Amy Wees will be speaking about how to define brand messaging and why brand messaging is important for your business at the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong October 27-29
global sources summit october 2019

Have you ever heard of the term “brand messaging” before? Well if you are starting a business or have a business already, chances are you have. If you haven’t, then stick around because there is a lot more to be learned than just the definition.

I am sure you have heard of Amy Wees. If you haven’t, look her up. She is an inventor, entrepreneur, a former military strategist and the owner of several successful businesses. Her focus is to help other entrepreneurs on their journey to creating successful businesses by teaching how to find or create unique products, validate them in the marketplace with profitable 7x margins, and then launching them through a proven method that has been successful with hundreds of brands. Amy will be speaking at the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong and she will be giving all of her tips and tricks about crafting the perfect brand message that will reach more customers and turn them into raving fans who are committed to your products and services.

Brand Messaging is the Direct Influence Your Brand Has on the Consumer to Persuade Them to Buy Your Product

It makes the connection from your brand to the customer emotionally, giving your brand buying power and creates customer loyalty. This is extremely important because if you have a brand people don’t trust, or people can’t relate to, who is going to buy your product? Not the masses.

Having a Great Brand Message Takes Time and Research

You have to understand your market and who you want to sell to. Then, you need to develop a way to get those customers to buy from you. You do this by doing your homework and coming up with some killer marketing material. Now, this does not mean you have to be a great marketer, it just means you have to understand the market.

This is What Amy Will be Focusing On

She will teach you the fundamentals of creating a brand message to evoke an emotional connection between your brand and the customer to produce more sales. You will gain the knowledge to be able to connect with your audience in a way most brands aren’t able to, simply because they do not have the know-how.

Amy will be presenting along with 100 other reputable sellers from October 27-29 in Hong Kong at the AsiaWorld-Expo. To join Amy and gain advanced strategies for brand messaging, register HERE. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your brand, you will be glad you did.

Amy Wees global sources summit at the AsiaWorld Expo Hong Kong

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