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By on April 1, 2020

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Drive external traffic to your product listings with Google Ads!

This is an extremely effective and affordable way to rank your products for as little as $5 per day ad spend. Google Ads drive diverse external traffic to your Amazon Product Listings and a large percentage of the external traffic on Amazon comes from Google! Advertising is the most powerful lever that can increase your sales and increased sales increase rankings. We’ve figured out the best way to set up and optimize Google Ads for Amazon products by spending hours on the phone with Google Ads representatives and figuring out how to set up Ads – NOW YOU CAN TOO WITH OUR MINI COURSE!

This is a step by step course for beginners with video walk-throughs showing you how to set up, create, manage and optimize your Google Ads. Upon purchase you’ll download a PDF with the full course content.

This is a beginners course for people who have little or no advertising experience with Google Ads. If you’ve already worked with Google Adwords and learned to optimize ads, this is NOT the course for you. If you want to learn how to set up Google Ads for the first time to your Amazon listing, this beginners course will teach you how with the following course curriculum:

Course Curriculum:

1. Sign up for a free Google Ads Account
2. Research Keywords for your Listing
3. Create your first Google Ad and 2 Step URL based on those keywords
4. Campaign Setup
5. Quality check to make sure your Ads are setup correctly
6. How to Optimize your Google ads
7. How to Get Free Google Ads Consultation with Google Experts

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Not sure if you want to take this on? We got you covered, purchase our Google Ads Service instead.

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