Introducing It’s Time to Brand

The golden days where you could launch a brand only on Amazon and expect to compete are over… Now more than ever, you need to build a real brand off of Amazon.

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What is brand anyway?

Brand is simply a trusted relationship you build with a specific group of people, and these people become YOUR customers, not Amazons. They become your tribe. They become your people.

I know you’ve taken a ton of classes on Facebook ads, Tiktok, Pinterest, Shopify, dropshipping, etc and you haven’t executed on any of it because at the end of the day it’s just too much work. 90% of your sales come from Amazon and you want to squeeze out every last drop. Plus, who has time for all of that?

But what if we could give you an easy to follow, step-by -step plan to build your brand off-Amazon

in just one hour per week for 12 weeks? 

It’s time.
You know it’s time
and I know it’s time.

It’s time to…

* Get to know your audience, and let them get to know you.
* Get their feedback and involve them in your process.
* Truly connect with them, build trust and ask for a sale.

It’s never too late. It’s time for your brand…

It's time to Brand from Amazing at Home

Here’s what we’re going to do together:

  1. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE – First, we’ll show you how to find your audience and know where they hang out online, what they listen to, what they care about, and the conversations they like to participate in on what platforms.  
  2. BUILD THE CONNECTION – Develop a non-salesy way to connect with your community and help them connect with each other. For example, a podcast, YouTube channel, tiktok channel, Facebook group, reddit group, etc.
  3. UPDATE YOUR BRANDING – Update your branding to appeal to your audience – we’re talking colors, fonts, one brand voice… Because not all of us created our branding in a way that connects with our ideal customer.
  4. CREATE COMMUNITY BRANDING – Your community also needs branding. For example, if you are starting a podcast you’ll create a logo for the podcast and livestreams.
  5. CREATE COMMUNITY GROUP/PAGE – Now it’s time to create your community. This is the foundation for inviting members and growing your groups. We’ll show you the way.
  6. GRAPHICS UPDATE – We’ll show you how to update your cover photos, logos, etc on your website and social media platforms to match your updated brand and community. 
  7. DEVELOP THE OFFER – Develop irresistible offer to build your community that will later go on your product inserts and organic marketing. We’ll discuss offers that convert well such as digital downloads, BOGOs and Freebies
  8. UPDATE WEBSITE + BUILD OFFER PAGE – To serve up the offer, you’ll create a landing page for your irresistible offer and to build your community. You’ll also update your website plugins, email lists, and menus to match.
  9. CREATE & SCHEDULE CONTENT – Next, we’ll show you how to create a weekly social media calendar for content and help you start creating and scheduling posts. Plus automating this process with easy to use templates.
  10. DRIVE TRAFFIC – Create product inserts to drive traffic to pages and groups, so you can send them out with every purchase. Additionally, learn to drive traffic through organic social media posts and content marketing.
  11. MASTER LIVE STREAMING – Live streams have the best engagement and growth potential. So we’ll show you how to plan for and set up a once a week live stream you can broadcast to all platforms to connect with and grow your audience.
  12. OPERATIONALIZE AND SCALE – This is perhaps the most important step! None of this matters if you set iup and don’t continue after the 12 weeks is over. So we’ll document processes and create templates for each step so it is easily scalable and outsourceable. 

    1. This 12 week training course is now available on our website for ALL MASTERMIND MEMBERS. Sign up below to access this course and our ENTIRE COURSE LIBRARY for only $99!

    Join us for 12 weeks to a better brand!

    Amazing at Home is the perfect partner

    To help you build your brand in a way that is practical, manageable and with the understanding that AMAZON is pulling most of your attention, but this matters!!

    We want to help you build your brand in an organic way with easy to follow steps. We’re not saying there won’t be work, but we are going to give you the steps.

    How To Access the Training

      1. This 12 week training course takes place in our mastermind group and is now available to all mastermind members on our website.
      2. Prerequisites:

        It is recommended that you have the following in place prior to starting the course in order to complete all steps in the 12 weeks. For example, if you don’t have a website yet, you can’t build landing pages or update graphics.

        • Website (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc)
        • Brand Name (trademark not mandatory, but helpful because if you build all of this and then find your desired trademark is infringing or unavailable, it might suck to have to build it all over again) 
        • Target Niche (this is not a course to help you find a niche, it is a course to help you find your audience and connect with them. If you haven’t chosen a product yet, you can still build an audience in a niche and develop products for them)
        • Social Media Presence (not mandatory, but it helps to at least have a page built for your brand when you start this course)
        • Project management tool (not mandatory, however it helps to have a tool such as asana, clickup, monday, etc to document your processes along the way)

      3. It’s okay if you don’t have everything in place, this course will still give you theSTEPS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW to build your brand.

      If you commit one hour per week to building your brand with us, at the end of 12 weeks you’ll have a foundation to build on that can only grow from here.

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