Remember “The Jetsons”? That classic hit cartoon that’s supposed to be set in the future – with robot housekeepers, sky houses, video phones, and flying cars?

While flying cars are still but a concept – everything else mentioned is now our reality. We’ve got robots that don’t just do our house cleaning, but now there are robots tracking our every move, making stuff work, and doing things more efficiently than humans. Now everybody’s got a mobile phone with a built-in camera – and not only can we do video calls on our phones now, but we can join video conferences with up to 100 people at a time. The future is here. And it’s an exciting time.

There is one thing that The Jetsons missed in their future predictions – kids call it The Metaverse – a digital universe where you can create your own digital existence and maintain a virtual life. The metaverse is such a major deal now, that Facebook – the biggest social media network that ever existed – has renamed itself ‘Meta’ to jump in on the trend. What we are witnessing now is a cusp towards a new era – the digital world is evolving, and we’ve got to evolve with it, or get left behind.

What does this mean? Imagine setting up a virtual store where customer avatars – i.e. digital representations of real people – exchange digital currencies for digital goods. Imagine a virtual shopping mall that serves as a one-stop shop for all your customer’s needs. It will be a step up from our present eCommerce platforms such as Amazon – it’s online shopping with the physical experience of seeing the product with your very eyes.

It sounds crazy now, for sure. Just like The Jetsons was a crazy concept that used to be just good for laughs – until their crazy concepts actually happened.

Chris Browne – our guest at the featured Seller Round Table podcast below – is a world class businessman, industry leader, and visionary who pulls us in on his obsession with the metaverse. Watch Amy’s interview with Chris and get inspired to join the metaverse bandwagon – before it’s too late:


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