Amazing at Home Private Label Course

In order to launch a product with confidence, you need to KNOW the customer wants to buy it!

Most programs focus on teaching you to find a product. We teach you to find your CUSTOMER, what they want to buy from you, and why they will buy yours instead of the competition.

Once you know this, you can be first to market with a great product and beat the competition who are selling the same products as thousands of others and losing their profits in a price race

The next step in a confident launch is learning how to develop products.

How can you create a differentiated product if you don’t know how to develop it? How do you add a handle to a cup that has the proper support and doesn’t break when the customer uses it?

My course teaches you every step in the product development and manufacturing process. Learning these crucial steps will help you launch a QUALITY product customers will love!

Concept to Launch Product Development

Source with Confidence

Should you get it from China? India? How do you find a manufacturer? How do you talk to a manufacturer and negotiate the best pricing?

I teach you every step in this process with proven steps to vetting your suppliers, including worksheets with every question you should ask your manufacturer during discussions, negotiations and factory visits.

LAUNCH! This is the part 99% of courses SKIP. I teach you how to set up your business, website, advertising, and how to LAUNCH YOUR PRODUCT.

Every step in the launch process. Creating your product listings, importing and shipping, fulfillment to customers, sales funnels and advertising tactics.

No other course takes you from concept to launch in this level of detail with worksheets and reference materials to help you every step of the way.

How to launch products on Amazon and in e-commerce

How Do You Get from Concept to Launch?

How will you….

• Build the plan and organize your ideas?
• Validate your plan and your products?
• Set up your IP & Company legal requirements?
• Develop your product with a unique differentiation?
• Find great suppliers and source the best materials
• Define your products requirements to your supplier so you can get it produced right the first time?

AND How Do You Build a Solid Foundation So You Can…

• Negotiate enough margin to scale
• Figure out the logistics to make all of that happen
• Set up your packaging, price structure, website, product listing, photography and all the things necessary to launch


We are confident you can launch a product without our help, but the Concept to Launch Course focuses on teaching you how to:

• Market your product to business and consumer buyers
• Ensure profitable sales
• Scale your business into multiple retail channels

Curriculum Details - Over 55 Modules + Proven Templates, Worksheets, and Guides, Lifetime Access to Replays + Mastermind Bonus Content Valued at Over $9400!

Why People Love The Concept to Launch Course…

What’s different about this course?

1. This is not another Amazon FBA course.

This is a course to help you conceptualize your ideas, discover a niche, and find opportunities in the marketplace through market research. We won’t be teaching you how to search product research software to find the same opportunities as the thousands of others joining Amazon each day. Instead, you’ll learn how to study the market and find unmet needs, wants and demands and then serve those consumers with great products!coaching with Amy Wees

2. Learn from an experienced teacher.

Amy Wees spent 18 years in the military as an instructor and evaluator. She has the ability to take tough concepts and break them down into easy to understand, executable steps. You can take a course and watch a bunch of videos but then what? Amy’s coaching clients come from this pool. They take a course and they ask now what? How do I actually do this? Amy’s teaching methods aim to help you actually DO THIS!! That’s what’s different.

3. This is a course that takes you from concept to launch, every step along the way.

The curriculum answers every pain point you will experience on the path from concept to launch. Scroll down to read more about each course module.

Watch our Free Training Series:

  • Business Planning for Private Label
  • Finding Products to Sell Online
  • Product Development
  • Sourcing 

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