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By on March 31, 2020

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In this Listing Optimization Masterclass, you’ll learn the core fundamentals to write an incredible search engine optimized product listing with the latest techniques.


Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Low Sales on Amazon?
  • High PPC spend with Low Conversions
  • Your Product is Ranked Organically Low for Your Main Keywords
My clients often refer me to others to get help with their sales. Yet, people are always asking me if I offer PPC management services because they assume better or more advertising will fix their problems with low or no sales. 
Unfortunately, when sales are low increased advertising will not necessarily solve the problem. Let me repeat that another way. Increased advertising does not equal better sales! 
I help clients decrease PPC spend and increase sales conversions by focusing on core fundamentals during our coaching sessions. These tips are extremely effective and work almost immediately when implemented correctly.


Course Curriculum:

1. The SEO Foundation: How to Find Your Main Keywords
2. Amazon Style Guides and Listing Creation Options
3. The Writing Process & Recommended Formats
4. The 7 Photo Strategy That Drives Conversions 
5. Writing a Title That Ranks  
6. Applying SEO Gold to your Bullet Points and Description 
7. Creating your Listing in Seller Central and Filling Out the Backend 
8. A+ Content / EBC Walkthrough 
9. Editing Your Listing After Creation
10. Putting it All Together – The Listing Review



The Proven Core Fundamentals You’ll Learn In This Masterclass

How to discover the correct main keywords for your product. If you can’t find the product under its main keywords, neither can the customer.
How to include the right keyword phrases in the right order to rank the listing organically. If you can’t find your product on the first 3 pages of search for its main medium tail keyword, the listing isn’t optimized or there’s too much competition for that keyword. I’ll teach you how to find out, what to do, and how to fix it!
The proven listing format for maximum conversions. I’ll teach you the format I use to easily write any listing in a way that converts! This includes the title, bullet points, and description formats plus templates you can use to write future listings!
How to fill out the listing backend. This is the part so many people struggle with and get wrong, yet its an area that can really help you get an edge on the competition. I’ll teach you how to fill out all the tabs in the backend of the listing including what keywords to use and how to use them.
The 7 Photos that convert every time. The photos are perhaps the most important element of listing optimization that can increase conversions. I’ve mastered the 7 photos that convert. I’ll teach you these formats and how you can apply them to your own products to get better results from your photographers, and your sales conversions!

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