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Amy Wees is an inventor, entrepreneur, and E-Commerce expert. Her coaching focuses on helping brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, source at profitable margins, and launch with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and search engine optimization.

I can help you chart your path, get organized, and grow. I spent 18 years in the military as a war planner taking really big objectives and turning them into small step-by-step executable goals. I do this in my business every day and help hundreds of others do the same quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need help with understanding what you can do with your sales, listing copywriting, photography and graphics, web design, or optimizing your pay per click advertising, I can help you every step of the way. 

We start by analyzing your placement online and making sure that customers can find you, then we optimize your products for maximum conversions. After that, we increase sales through advertising on and off of Amazon, and we can even help you expand your sales channels.

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How does coaching work? What can I expect?

When you book a call, you'll choose an available time on my calendar and you'll receive a zoom link and calendar reminder.

At the time of the call we will meet on zoom and I'll spend a few minutes getting to know you and we'll get to work on your questions! We can share screens and you can record the call. 

What can we talk about on the call?

This is your time so we can talk about anything you'd like. I have clients in nearly every category on the market so my experience is broad.

Your information is ALWAYS confidential and I will give you as much value as possible during our one hour together. My goal is for you to leave the call with actionable steps to move forward. Plus you can record it and watch it back anytime. 

How should I prepare for the call?

There really is no preparation required. I have tons of experience so there isn't really anything I won't be prepared to talk about with you or give you clear guidance on.

However, if you'd like to prepare your questions ahead of time or a presentation on your product or idea, that is up to you. You'll get my email at the time of booking so you can send me anything you'd like me to access during the call, or simply share your screen during the call. 

What areas do you specialize in?

My Areas of Expertise:

  • Amazon Launch: I can help you with every step of launch from planning, to writing your listing with SEO rich content, to setting up your PPC, to deciding which external traffic channels to advertise and how
  • Finding the Right Products: Don’t know if you picked the right product? Need help coming up with product ideas and validating that they will actually make you money? I’m your girl!
  • Inventions: I’m an inventor and patent holder, I have helped many brands bring innovative and unique products to market.
  • Product Development: Not sure how to develop your product differentiation, prototype, test, and manufacture? I can help.
  • Social Media Planning: Need to know how to research SEO content for your blog and social media posts that people will click on and engage with? I can help you plan and develop your social media growth
  • Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising: Is your advertising converting? Not sure how to set it up? We can go over this on coaching calls you can record the session so you’ll know what to do or you can hire it out!
  • Product Listing Optimization: I am a listing optimization expert. I can find keywords and use techniques others aren’t even thinking of! I have hundreds of page one listings across Amazon. I can do shopify too!
  • Brand Messaging: If you aren’t getting the sales you want, it’s possible you have no connection with your customer. I can help you define your brand messaging.
  • Business Planning and Strategic Growth: Not sure how to grow your team, get out of the daily grind of working in your business? I can help you plan for today and the future.
  • Sourcing: I have products manufactured in the US and China. I’m familiar with mold making and what it takes to effectively communicate with suppliers.
Can you help me with PPC?

Yes! I'm a PPC nerd! I can look at your campaigns and see what you're missing and ensure you are making the most of your advertising options as well as teach you how to optimize your bids. 

It's best to book a 5 session package for PPC because it does take time. 

Can you help me with launch?

Yes! I can help you prepare your listing, design your photos, and plan your launch from start to finish. In my mastermind group we have a step by step 140 page launch guide. 

It's best to book a 5 session package for launch because it does take time.

I’m tired of selling commodities. I'd like to learn to develop unique products, can you help me?

Yes, I hold several patents and have invented 3 of my own products and have helped hundreds of others do the same. This is why the title of my course is Concept to Launch, because we literally help you chart the path from the concept of your idea to launch. Check out everything we cover A-Z on our course page or book a coaching session to discuss your idea and how to move forward. 

My product is not making sales. Can you help me?

Yes! The best thing to do is to submit your product to my free listing review service. I will review your product and the problem described when you submit the form, and reply to your email with a video response where I explain exactly what I would do to improve sales.

I’m not making any money. Can you help me improve my sales or renegotiate better prices with my suppliers?

Yes, one of the first topics covered on a coaching call is your numbers. I want to know what you're sourcing it for, what you're selling it for, how much your advertising is costing you, and whether you have the room to scale your products and your business. 

If you aren't sure how to run these numbers, I'll help you. Several e-commerce accountants refer their clients to me to help them fix their business because they aren't making enough money or they are losing money.

The good news? We can fix it! We can look at the areas we can control and negotiate better prices with your suppliers, find new sales channels to sell at better prices, or just elevate your branding. Sometimes it isn't worth moving forward with a product, but after working together, you will be able to move forward, or retire a product with confidence! 


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