eligible for something else, and you don’t want those 18 months to run out. Right.

Dima: Exactly. Look, you said a very good point. And that’s exactly what we see. We see a lot of right now service guys. They sign up for salaries, and they provided services through salaries to help people to do this because some people they just didn’t want didn’t want to take steps. But guys, I’m going to show right now to you how easy it is like it’s like, absolutely no brainer. This is what’s the last case I want to tell you before I’m going to jump on a quick demo. This this guy would jump or like $577,000 guy would jump with them after like few days on a call with their team and they said hey, Dima, you will be surprised but in June the service provider claimed to reimburse $108,000 from from Amazon but the money never hit our account and salaries show that so and the service provider charged the percentage for that so and because sir I spotted you know like they will be able to speak right now to the to the guy who charged their percentage and also claimed the money back from from Amazon it’s 100k it’s a lot of money and all this money will be enough to cover salaries for so many years you know, like for I think this will be like a lifetime usage. So Alright guys, now it’s going to be like a magic time I’m going to show like in the in in a few minutes. Those of you who was watching probably recordings you can skip to that time, just to see how fast and easy is to to see. Let me just go on summarize, summarize, guys have a lot of like, around 15 different features that we have here. We’re not gonna touch them today was ever like a mobile app that you can also check out. But once you register to solarize and you connect your account, we call this one click connect because we’re official Amazon, our partner, so and we will work on a new API, which is more improved. They just roll out this in the middle of September, which is was like a month ago, you know, so not all the companies even did already that some anyway, in this reimbursements tool guides, you can see how much money Amazon already reimbursed you so far, and how much potential Amazon owes you. In terms of reimbursement, as I mentioned to you in red and red zone right here, it’s amount of money that Amazon will never reimburse you the they used to be able, if you would be taken steps to take to take this money back. But now, you cannot because it passed some some time. Also guys, right here, you will be able to see the dashboard. And that’s what I want to want to tell you about Amazon’s getting more efficient actually, on a monthly basis, they get really improved in the last six, eight months, in terms of spotting their own mistakes, by they still have a ton, you know, like, which is I was saying about three to 7%. But they are getting better. And we can show it to you right here. Automatic reimbursement cash, which means it’s how much Amazon how much money Amazon actually spotted for you and give to you back without doing anything. The tricky part, sometimes service providers, they claim you because you don’t have a dashboard like that in real life, you know, so I mean, like before salaries, but sometimes they claim that this money was reimbursed by their activity, which sometimes is not true. So and that’s what what makes the makes the difference, you know, like so you can see this optimizer endorsements. It doesn’t it means Amazon after magic is paid this money and send it back to you. Okay, guys, so let me just show you next. Let’s say this is the list of all potential amount of all the potential reimbursements you can get from Amazon. And there’s about there’s many, many reports we’re combining. So we just put them in categories. So sometimes people saying Hey, where’s my like buyer adjustments we say like they’re here, don’t worry, we just we just named them different to make sure there’s no, there’s not a 17 different places to claim the money. So it’s everything calculated within the simple dashboard, we just tried to simplify it and make the process as easy as possible for you, or for any your team members who will help you to do so. So let’s say we’re gonna take destroyed Inventory tab. And let me show like in a few clicks, how it works. So we’ll click just next. Then we’ll choose then we choose the product. Then we choose the, the orders. We’ll click Next. And then you can secret by surprise for click create the case. Confirm. Tada. And it’s actually down you know, like so there’s nothing that you need to do you know, the case already been automatically created inside seller Seller Central. So inside your Amazon account. So

Amy: how would I know like so for example, if I wanted to try it, but you know, seller can use manually doing my reimbursements? And I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna try this automated tool. How would I know which ones to process? Which ones to select? Because we were talking about, you know, how to prevent it from from asking for the money twice. Is there any way to know if something’s what does the software look and see what’s already been submitted? Look at your past cases. Is there any danger in that?

Dima: Yeah, no, no. Generally speaking, I have to answer you in a in a most safest way. Usually what I saying I’m saying like, Listen, if you use someone, just ask them Do not open new cases for the next like, six days or seven days. Just give them like a one week frame, you know, like so. And then say them, hey, I’m using some automated processing. I just want to I just want to claim it back. But that’s, that’s the safest way. Overall, there will be no overlap, because we we check in cases right here. And these cases, yeah, this case is like how much is reimbursed? How many was submitted not through salaries. And that’s exactly what we’re tracking, you know, here, but

Amy: so it shows your case log so you can kind of look through and see. Got it? That’s helpful. Yeah, but just saying like if you are making the switch to seller rise, or you want to try it, like don’t go from one don’t use both at the same time, because you could be inundating Amazon with cases then and you might not you might have the wrong kind of overlap. What you’re saying is like, leave a gap in there. I mean, ultimately, if you open a case for the same reimbursement twice, I’m sure that they will look into it and go no, you’ve already been reimbursed for that or something right?

Dima: Now, if you open, if you open case for the same reimbursement twice at the same time they active right now, then there will be probably no issues. But if you open this right after it’s been reimbursed already, they don’t like it, because it’s something that they they don’t like at all. Like, that’s why I’m saying they might

Amy: be thinking that you’re trying to, like, get one over on them, if you’re like, open up a bunch of cases for the same reimbursement, you know, then they might be like, well, you know, you have to give us a chance to process this or you’re trying to commit fraud or something like that. So you just have to be careful if you’re using multiple reimbursements. And even if you’re using like, you know, let’s say you’re using a service provider, and you’re using a freelancer, you know, you would have to be careful with that overlap. Right?

Dima: Yeah. But look, as my personal opinion, like all my accounts that I have, it’s usually zero here now, which means we’re my team process and everything and so for you. Try to use it you once you once you step into into this game, you will be surprised how much how much more efficient and less money spent and and more in control. Because, like, I can tell you like there’s two, like unprocessed journal embossments and customer John orders these two that are really difficult for service providers to to manage because it requires a lot of data to to be processed to know but also missing FBA shipments takes a bit more time but we have a video tutorials on how to do this. Like if you if you do this with the with the missing shipment the units, you click Next. You choose the shipment that lost inventory. And then we have a step by step process. Let me just show you. Like my mind, I think is my internet laggy and annoying because you see this pixels here? Yeah, yeah, it means something on my end, you know, like, so give me just a second. itself too. Yeah, I’ll probably need to call to the to the internet provider. Probably something. Something’s going on here.

Amy: Yeah, no worries, I think you know, we definitely see the value in in what you’ve built here. And, um, so let’s talk a little bit about let’s talk a little bit about so you’re, you’re in you’re in the next window here now.

Dima: Yeah, yeah, it’s already here in like so. And then there’s a step by step guide for you how like, once you click on this link, it will take you to the Seller Central. And they’re like, step by step where you need to click to get this money, you need to upload like some shipment documents. And it’s going to show you like exactly. I see my internet is lagging right now. So anyway, so you will be able to download these documents that will also have for you like it’s called shipment documents right here, you will be able to upload documents prior to the submission cases. So maybe you have a logistics team or whatever if you’re going to go to shipping our massager. If you go to shipment documents, you will be able to see all the shipments through specific SK use where you can able to download the documents for yourself and then upload them to Amazon to make sure you get in this minute so you can optimize in the process. And also guys okay, yeah, it’s it’s actually helping a lot.

Amy: Cool. Dima, that’s really cool. What you feel good job. That’s, that’s pretty awesome. I like having it all in one place. I mean, my, my stuff’s all over the place. Right now. It’s like in Google Drive, and, you know, a sauna. And you know, so I think when it comes to reimbursements, having a place to store all that and, you know, you can have your your team have access where they can, you know, you can write down your processes and make sure that, hey, when we do a new shipment, it gets uploaded here. That’s, that’s really awesome, because that’s the hard part about getting shipments reimbursed, right? Is the ensuring that you have the right documents, because that’s where Amazon’s gonna say, No, that’s not the right invoice or that’s not you know, this or that and you can’t be reimbursed for that. And people really do have trouble with that. So the fact that you’re walking them through the process, and you’re showing them what to write and what to do is really helpful.

Dima: Yeah, yeah, that’s I have also have like some video tutorials, and also the guides, the guides, it’s, it’s actually a really, really simple process to to manage yourself or would like some part part time employee or manager inside your company if you have it. So as an as I mentioned to you, I’m going to have like some bonus for you guys. It’s the biggest part for guys is just to make sure you register login and see the amount, you know, you’re not paying anything for it. Just to see do the quality check just go see the number you know if number is zero, you find if there’s some big amount like I, I was having another webinar that guy was saying like they saw $800 in one software and they see $15,000 in salaries. And he’s like, imagine it’s like $14,000 Difference What do you can do with $14,000? It’s like, a lot, you know, like, you can you can place an order for for new Tesla or a Lamborghini.

Amy: Like $200 to order a Tesla, Dima.

Dima: Okay, all right. So

Amy: we at least should be getting $200 back and reimbursements. Right. So

Dima: then you have another problem, where are you going to spend $13,000 13,013 800

Amy: The taxes when the Tesla arrived six months later, that’ll be a lot. I just went through that process. It was fun. All right. Well, amazing. Dima, thank you so much for sharing this with us today. This is just really great. And I think that, you know, people really have nothing to lose, but to give it a try, because you’ve made it completely free for them to see now after they find out how much reimbursements that they can get back in order to use solarize to claim those reimbursements. Do they need to sign up and then that’s where they can get their their coupon code Dima 10 and get 10% off?

Dima: No, no, no, it’s it’s it was a bit differently, you sign up for salaries, you use coupon code Dima, then you’re going to have 10% discount for entire year, you’re gonna have two weeks free usage, which means you can submit as many cases as you want claim has made as much money. So and then once you if you feel like then you don’t want to use it, you can always cancel it, you know, or if you want to keep continue using solarized to monitor your your business and the amounts of money that Amazon owes you. Because we have about 15 different tools inside sellers like keyword optimization and finances mobile application alerts, reviews, we even have a process of deleting negative reviews, affirmations, inside salaries, you can just read on Elberton once you guys start to, to dive into our program, you can also check out our salaries demo account, if you just go to salaries that comm and click on demo account, you can see the dashboard. But my main point, guys, if it goes to zero, why wouldn’t you just check amount of money? Amazon? Oh, zero?

Amy: Yeah, if you’ve never filed the reimbursement before, you know, especially if you are working with the service provider and or a freelancer or something like that, like for me, I would definitely check in with seller, Ken, because I’m curious. I’m curious to see what’s going on. But I would still check in with seller candy and look at those cases and just see, you know, before I do anything with solarize, I would double check to make sure that I don’t have double cases open or anything like that, give it a week or something and then give it a shot. But very cool. Um, I’m excited about this pretty.

Dima: If you need any help, you can always reach out to me or connect with me on on Facebook or go on my send me email on my Gmail. It’s or follow me on Instagram. I also guys come in to any party that you’re going to have in Texas. This should be amazing. In December, December 11. Yeah. 1114 1414 Yeah, yeah, sorry. Sorry. Like, I have my my, my number is always mismatch and sometimes, you know, like, December 14, we have gonna have an insane Christmas party in Texas. So guys, please drop the link in

Amy: Dima is going to wear his ugliest sweater. And I had to find one too. So it’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna have crazy games. We’re just gonna have a great time and we’re gonna have a live band. We’ve rented out the whole sanjak Saloon in Austin, Texas. So we’d love to see you guys there. Come join us for Christmas. You can go to cellar to sign up. It’s fun. It’ll be awesome. So seller

Okay, guys, so I will see everybody in in Texas in about two months. Yeah. But today’s like 1719 already.

Amy: Yeah, I know. It’s going so fast. It’s going so fast. Thank you, Dima, so much for being here today. I appreciate you for showing us this tool. And hopefully, we’ll get some awesome feedback from people and let us know if they tried it. Let us know if you got some extra money back. We want to hear the awesome.

Dima: Don’t be shy. Once you are ready to receive the amount you know, take a screenshot, send me a personal message on Facebook, I will be happy to see it. You know, I always love to see this. This really makes me excited means It means people really utilizing this knowledge. It’s not like I’m just dealing with me for an hour webinar. But I want people to really actually gain results from the knowledge that they taken from this webinars.

Amy: Yeah, I would agree. We want to hear from you guys. So awesome. Thank you so much for being here. Bye, everybody. Thank you

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