Miro Posavec describes himself as ‘pig-headed’ – but he attributes this trait as the secret to his success. Miro is a registered homeopath – and his company, Bestmade Natural Products, is one of today’s leading suppliers of clinically-tested natural remedies in Asia.

The journey toward Miro’s present accomplishments was not an easy feat. He first started in wholesale – selling his products in bulk on Amazon. But after the quick and massive growth, Miro soon ran into barriers in the Amazon platform – account restrictions, suspensions, and shut-downs. But Miro is relentless. His solution was to diversify. Miro expanded his business into Walmart, then he put up his own website and harnessed the power of online marketing.

Today we’re featuring Miro’s tried and tested strategies that he’s gathered in all those years of ups and downs. Watch Miro in the video below as he shares helpful insights in setting up the marketing for your eCommerce business:

What’s There To Learn from Miro Posavec?

Miro’s business savvy is evident when he speaks. He knows what he’s talking about – and he goes into every detail with confidence. Miro’s quick 8-minute video is packed with wisdom picked up from years of experience – which includes his failures, successes, hard work, and everything in between. Watch him and learn:

  • Things to consider before sending traffic to your website
  • Why investing in marketing is vital in business
  • How to spend your money wisely on a marketing campaign


Do You Struggle With Customer Acquisition?

That’s you and probably a million others trying to market their business online. Don’t panic. There is a solution. But you’ve gotta be willing to make a few changes to your game.

First order of business – think about your customer. Your customer is the most important person in your business. You have to get to know them, study them, put yourself in their shoes, and think about the problems that your business will help address. 

Next – look at your website (if you have one) in the eyes of your customer. If you were your customer, what are the things you’d be looking for? And sadly, this is where many businesses fall short – they simply don’t know how to talk to their customer. Does your website go on about the quality of your products (or services), your qualifications, your experience, and all those awesome things that you think will convince your customer to do business with you? We’ve got something to tell you… you may be doing it wrong. Perhaps this is a good time to rethink your communications strategy.

Whoa, there… what’s wrong with talking about your good points? Well – technically, there’s nothing wrong. But if you go back to our first point –  your customer is the most important person in your business. Frankly, your customer does not care about your qualifications. Do you want to know what they care about? It’s if you understand their problem – and can you help solve it? If you want to sell in business – remember this: your customer is the HERO. Not you. Talk about your customer. Understand their problem. Then present the solution.

Third – as soon as you’ve fixed your website, then it’s time to think about driving traffic. Unfortunately, putting up your online store is not like putting up a brick-n-mortar shop on the street with actual, physical foot traffic, and potential customers walking by. So, you’ve gotta be smart about finding your customers online. It’s time for SEO. Start your funnels – blogs, social media, landing pages, etc. Publish helpful and shareable content with value – optimize it with relevant keywords – and help your customers find you.

It’s no secret – online marketing involves a lot of hard work. The problem is some don’t see its value and decide against it. They do it on their own with zero marketing background, or they try to cut back on spending by looking for cheap band-aid solutions hoping this would save them money. But as the saying goes – quality goes a long way. Too much penny pinching may cost you more in the long run.

Marketing will get you your customers – if you do it right. So, do it right and spend if you have to – there’s no other way. Just like Miro Posavec, you’ll be glad you did.



Miro Posavec: This is Miro Posavec, I’m putting this video together, actually, in response to a friend of mine, a very good friend of mine. He’s a health professional and he’s always struggled with customer acquisition, patient acquisition, just sort of getting his business really rolling up to the level that he should be doing.  And he said, you know, could you look at my website and tell me what’s wrong with it? And I thought, I’m gonna make this more of a general response.

A lot of my friends that want to start a business, and I’m involved a lot of different groups, I’m gonna post this video there as well. Having a business, your number one challenge, your biggest challenge is customer acquisition. How do you find people to buy your stuff? I’ll give you a couple of general hints in this stuff. That seems kind of simplistic, but really, it’s basic.

My friend, medical guy, his website doesn’t talk about what he can do for people. He just talks about himself and his qualifications and his experience. But it’s not, you got to solve somebody’s problem. You got to say, hey, you know what, you got a health concern. If you have diabetes, you have blood pressure, come see me, I can help you with that. You’re going to solve some of these problems.

His second thing is, he put up a website thinking, Okay, I got a website now, and it’s gonna drive me people. It’s not. You have to do extraordinary efforts to get people to see any website. There are probably 100 million websites in the world right now. Like, it’s just ridiculous, right? So you have to work at it.

And so you really have two options if you want to be in business. Option one is you get very good at marketing on your own. It’s gonna cost you money. I mean, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns that didn’t work. And the only way to find if they don’t work is if you spend on them, right. And it’s really hard because people sit and say, Well, I don’t have the money to hire somebody. And you kind of have to, and it’s very frustrating, because you’re starting a business and you’re trying to get some momentum. I’m telling you, Hey, you gotta go spend money. But if you do not have marketing chops, and chances are, if you’re in business, don’t know what the message is you don’t people need to hear.

And that’s the thing, you got to figure it out in terms of, how are people going to find your product, then how you convince them to buy it, you got to build that trust. It’s too easy to forget, I got a great product. That’s great. But right now in the world is super competitive, having great product, a great service, that’s just your minimum standard. Yes, we will communicate that to people. So if you’re starting a business, and you’re interested in really growing it, you’re gonna have to spend money, you’re gonna have to just buck up and do it.

When at first I had websites running for probably five, six years, before I made any money on them. I just kept trying to be cheap and do it myself. And I had a real wake-up call once I was referred to this really professional Google advertising company. And they’re like, $5,000 a month, and at the time, it seemed like a million dollars. It was, well, let me see your site and look to my site. And he goes, Well, we don’t want you as a customer. And I was kind of excellent. I mean, he was, well, your site’s terrible. We wouldn’t buy them from your site, your site will not convert. So for you to spend money to send people to your site is a waste of money. And we’re not going to help you do that. And at first, I was like, Wow, these guys are really kind of jerks. But then I sat and chewed on a little bit, it’s like, the guy was totally right. There is no point sending traffic to a site. That’s how I convert and there’s no point to do some stuff. You got to sit there and figure out what’s wrong. Look for people that are working, and copy what they’re doing. It sounds such a cliche, but it’s really true.

Something that I never really accepted that much was the attention to detail that you need to do this, in order to be successful in the online world is we have to do everything right. And it all ties together – your email campaigns, your texting campaigns, your AdWords and your Facebook, and all of these individual pieces. Have you done really at a high level to compete? You know, and that’s the catch. I mean, you’re going up against Amazon, you’re going against all these giant companies that have data and billions and billions of dollars. And you can’t like when I first started doing stuff online, I got kind of lucky. I had some sales and stuff. But the reality now is you’ve got to do every step of it right? And if you don’t know you will find someone who does and you better prepared for them.

I personally want to see every single one, I want to see them do well. But I also want you guys to have a reality check. Like, if you think and you start a website up on your own, and it’s gonna magically get all these organic hits, I’m telling you that’s not realistic, you’re gonna have to do a lot more than just put it up. The site has to be compelling, has to be visually appealing, has to build trust, has to convert, and then you have to find different ways of driving traffic. And there is no one magical solution. Right now, we have a team of three people that are writing content for a website, just hoping to get up a little higher SEO, ranking for our sites. It takes money, it takes time, and to my friend, and you know, we are your website’s terrible, you have to redo it. It doesn’t solve any problems. It doesn’t ask for call of action. You know, you always say, Hey, I’m starting a business and I got business cards and brochures, books or brochures. I don’t even think I’ve carried my own business. You just have to take your game up to a different level.

Now I’ve been in business since I was 18 years old, I’ll tell you something that is really exciting, is this new world of the online stuff. You can go from a small business to a much bigger business very, very quickly, because there’s so much scale involved. But at the same time, it has to be so much better, yet be so much more analytical, persistent, determined, detail oriented. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m saying the rewards are there. But you can’t just say I’m going to print off some brochures and then people come to me. That ship has sailed. You’ve got people that are being targeted under search on Google Maps, Google Local, Bing, Bing Maps. I mean, you have to bring up your game, you just have to.

So I’m not saying that all this stuff should discourage you from starting your own business. I love having my own business. I’ve always had my own business. But I really want you guys to look at this and say, am I willing? And then, you know, run a campaign. And if the campaign doesn’t perform, take a deep breath, and take a product pile of money and try a different campaign. And you have to keep doing that if you want to really have the option to grow that business online. And to be very successful. And I do wish all of you great luck out there. I wish you all success in the world. I hope you all find your laptop lifestyle. A business where you can be on a laptop anywhere in the world, you know, sitting on the beach, anywhere. I’ll tell you that all the guys that I know online do real numbers. It not just oh, you know, I opened it once a while and check my Facebook. That’s not really how it works. There’s a lot of work involved. And don’t believe these training guys – hey, buy my course and I’ll show you the secret. There’s no secret. If there is I sure haven’t found it. Good luck out there.

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