When it comes to selling your products on Amazon, you have two options: manual or automated. For many sellers, this decision is made based on the amount of time they have available. Manual campaigns are more hands-on and require constant attention while automated campaigns can be set up once and then run with little maintenance required. If you’re struggling to find a balance between these two types of marketing strategies, Sellozo might just be the tool for you! 

What is Sellozo?

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know how important it is to get your products in front of the right people at the right time. PPC is one of the best marketing strategies but without proper knowledge, sometimes it becomes a money pit. Think about how much time is needed to set up each campaign. Finding keywords, checking traffic levels, and coming up with ad text is a tedious process. Don’t get it wrong though. There’s a beauty in having full control of everything, but wouldn’t it be easier to have someone do it for you? Sellozo is a beautiful mix of automated and manual campaigns. 

Sellozo is an AI-driven Amazon PPC platform that helps sellers to save time in repetitive tasks of setting up campaigns. It allows users to spend less time in manual bidding, blacklisting keywords, and more.  Users have experienced up to a 28% increase in profit by achieving lower ACoS. Each campaign is automated based on the allocated budget. For someone who doesn’t have time or knowledge to set up a campaign strategy, Sellozo offers a wide variety of templates and patterns.

What sets Sellozo apart from others?

PPC automation tools are everywhere, thanks to technological development. Each offers a different set of benefits, but these are what sets Sellozo apart from them. 

    • User-friendly Campaign Studio – this is a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to visualize the automated rules. It is a customizable way to optimize campaigns, harvest search terms that are working, and put those search terms to use automatically in the ad group. 
    • Financial Dashboard – it is a real-time summary of profit and loss and other financial details of the Amazon store. No need to manually check the numerous sheets of reports.
    • Dayparting – another nice function where users can turn on and off campaigns for certain periods of time. This is helpful in saving costs and maximizing sales by turning on campaigns during most saleable times. 

Sellozo has made changes to the lives of countless Amazon sellers thanks to beneficial features in cost savings and time management. See the tool in action to learn more – check Kris Gramlich and Dustin Kane out as they demonstrate Sellozo’s uses to Amy!

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