What does it take to create a brand?

If you want your Amazon business to succeed, it’s always wise to invest in building a solid brand. But not all small businesses can afford to hire a branding agency – so the question now is: if you can’t afford it, can you DIY it? 

What if you’ve never created a brand before? What if you have no idea where to start? What if it’s too hard?

Silence the questions in your mind for now, and watch Amy talk to Zarah Cruzan of Brand Author, one of our trusted partners in the eCommerce arena. Zarah is a veteran branding expert who for years has been helping businesses boost their sales and conversions by harnessing the power of branding.

In this video, Zarah shows us that building a brand can be fun and rewarding – and those who care enough to learn the basic brand creation process can definitely DIY it like a boss.

Listen, learn, and take notes from this quick “Branding How-To” video below:


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