Join us at the Canton Fair with Amazing in China!

October 20-28, 2023

Venture into the heart of global sourcing at the Canton Fair, the world’s premier sourcing exhibition.

Witness an unparalleled gathering of over 60,000 suppliers, in a venue sprawling across the area equivalent to three massive airports. Engage with exclusive suppliers not found on Alibaba and forge strategic partnerships that will revolutionize your business.

Want to Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs in China at the Canton Fair?

Canton Fair Phases and Travel Dates

Why Choose Amazing in China for Your Business Adventure?

If you’re asking what sets our China trip apart, it’s our blend of professional expertise and personalized attention. The prospect of visiting China can evoke a mix of trepidation and exhilaration. With years of experience facilitating successful visits for sellers, we’re here to ensure your journey is worry-free. Your job is simply to arrive – we handle the rest.

Embark on a Seamless Journey with Our Pre-Trip Guidance

  • Visa acquisition support
  • Business card preparation
  • Canton Fair registration assistance
  • Comprehensive sourcing list development through private label and sourcing masterclasses
  • Optional extended trip to attend additional Canton Fair phases, other sourcing events like Global Sources or Yiwu Market, supplier factory visits, and immersive tourism excursions throughout China.
  • Book your flight with confidence

Upon Your Arrival, We Ensure a Smooth Journey

  • Private airport transfers
  • Pre-booked hotel reservations and breakfast
  • Exciting group factory tours, tourist excursions, and exclusive group dinners
  • Daily transportation and support for the Canton Fair
  • Engaging seller networking events
  • Foster relationships that last a lifetime

What’s Included?

Sourcing Trip + Prep for Newcomers and Seasoned Travelers

Your Comprehensive Package Includes:

  • Visa acquisition support
  • Business card preparation
  • Canton Fair registration assistance
  • Comprehensive sourcing list development through private label and sourcing masterclasses
  • Optional extended trip to attend additional Canton Fair phases, other sourcing events like Global Sources or Yiwu Market, supplier factory visits, and immersive tourism excursions throughout China.
  • Book your flight with confidence
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How much will this trip cost?

Evaluate Your Choices: Travel Solo or Join Our Expert-led Group

You could choose to navigate China on your own, without the benefit of our strategic group sessions, expert guidance, or the camaraderie of likeminded entrepreneurs. Or, join our expert-led tour to maximize your sourcing experience, foster new connections, and immerse yourself in a unique cultural adventure.

Travel Solo

You can go to China by yourself for the same price! Without the group strategy sessions, expert help, or like minds to enjoy the adventure!

Travel With Us

Come with us and enjoy the trip, meet new people and really make the most of your sourcing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Trip

What is the Canton Fair?
The Canton Fair, held twice a year in April and October in Guangzhou, China, is a mammoth gathering of suppliers and manufacturers – the largest of its kind worldwide. Imagine a stage where innovation and business evolution come alive.

Nestled in the Southeast of China, Guangzhou is merely a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong (1-hour bus ride), and a few hours’ flight from Beijing. 

Guangzhou | History, Population, Map, Climate, & Facts | Britannica

Why go all the way to China when I can just source on Alibaba?
Sourcing online can’t compare to the tactile, immersive experience the Canton Fair provides. Imagine you’re sourcing new decorative pillows for the home – you can walk into the booth and feel the materials. You can look at and touch them versus you going to an online source, trying to imagine what that looks like, and getting a sample sent and all the time that takes. What’s great about going directly to Canton is you have all these suppliers in one place. There are 60,000 booths. They’re all competing with each other so they bring their most innovative stuff to get people into their booths. You’re going to see stuff that you’ve never seen before that your brand can bring to market. It’s an incredible and exciting sight to see. You walk into there and you’re like, “It’s incredible. It’s awesome.” You quickly realize this is HUGE for your business and this will be the first of many times you come back to China.
Do I need to be there for every day of the phase?
If it’s your first time attending, we recommend you plan to be there every day of each phase you’d like to attend.
When should I arrange factory visits?
There is no better opportunity than to visit a factory already making your products or one you are considering for the future. You’ll want to first find out how far the factory is from Guangzhou and whether you’ll need to fly there or you can catch a train. Next, you’ll need to know if the factory will be at the Canton Fair so that you can arrange the visit before or after this time. Most people arrange factory tours immediately after the phase, toward the end of the week of the next phase when they’ve seen everything they are looking for.
How do I register for Canton Fair and how much does it cost?

You can register online for free at this will allow you to get an invitation to the fair so that you can get a visa. Do not use google chrome. Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers work much better. You’ll just need your passport and business information to register.

How do I get a business Visa to visit China?
Each country and state in the United States have different requirements for Visa registration. There are also many visa registration services to help you with this process. Simply google “business visa for china from ______” enter your country in the blank and you’ll see lots of online services to help you out. If you’ve already visited China, your visa may still be good for your next visit. Simply check the visa paper in your passport.
What is included in our Group China Trip?

We are offering an opportunity for you to travel with a group to the fair without all the extra expenses of the other big China trips. When you sign up for our group trip, your hotels and transportation are covered AND we’ll work together in a private group before the trip so we can all coordinate travel and learn the best secrets of sourcing.

Then, you’ll choose your travel dates and book your flight and any additional nights beyond our travel dates in the awesome hotel we’ve arranged for the group.
In the weeks leading up to the trip, we’ll host weekly live sourcing strategy sessions to get everyone prepped for the trip.

Once in China, you can choose how much you want to participate in group activities. Either way you are covered. The benefit is we will all be in the same hotel, the same networking travel group, and we will get to experience Canton Fair together!

What is NOT Included in the Group Trip?
You are responsible for the cost of your airfare ($500-2000 depending on where you are coming from) and any meals ($5-10 per meal) outside of paid group meals. You’ll also want to allot money to taxi or train transportation to visit your factories or to travel outside of paid group activities.
Do I have to purchase anything else to get value out of the trip?

Absolutely not! Our package includes everything you need for a fruitful, fun-filled experience – hotel stay, breakfast, transportation, strategy sessions, group dinners, and more.

Do we need to book a specific hotel?

We’ve got you covered! The hotel booking for 8 nights is included in your trip package, so you can focus on maximizing your trip experience.

How can I save on Airfare and when should I book?

Please wait to book your air tickets until we are in the Facebook group together. You may decide you want to visit more than one phase, or you want to do an excursion. Tickets are usually more expensive to change than they are just to wait until you have your travel finalized. We will work together on this and share our reservations in the group so that everyone is on the same page.

You can save on airfare by visiting google flights and setting up a flight tracking notification. Here’s a great article on how to do this.  I was able to buy a round trip ticket on American Airlines from Texas to Guangzhou for $600 round trip and then simply upgrade my seat to better class for an additional $200 on the longest leg of the flight.

How will I get from the airport to the hotel?

Your comfort is our priority. We’ve arranged for a private car to escort you from the airport to our hotel. When you exit baggage claim into the airport terminal, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face holding a sign with your name on it.

How will I communicate in China? Will my phone work?

We will talk about all of this in the private group. We’ll help you get set up on WeChat and with a VPN on your phone so that when you get to China you’ll be able to communicate with us and with others. We always have a pretty awesome group chat going the whole time so if you’re at the fair and you need assistance, or you just want to go out to dinner or for a walk in the park and you want company, you can send the group a message.

What about the food? Are there Western, Halal, and Vegetarian options available?

You will love the food in China. But this is a normal concern. The hotel we stay at has plenty of Western and Vegetarian options available and breakfast is a huge buffet so you’ll never leave hungry. You may even gain a few pounds. You’ll also find plenty of these options available at Canton Fair for lunch each day. Each hall at the Canton Fair has multiple food options with a “food court” feel and everything from Starbucks to McDonald’s to Chinese, Indian, and many other cuisine options.

What is the difference between this Group Trip and other Amazon Seller China Trips?

Our focus is to offer a supportive, fun-filled, and affordable journey to the Canton Fair. With our expertise and intimate group size, we ensure a highly personalized and rewarding experience that doesn’t break the bank.

Is there a limit to how many people can sign up?

To maintain the quality of the trip and offer individualized attention, we are limiting the group to 30 people. We advise signing up before the end of August to allow ample time for travel preparations such as securing your passport and visa.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Uncover the secrets of sourcing, network with like-minded individuals, and propel your business forward by attending the world’s largest trade fair. See you in China!

Experience the Canton Trip, Sign Up Now!

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