Defdevice’s conversion-boosting software is called VLC – which stands for Visitors – Leads – Conversions. If you think about it – Visitors – Leads – Conversions is also the standard equation on how funnels convert. The VLC software is based on this equation.

Did you know that the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is only 1.4%? That means about 98% of your website visitors leave your site without taking action. The good news is – there is still a chance to convert a portion of that 98% – perhaps if presented a better offer, at a better time, or on better terms.

And that’s what VLC does – with no effort required from your end. The VLC eCommerce Conversion Booster is an automatic script added to your website that identifies your website visitors from a database of 270M emails. The script tracks who leaves your site – and immediately (within 10 minutes or less) sends a follow-up email to the address pulled from the database. It is almost like retargeting – when web algorithms target you for products related to anything you search on any platform. But the major difference is that VLC operates on a more direct approach – through email – with an offer that you can customize to specifically target bounced website visitors. Reaching out this way creates new leads and allows you to personalize your strategy – doubling the touchpoints and doubling your chances to convert.

Dano Falk, the founder of DefDevice, chats with Amy in a recent podcast to discuss the amazing conversion-boosting superpowers of VLC. Watch below:

What’s The Value of VLC?

Dano’s interview in the AAH channel thoroughly explains how the VLC technology works and will help you determine if it is the right tool for your business. Watch the video and listen to Dano answer all of Amy’s questions, including the following:

  • How exactly does VLC double your conversion rate?
  • Can VLC be integrated with other automatic email platforms such as Constant Contact or MailChimp?
  • Which type of businesses is VLC good for?
  • Does VLC provide or customize follow-up email templates?
  • And a lot more

Yes, You Can Still Convert Bounced Website Visitors

There’s something you need to understand. Most online shoppers don’t buy on a whim. Some studies prove that an average customer goes through a long decision-making process before they make a purchase. It takes about 30 touch points of different product listings before they decide. Sometimes your customer will have already seen your listing but leaves to check other listings – only to go back to yours once they’ve arrived at a final decision. They’re shopping around – and that’s normal. So perhaps you can use this to your advantage.

How? Well – imagine if you can speed up the decision-making process. Think about your bounced website visitor for a second. If within a few minutes after their visit, you present an attractive offer sent to their email – a discountfreebie, or limited-time promo – don’t you think they’ll lap up your offer when they can?

It’s worth a shot. Remember – the more touch points you have with your lead – the higher the chances to convert. The VLC software is designed to increase your chances – ultimately creating a new set of leads apart from your website visitors – i.e. bounced website visitors. And with this new set of leads comes another percentage of customers sure to convert – in VLC’s case, the average is 3 conversions out of 15 leads. That’s huge.

The best part – it’s all hands-free. Dano’s team of IT experts will install the script into your website which will hook you up with an email database and their automatic emailing system. And DefDevice – the developer of VLC- is also a marketing agency, which means expertly-written emails by copywriters who have mastered the art and science of conversions.

Visitors – Leads – Conversions. It’s a no-brainer – especially if you have a high-traffic site and enough profit margins that will allow you a worthwhile investment. Try VLC. Let us know what you think.


Amy Wees: Today we have a really cool partner spotlight with my friend Dano Falk. And Dano has created something pretty cool – a way where you can get the customers who visit your website, when they leave your website, you can send them an email, and you can convert them. And it’s got a pretty high conversion rate. It’s pretty cool. And I’m curious how it all works. And I want to try it out. So Dano, thank you so much for being here today.

Dano Falk: Thanks for having me, Amy. It’s very special pleasure for me to be here on your channel. We’ve been in touch for a long time, but it’s the first time we speak live in this setting. So yeah, it’s exciting. Thank you for having me.

Amy: Yeah, we need to do this more often. I feel like there’s so many great people in this space that are doing cool things. And I feel like I can’t keep up with all of them. But I try. So Dano, tell everybody who doesn’t know you a little bit about yourself and kind of your background and how you got into this whole ecommerce thing.

Dano: Oh, yeah. So let’s try to wrap up the last 30 years of my life into 30 seconds. So yeah, I’m a German born in Ukraine who came to Malaysia in like 10 years ago. I’ve been an entrepreneur for all my life. I’ve been doing web design in the 90s. And I had an agency in Munich. And I was also a DJ and a sound engineer, saxophone player. I love riding big bikes. Yeah, one of the reasons I’m here in Malaysia, and my ecommerce background came manifested with my studying on selling, selling on Amazon and 2014.

So I built my Amazon business. I sold it five years later, and I learned a lot of things along the way. And since then, I’m focusing on helping other Amazon sellers and also SMEs and eCommerce sellers to improve their business.

Amy: I love it. What a cool background. Did you say you’re born in Germany, but you were born in Ukraine?

Dano: Yeah, I’m born in Ukraine. We moved around in the former Soviet Union. I lived in Kyrgyzstan. I lived in white Russia and Moldova. And we ended up in Russia in Germany when I was 10 years old. Yeah. But so we have a long lasting German background. We’re like the so called German-Russians, like the Germans lived in Russia for 200 years, and then decided to come back.

Amy: Oh, wow. That is really cool. I didn’t know that about I didn’t know that Germany had such a population. That’s really cool.

Dano: Yeah, like, back in the 1700s. There was a big group of Germans who move to those days, Russia, you know, to live there. And they’ve been living there for like, over 200 years. And but that’s a whole story for itself.

Amy: Yeah, very cool. Yeah. I used to live in Germany and my heritage is German. I’m half German and half French-Canadian. So those two got together, but it worked out.

Dano: Yeah, yeah audience will love it. But yeah, we could do this in German as well.

Amy: Ah, well, I don’t know if I can pull that off. I don’t know if I can pull the questions off in German. But you know, we’ll save that for another day for sure. I’m up for the challenge.

It’s so cool. Dano, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m excited about this VLC thing that you’ve created. So you really are focused on helping people convert more on their websites, right? And so is this something, how did you come up with this, this idea of sending customers emails after they leave? I know that there’s like abandoned carts, you know, but how do you capture their email when they haven’t given it to you? How does that work?

Dano: Yeah, I know, that is the first question that comes up. Well, first of all, it wasn’t just me. I mean, there’s a team of people who build the system. So it’s not just me, I wouldn’t be able to pull this off on my own. But the background of the system is there’s a there’s a very big database of leads, and the system is able to match the visitor of a website against this database. And since the database contains like 270 million users, chances are quite high that we can we are able to match this person and detect and kind of pull out this person’s email address. And in the US, yes, this is legal. I mean, we’ve done a lot of research about, you know, the legal part of it, what we do is legal.

So all we do is we install a script on your website. I mean, that’s the only thing that you need to do on your end. And that’s why I call it hands-free. That’s why I say you can double your conversion without doing anything. I have a whole page and a whole PDF and presentations about conversion optimization. And a lot of things, obviously, we can do like in a classic way, you know, where we can improve, the images, testimonials and so many things that we can improve on our website to increase conversions on all that is relevant, and all that is good.

But then there is this like, you know, magic wand, which we have in place right now, which can just times x everything you have in place right now. And I think that’s a pretty cool thing.

 Amy: So do you ever find since you’re pulling from this database, right? Do you ever find that, you know, if I visited a website, is there a high like unsubscribe rate? Do they have the ability to unsubscribe?

Dano: Of course, of course, yeah. We do respect people’s privacy and all that. But to me, you know, when we have an eCommerce site to get people to come to our page, it’s actually quite a big deal. People don’t just randomly come to our website. I mean, they have been searching for us, or they have clicked on an ad, they have some kind of intent. So when people come to our eCom page, they’re kind of a warm audience. They are interested in what we have to offer. And the reason they leave and I mean, shockingly – it’s like 97%-98% of page visitors leave – because the average conversion rate these days is around 1.4% on ecom websites.

And well, they leave for a number of reasons. And we don’t email all of them, we can capture around like between 15% and 30% of these people’s emails, and then we send them an offer, and we tell them like, hey, you left your cart, or, is the reason why you didn’t buy, or here’s a special deal for you. Or we can even nurture them. It’s not like a one-off kind of thing. We are building our email database. And of course, we are allowing them to opt out. I mean, we don’t want to chase people who are not interested.

Amy: It’s a really cool idea, because it’s a way also to capture email addresses.

Dano: Oh, yeah. That’s what it is. Yeah, that’s what it is, it’s like you have an opt-in form, which normally converts below 1% – if you ask people to do you want my newsletter or whatever. But this way, we capture a much bigger portion of our website visitors. And we just put them into our email system. And we also take care of that. So you don’t have to build up your auto responder and write all this stuff. We also have a team that does this professionally, and make sure that these emails are delivered and all that stuff.

So it’s basically an email system and auto responder system, which has this big influx of new subscribers coming in by simply capturing the website visitors.

Amy: What a fast way to grow your email list, like on autopilot. But I would guess that the most important thing that you could do is once it’s not getting the data – because like you said, you have this massive database, you can get someone’s email, it’s what you do with that email, right? Like that offer that you send, that automation, that follow up, it has to be really, really good to get really great conversion rates. So can you tell me a little bit about that? Like, does your system provide templates for this? Do you kind of help out?

Dano: Yeah, we want to be very specific to our client’s needs. So the number one joke that we have is that we can send them an email like pretty fast after they left the website. So they didn’t forget, you know, if you send them an email, like two days later, most of the time they will not even remember what this is about. But we can send them an email like literally 10 minutes after they left our website. And they will pretty surely remember what it was they were looking for. Yeah, it’s pretty sudden, they’re still looking for this solution for the problem that we’re looking at solution for. So the time factor is number one, and then of course the copy – how we write it and there’s a lot of experience involved with that. And we have a team that does this on a regular basis.

And so we make sure that these emails are written properly. And, and the sequence is also scheduled in a way that it’s most effective. And yeah, we have experience with that as well.

Amy: Wow, yeah, I can imagine, you know, if I’m shopping online, the timing is so important, because it’s like, okay, I’m already online, the customer is online, they might be checking their email in that timeframe of them shopping and everything. And so many websites, when you’re shopping, they offer you something where you have to check your email right away. So the chances of them being in their email box at the time that you guys send this.

And then the other thing, which is cool is that you’re piqueing their curiosity, because they’re like, Whoa, it’s kind of like when you get retargeted from Facebook pixel, where you’re like, I was just on the website. And now I have like, 40,000 ads for that thing. So it’s kind of neat that you can pique their curiosity, by sending them an email, you can get that timing, that’s so key, and then that offer that you give them needs to be good. And it’s good that you guys have tested lots of this.

So I would love for you to share your screen. And I would love for you to just walk us through this process and how it works. So I’ll show the screen here. And yeah, tell us how it works.

Dano: Yeah, I took the shortcut here of my presentation, just showing my website here. And so the most of it, I think this image kind of captures the whole the gist of the entire system. The main part is like, let’s say we have 100 visitors coming to our store. 3% of them convert, which is like, already would be like a far above average conversion rate of 3%. 97 of them will just bounce. And I mean, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like what we have to offer. Many people are shopping around, you know, according to Google, people have like 30 over touchpoints before they make a shopping decision. So it doesn’t mean that our offer is somehow inferior, it might just mean that they still just want to check out other pages, other products, and they just window shopping for now. But they still want to buy something.

So out of these 97 people – a very modest estimate would be to capture 15 leads, and then these 15 is go into our email list. And then normally, as on average, 3 of these people would convert. So adding 3 plus 3, as you can see, this is how we double the conversion rate by simply attaching our system to this ecommerce store.

So yeah, we have case studies, of course, and all that stuff. I don’t want to go into too much details here.

Amy: So, 3 out of every 13 leads using this system convert versus 3 out of every 100 on average that visit your website. So very, very powerful.

Now the email part of this do I need my own email integration such as MailChimp, or Constant Contact? Or does that come with your system?

Dano: We also provide our autoresponder system. Yeah, our system comes with a CRM, which is connected to our database. So everything all the techie stuff will be happening on our end, you don’t have to provide your MailChimp or whatever. Everything will be done on our end, the only thing that comes onto your store is just a piece of script that will kind of connect your store with our database and our CRM, and that’s all that you need to do. Everything else is done.

Amy: How do I get them back to my email platform of choice like Constant Contact or MailChimp or something like that? Can I just?

Dano: Yeah, of course, yeah, that’s a very simple process, we can simply share these emails, we can export them and import them into your autoresponder or you can continue using our CRM. There are many options to do that. But these are, of course, these are your contacts. So you are basically getting like 15 leads out of 100 website visitors every time and you’re building your email list on top of this. So I mean, that’s another very significant aspect of the system.

Amy: Yeah, I think it’s wonderful. You’re automatically capturing emails of those customers who visit your website where you might not have otherwise because maybe your offer wasn’t in the right place. Maybe your signup form wasn’t in the right place. So I think it’s just wonderful. It’s on autopilot. It seems like because it’s a script that it’s any website platform, such as WordPress or Shopify, no matter what I’m using this will work with, is that correct?

Dano: That is correct. Yeah. So I mean, obviously, it’s not going to work with Amazon, because Amazon will not let us install anything on our storefront, but as long as we own the platform, and then it doesn’t matter if it’s Magento, or is it Sharpie, or Shopify or, or whatever platform it is, it will all work as long as we have control over the really great insert to get people to your website from Amazon. And there you go.

Amy: Yeah, of course. And this is also why we’re talking here because most Amazon sellers, do have their own eCom stores and sell outside of Amazon. And of course, that’s when they can benefit from the system. Yeah, definitely. For sure. Okay. Yeah, please continue. You were you were scrolling before and I stopped you.

Dano: Yeah, this is this is the main part of the system. And then we have a few more gadgets here. Like we have a little sail simulator, which I find really fun to use based on how many page visitors I have per month.

Amy: Let’s say that I have 6000 visitors in 1 month. And then, conversion rate is about 1.9. All right, here we go. So yes, without VLC. We’re getting 114 sales a month. And with VLC, I’m getting 250 sales a month?

Dano: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. This would be our estimate. Yeah. I mean, of course, these numbers are not set in stone, but I’m using very conservative estimates here. Most of the time, we see improvements more than this. I think it’s good to just have this little overview. And also here, you can exactly see, I mean, for ecommerce traffic doesn’t come free most of the time. So we have to pay for it. And it’s mostly it’s the make or break. Thing is what how much do we pay for traffic? And how well does it convert? So I mean, to double your conversion rate can very easily take you from being at a loss with your ecommerce platform to being at a profit. This is what I find exciting to actually make, to give this boost to ecommerce sellers, to make them profitable or to increase the profitability. Yes, this simulator here just shows you exactly how it how it would work out for you.

Amy: Yeah, so you can just enter your numbers here, you will see exactly what it looks like. Now, then, is there anyone who this is not good for? Like would there be a certain offer that you would look at or maybe if I only have one product in my store? Or is there anyone who this isn’t good for?

Dano: I would say it is not good if you are just starting with your eCommerce store, and if you’re having very little traffic and a very little profit per sale. So, of course, in order to make this work, we need a certain volume. And we’re looking at roughly maybe like 3000 as a ballpark number – 3000 visitors per month to make this work and to make the ROI be worthwhile for the for the client. So yeah, it only works for eCommerce stores of a certain size, and I would say above 3000 visitors per month. And of course, if you are selling a high ticket product is also helpful. And the other thing too is if you have a service based store I bet that this would be really, really helpful. Because you could still send people those follow up emails.

I mean, it’s not limited to products. It’s actually also it does work with services. It’s also to the US though I have to say it only works in the United States right now. So our database does not cover Europe or Asia or any other countries other than the United States. But if you are in the US, if you are driving traffic to your store, and if you’d like to double your conversions, then that would be criteria to actually make this work

Amy: Amazing. I think it’s really just a really cool technology. I think it’s, it’s really great for people to check out. I know, the biggest question people are gonna have is two questions. Number one, how do I sign up? How do I learn more?

Dano: So I’m going to show a link here. You guys can go to VLC stands for visitors leads and clients. It’s a system that converts visitors to leads into customers. Yeah. Defdevice, by the way, stands for Donald Edward Falk device, you know, very simple. So to make it easy, it’s the Daniel Edward Falk, which is my is my name and device So that that will be the the URL to and at the bottom of the page.

Obviously, there’s a little opt in form where you can simply send me an email, and maybe also mention your store address. And then we can just have a look and just do a quick checkup if this work.

Amy: Okay, and what about pricing? I know, everybody’s gonna wonder about pricing. How does that work? Is it affordable?

Dano: Yes, it’s affordable. And as I said, I mean, it’s affordable as soon as there’s certain volume. So we are starting around 1.5k per month, this is our starting point to run the system. And so as long as, doubling your conversion rate would be worth much then of course, it would be no brainer. But of course, if you’re currently making $100 a month, then investing 1.5k would not make a lot of sense. But if you’re making 10k per month, and you could double your revenue or your conversions with the system, then it’s definitely done. I would say it’s a no brainer.

Amy: Awesome. Well, I mean, I think that’s fair. And I think you’re very upfront about you know, who this is for, who this is not for. Bery cool technology, a great way to grow your email list. I’m really intrigued, like, I really want to try it. So I think I’m gonna try it. I think I’m gonna check it out.

Dano: Yeah, we should we should check it out. And then you’ll be you could have some first-hand experience. And yeah, it could actually also work for your website. I think so.

Amy: Yeah. It would be very cool. Yeah. I mean, I have an eCommerce website to a couple of service based websites. So it will be really interesting to see. You know, I have a couple of websites that get a lot of Google traffic, a lot of organic traffic.

Thank you so much for coming on the show today and for sharing everything with us. And I just I think it’s so cool. So definitely you guys be want to check this out or even just send out a message. Go to and I’m sure Dano will be happy to answer your questions.

And if you guys have any questions on this recording, be sure to put them in the chat. We will be in touch to make sure that we can answer any of your questions. I know Dano was always around and happy to help as well. So very cool technology. I hope it helps you guys. And Dano, thank you so much for being on our partner spotlight today.

Dano: Thank you, Amy. Thanks for having me.

Amy: All right. Thank you. Bye, everybody.

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