The AAH It’s Time Brand Mastermind Course is a beginner’s branding workshop that simplifies the branding process off of Amazon into 12 understandable, manageable, and actionable steps. Get exclusive access to pre-recorded live videos where world class branding guru and head of AAH, Amy Wees, goes into every step with details, examples, and clear instructions – helping you take your off-Amazon branding presence from level 0 to 100 by the end of the course.

Hurry and check out the It’s Time Brand course details here and watch the video below for an in-depth introduction:

What’s The Big Deal with Off-Amazon Branding?

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to build your brand off Amazon. Perhaps expanding your reach beyond Amazon is not in your immediate plans just yet. Well – assuming you’d want to have longevity in the Amazon platform (and don’t we all?) – then taking care of your branding outside of the platform is not only necessary – it is a matter of life and death for your brand.

Why? Watch the video and you’ll learn:

  • How recent and continuous updates in Amazon TOS are negatively affecting brand building on Amazon
  • How building a solid customer base will help you reduce your advertising spending
  • How off-Amazon branding prepares you against increased competition both on and off Amazon
  • Other amazing benefits


The 12 Steps to Branding Off Amazon

We understand the Amazon seller’s dilemma. Most private label sellers already have their hands full with just managing their Amazon listings. Externally, you might have your usual social media pages – on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. But since about 90% of your sales happen on Amazon anyway, it doesn’t feel that your external platforms are worth the extra attention. So your off-Amazon sales channels just end up sitting there not doing anything for your brand.

Missed opportunities. Liabilities. That’s what becomes of your external channels if they fail to strengthen your brand presence. Imagine spending time, money, and effort on Facebook ads that don’t deliver sales? You may not even realize that you’re losing money on advertising until it’s too late. And it’s time to fix that. It’s time to explore the missed opportunities. It’s time to turn our liabilities into assets. It’s time to build a solid BRAND.

strong brand presence connects with your audience, promotes word of mouth, encourages brand loyalty, strengthens recall, and DRIVES SALES. Your brand is your greatest asset – especially now, given that Amazon loves to come up with new policies that hinder brand building (rebate shutdowns, external linking restrictions, need we say more?). Now’s the time to diversify your reach and create a system that will counter any new hindrance that Amazon might come up with in the future. You’ll be one step ahead of the game.

Okay – so now you’re probably thinking – well, how do I do all that, and who’s going to help me?

Relax – we’ve got it all figured out. We have created a step-by-step, detailed, and simplified mastermind course that will take you through a solid branding process to help you strengthen your brand presence on and off Amazon. The It’s Time To Brand mastermind course will give you access to twelve 1-hour sessions that will take you through each step in the process – with none other than eCommerce branding expert Amy Wees as your guide. Check out an intro to the 12-step curriculum below:

Step 1 – Find Your Audience: where does your target audience hang out online? Learn how to find them and how to maximize the platform they’re in.

2 – Build a Connection: avoid sounding like an off-putting sleazy salesperson and develop an engaging content marketing strategy to connect with your community through various platforms.

3 – Update Your Branding: use your connection to update your branding with elements that appeal to your audience.

4 – Create Community Branding: develop a strategy on how to build a niche community for your brand and your products.

5 – Create A Community Group: refine your groups according to your niche.

6 – Update Graphics: know how to make really good cover photos, images, and graphics that grab your audience’s attention.

7 – Develop The Offer: learn how to offer something of value to your audience – rebates, BOGO, freebies, etc.

8 – Update Website + Build Offer Page: create a landing page to serve the offer, and ensure your website is updated with necessary plug-ins, menus, and email lists to match everything you’ve done for the first 7 steps.

9 – Create and Schedule Content: learn how to create and implement a system for your social media posting using available tools online.

10 – Drive Traffic: optimize your external traffic and learn how to minimize advertising spending in the long run.

11 – Master Live Streaming: solidify your connection with your audience through regular live streaming on relevant platforms.

12 – Operationalize and Scale: systematize your branding process, and learn how to keep it sustainable and scalable.


More details and subscription options  can be seen at this link – and don’t forget that signing up will also give you access to our mastermind group where Amy and our mastermind members help each other out with anything eCommerce in real time.

It’s time to master branding and take your eCom business to the next level. Sign up now.


Amy Wees: How are you doing? I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas. It’s crazy to me. 2021 has gone by so fast. But yeah, today I wanted to take some time and talk to you about something that’s been on my mind lately as an Amazon seller and as a private label brand owner. It’s up until now, it’s been pretty easy to just focus on Amazon. And I would love to hear from you guys, right? How you feel about this whole thing. But up until now, it’s been pretty easy, we haven’t really had to focus a lot off of Amazon, we’ve been able to kind of just, hey, all the traffic’s on Amazon, all the customers are already there, just launch your products. And you’re good to go. Right? I mean, of course, you have a website, and maybe you have an Instagram, maybe you have a Facebook, maybe you’ve been trying to dabble in Pinterest a little bit. But it doesn’t really move the needle compared to your sales on Amazon. So you just kind of keep focusing on Amazon.

But that’s getting harder and harder to do. Right? Just look at the last year on Amazon what has happened. So rebates have been pretty much shut down, right, two step URLs shut down, and terms of services have really been updated and are coming down more and more. Brands are getting kind of kicked off of amazon for using some of these more black hat methods. So now more than ever, we need to be able to rely on a customer list off of Amazon. Right, because if you don’t have a customer list that you can call on off of Amazon, you are kind of stuck continuing to pay for traffic, right? And either way you’re gonna pay for it, whether it’s in PPC, or whether it’s in Google ads, or whether you know, it’s in giveaways or whatever, right.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you actually had a customer list you could call on when you have a new product that you’re launching. And many of you do have that. But many of you are like me, and you launched on Amazon, and you got busy growing your sales on Amazon. And now you’re like, wow, I wish I would have done more off of Amazon. I wish I would have built my list bigger. I wish I would have engaged with my customers more off of Amazon because I got busy with the business of selling on Amazon. And now I’m kind of catching up, I’m kind of tying up those loose ends of things that I was doing off of Amazon.

So that’s why I really want to talk to you guys about this initiative that we’re doing in our mastermind group. So I posted a video a few days ago by Ryan Moran, how he talked about in 2022 how brands on Amazon are gonna get crushed. Because, you know, there’s so much more competition, there’s, you know, so much more fees, you know, all those kinds of things. And if you don’t have a brand off of Amazon, you’re really gonna be stuck. You can’t count on rebates anymore to get that traffic. You can’t get those reviews as easily. So you really need a list need people that you can call on to purchase your products to promote your products to connect with to launch new products to.

And so if you’re in this position where you’re realizing, wow, I could really use more of an audience off of Amazon. And I wish I have built that. But I don’t even know where to begin.

Then you’re in the right place. Because in our mastermind group starting January 10, we are going to do a new program called It’s Time to Brand. And we’re going to spend 12 weeks together and it’s just one hour a week because I know you’re busy. I know you already have taken courses in Pinterest and Facebook ads and Google ads and everything else. You’ve already done all of that. And it didn’t get you anywhere because it took too much effort to execute. So what we’re going to do together is we’re going to spend 12 weeks, one week at a time, one hour a week. If you can spend one hour a week with me. We’re going to do it together. We are going to build our brand off of Amazon. And the idea is that we’re going to build a foundation and a system that we can implement during these 12 weeks together that you can keep going afterwards that isn’t going to take so much time just like you kind of spent the time to kind of build up your Amazon store, and you know, do everything that Amazon required. Well, now you need to take that time to actually set up your foundation off of Amazon. And of course, you have a website, I’m sure you have some social media pages, but you might not do anything with them.

So we’re going to spend 12 weeks together one hour a week. And we’re going to actually take you through a systematic process to build your brand off of Amazon. And at the end of that 12 weeks, you will have everything set up and a system completed so that you’re able to start building your list connecting with your customers and outsource that system. Because right now, yeah, you might put in some effort into Pinterest, or you might put on some Facebook ads. But where is that going? Is that going into your content marketing on your website? Is there any kind of funnel that you have going on? Or is it just spend a little money on Facebook ads and see what happens? And then, oh, man, that didn’t work, right. So we really want to set up a system. We want to know where our customers hang out. And we want to know how to connect with them and how to actually build that list. So that the next time we launch a product, we have an audience to launch it to besides the one on Amazon that is getting super expensive, and not so easy anymore.

So I want to show you guys what we’re going to be doing together. And you guys can check this out at, that is where we’re going to be and I will show you what we’re going to do together. Okay, so we’re going to do 12 weeks, one hour a week, okay. And this is going to help you and me, I’m going to be doing it right alongside with you. And we’re going to actually set up that system off of Amazon in an easy to follow, easy to understand way. So if you go to you’ll see this. And we’re actually running a promotion on this. Right now until the beginning of January, we’re going to start this together on January 10. Okay, so that’s on a Monday, and we’re just going to do one hour a week.

So let’s walk through each of the weeks. And by the end of March, we’re going to be done. And we’re going to have this whole thing set up to operationalize and scale. So let’s through what we’re going to do together.

So the first week, we’re going to find your audience. So many of you struggle with understanding, you know, people come to me and go, Well, what do I do? Do I just do Facebook ads? Do I just do Pinterest who I just What do I do. And so in order for you to know what to do, you need to know where your audience hangs out. And what other brands that are following all of that. So we’re going to do that the first week, the first week, we’re going to figure out the best channel for you to grow. Because the idea is not to grow 50 different channels, the great idea is to grow one, your most effective channel for your brand for your customer, right. So the first thing that we have to do is study that audience and find them.

All right, then the second week, what we’re going to do is actually build that connection. So we need to develop a non salesy way to connect with our community and help them connect with each other. So for example, a podcast and YouTube channel, a tick tock channel, a Facebook group, a Reddit group, it doesn’t have to be you know, it could it could be an Instagram page, it could be anything, it could just be your, your email list that you’re growing from your content marketing. The point is we have to build that connection so that we can actually have something to build into our system, so that we have a way to connect with that customer. Many of you are just going oh yeah, my customers on Facebook or my customers on Instagram, and you’re just posting about your products. But that doesn’t connect with an audience. An audience isn’t going to come to your Instagram page and be like, Okay, this is just a bunch of pictures of products, you know, they’re not going to want to connect with you. So we want to connect, we want to build that connection, so that we’re understanding how we can connect with our community in a non salesy way that has them actually wanting to follow us in seeing what we’re going to post next. And seeing, you know, joining us on that journey to that next product watch, right? So we’re going to actually build that connection in week two.

Then in week three, we’re going to update our branding. So now that you know who your audience is, and you know where they hang out And you know what that connection is going to be with them, you need to update your branding to match to appeal to that audience, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen somebody have, you know, I’ve reviewed somebody’s Amazon listing, for example. And their branding, it says nothing about who their customer is, right. So we’re going to look at our current branding our existing brand and see see if it needs an update so that it is presented in a way that connects with our customer.

All right, and then during week four, what we’re going to do is we’re going to create community branding. So whether that’s your like I said, your Instagram page, or your podcast, or your Tik Tok channel, or whatever it is that you’re using for that connection, we need to actually create the brand name to connect with that community, because that’s not going to be the exact same as your product branding, right? There’s a different version of that brand. And you might be the face of that brand, you might, you know, you might have a dog, that’s the face of that brand, whatever it is, but we want to make sure that that community branding is also updated in a way that encourages people to connect.

Alright, and then during week five, what we’re going to do is actually create our community group or page, right, so first, during week two, we built that connection, we developed it, but then during week five, we’re actually going to create that connection so that we have a baseline with which to go off of you might already have this. But in going through this first four weeks, it might help you to even refine it further and help you to even you know, set it up so that you can connect better with that audience. All right. So this is going to be the foundation for inviting members and growing either your groups or your page, or whatever that connection mechanism is. All right.

During week six, we’re going to do a graphics update. So we need to update all the things right your cover photos, your logo. So for example, if you’re going to be doing a YouTube channel, if you really think like your your customers on YouTube, and that’s a way that you can connect with them in a non salesy way. Well, we need to have cover photos, we need to have, you know, really great graphics to go along with it. So you don’t have to be a graphic designer, but you do have to understand what that customer is looking for in that community, and be able to provide that information out there. And that’s what we’re going to be going over during week six.

All right, then week seven, we need to develop an offer to build our community that will later go on our product inserts and on our organic marketing. So these are things that can help you build your list. Right? Once you have that community and you have that way to connect, you need a way to help bring them to your email list, right, you have to offer something of value in return for that email. So we’re going to show you different things that you can do like digital downloads, Buy One Get One offers different freebies, things other than just giving away your products, right, there’s lots of great things that you can do that people see value in and that are going to encourage them to join your list. So first, we’re going to build that connection. And then we’re going to get all the branding, right on that connection, we’re going to set up that foundation, then we’re going to develop an offer to be able to offer to that audience so that we can get them on our list.

Then during week eight, we’re going to update our website and build the offer page, okay, because to serve up that offer, we need to create a landing page. And actually make sure that that audience when they go to claim that freebie or that digital download or whatever it is that we’re offering, we actually need to have a place to do that. If you have a product insert that’s leading somewhere, where is it leading? And how do you build that. So we’re going to update our website, not only to serve up that landing page or serve up that offer, but we also need to update our website plugins or email list our menus, everything to match all the work that we’ve done in the first seven weeks, right because we want everything to be cohesive, so that we don’t have you know, the customer coming over here to our website and going wait, this doesn’t look like anything else that I’ve seen, right.

Next we’re going to create and schedule content. So this is where we’re going to show you how to actually create a system For your social media posting, you need to have a system, you guys might notice that I post all the time, people always tell me that any you’re everywhere you post all the time, I don’t know how you do it. Well, guess what, I don’t do it, I schedule it ahead of time, and I have a team that helps me. So what you need to do is build the system, and then you can implement the system. And it’s actually very easy to do, you can be in a million places at once. If you have a system to help you do that. So we’re going to show you how to take all the information that you did in the first eight weeks. And actually now apply that and create a content schedule, and get that into a system that allows you to keep that going without you sitting on Facebook all day making posts, right, we need a way for you to continue that communication with that audience without you having to be there 24/7. So we’re going to teach you how to build that system.

All right, week 10 How do we actually drive traffic, right need to actually drive traffic to our offer, we need to drive traffic to our products, we need to drive traffic, through inserts through organic social media posts through content marketing, we don’t just want to always pay for traffic. So now we need to use this foundation that we built to be able to start utilizing and driving some of that traffic that’s going to start following you inevitably when you build this awesome connection. All right.

The next week, I’m going to teach you how to master what we’re doing right now, which is live streaming, live streaming is so important. It is today’s version of connecting with your audience. And you don’t necessarily have to be the one doing the live streaming. But you should know how to do live streams. And so I’m going to show you how to set up a live streaming system so that you can easily do live streams, you can easily publish them on all of your channels. And then you can repurpose that content in a really great way on Amazon and Amazon post Amazon lives. But not only on Amazon, but off of Amazon, on Pinterest, on Facebook on all the places, right, there’s so many things that you can do. For example, the live streaming software that I’m using right now is called Mellon, AP. And it actually records all of these videos and stores them for me so that I can reuse them later. And use them in other types of content. And it’s very easy to do. So not only we’re going to master live streaming, but I’m going to show you a system that can work for you so that you can do regular live streaming with your audience.

All right, then the last week of the whole thing, week 12. That is where we are going to operationalize and scale this whole thing. Because if you spend 12 weeks with me building this foundation, I want you to actually be able to operationalize and systematize it right, you have to be able to keep this going. So by the end of this 12 weeks, you’re now going to have a foundation, you’re going to have an offer, you’re going to have a landing page for that offer, all of your branding is going to be updated, you’re going to have a connection mechanism with your audience. But how do you actually keep that going? Right? You spent one hour a week building this stuff out, right? Setting this whole thing up? How do you actually keep it going. So we are going to set it up and make sure that you can continue with it and still continue to grow on Amazon and still continue to grow over here and over here and over here and all the other channels you want to grow on. But also grow your list at the same time. So that every new product launch that you do follows this flow. And now you finally have a list to reach out to that isn’t just on Amazon.

Alright, so that is what we’re going to do over that 12 weeks. And right now you guys, we have this is in our mastermind group. And you can come over here we’re doing an end of year promo. So you can use the code brand now to save $24 On your first month of membership. And that means you get the entire month first month training at our starters level for only 75 bucks. So you can get the first four weeks of our training. But we’re going to do this all 12 weeks together one week at a time. And we’ll do a live stream every week together. You’ll get workbooks along with this and you’ll be able to set up your brain and we’re going to be doing this together. So I look forward to seeing you guys. We are going to we’re going to start this ASAP. So I hope you guys will join us in In our mastermind group, just visit, take advantage of that offer. And please reach out with any questions that you have reach out with any questions. And I can’t wait. So many of you have reached out to me and told me how excited you are about this project, how excited you are that we’re doing this together. Because you are busy, you’re busy building so many things, right? You’re busy growing your sales on Amazon, but you do realize that you need to do something more off of Amazon, you just don’t have the time. So we set this up together, we’re spending this 12 weeks together one hour a week, one week at a time. At the end of that 12 weeks, you’re gonna have a foundation set up that you can actually use, right that you can actually act upon and get moving on. So I hope to see you guys there. And visit forward slash brand. reach out with any questions and I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday this week. A wonderful Christmas. And we’ll see you guys next week. In almost the New Year. I can’t believe it. All right. I hope you guys have a wonderful day and Angela says she loves this. Thank you Angela for visiting. All right, you guys. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. See you next week before the new year and have a great rest of your day.

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