The 2022 EvoLatam tradeshow was such a blast. We met many amazing Mexican manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, and warehousing professionals that will undoubtedly catapult your Amazon business to the next level. 

What’s the fuss over the EvoLatam expo? Most people source products from China, right? So what’s so special about Mexico that it warrants a sourcing expo of its own?

First, this isn’t just some random trip to the culturally rich and ever-so-beautiful Latin America. We are at the forefront of the upcoming massive shift in the e-commerce industry. While it’s true that China is currently the central hub for manufacturing, soon this may very well change to Mexico. Check out this quick highlight reel of the Mexico trip!



Still not convinced? Here are a couple of reasons why joining the bandwagon to Mexico should be a no-brainer:

  • Your shipping cost will drop thanks to proximity and less fees
  • The lead time will be shorter from the usual 30-days (no delays included yet) to just 2-days since Mexico is just a border away
  • Thanks to Free Trade, you can say goodbye to your tariffs
  • There will be a lesser risk during crises like the pandemic
  • Mexican products don’t have much global exposure yet – the products you’ll find will be one-of-a-kind!

And there’s so much more you can gain from incorporating Mexico into your supply chain. Since it’s an emerging manufacturing industry, you will get a head start on your competitors!

To get you started immediately, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the best exhibitors at EvoLatam:


10 Best Product Suppliers from Mexico

1. Tambien Mexico

Interested in textiles? Tambien Mexico is a great supplier for bed and bath linens. After all, they create beautiful handcrafted pillows and cushions with intricate patterns that exude a pure Mexican aesthetic. Stand out from other sellers in the linens category – these textiles will brighten up and cozy up your customers’ homes in no time. 

2. Aptex Aplicaciones Textiles

Perhaps you are looking for textile printing instead of literal fabrics. In that case, Aptex Aplicaciones Textiles will be the best brand to team up with. Aptex is a pro at applying your designs to any textile, effectively turning your vision into reality. They specialized in the application of rhinestones and screen printing services perfect for clothing and home decor products.

3. Articulos de Plastico para el Hogar SA de CV

Maybe you are a micro brand that creates personalized gifts like cups, children’s toys, and kitchenware. Articulos de Plastico para el Hogar SA de SV will be your best bet as they are veterans at bending plastic to your whims. Truly a versatile company, they’ll help increase your product selection and supply you with high-quality plastic materials. What’s more is that Arplasa is backed by 50 years of service, providing the best prices and quality to their customers worldwide.

4. Garen

Perhaps you need plastic for more specialized needs. Maybe you need a better source for electrical installations and water conductions. Garen boasts a wide selection of cell-cast acrylic sheets, polycarbonate sheets, polystyrene, corrugated polyduct, polypropylene pipe, and foamed PVC sheets. With over 28 branches in the Mexican Republic, Garen has a huge capacity to get your glass work and PVC projects are done without any downtime.

5. Quimineral Ceramica de Mexico

Imagine, China’s porcelain and pottery industries date back 7,000-8,000 years! Mexico’s ceramics industry isn’t anything to scoff at, though; artisan work began between 2300-1500 BC. We assure you that ceramics are still going strong in Mexico! Quimineral Ceramica de Mexico‘s excellent pieces represent their awesome Mexican heritage, which you will observe on their exceptional mugs, bowls, vases, and even soap containers.

6. Old Mexico Manufacturing

In terms of leatherwork, Mexico is also a strong contender parallel to other global manufacturers. In fact, Old Mexico Manufacturing will lend you a hand in crafting timeless products such as bags, luggage, and leather seats. Craftmanship is traditionally rooted in the country’s rich culture, which is why you’ll never go wrong choosing Mexican craftsmanship for leatherwork. With Old Mexico Manufacturing’s services, the quality material will surely earn your shop some steady yields.

7. Hunab Kunan SA de CV

For those of you who are in the beauty and wellness industry, we are happy to inform you that beauty suppliers are abundant in the Mexican market. One excellent partner for you would be Hunab Kunan SA de CV as they help you create your beauty products whether you’re’ into solid or liquid cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Aside from cosmetics, they are also dedicated to manufacturing aromatherapy and perfumes. Hunab Kunan SA de CV is a seasoned veteran in producing product lines for other companies boasting 35 years of experience in the field. And with Mexico as the second-largest Latin American market in the beauty and personal care sector, you’ll surely love to work with a Mexican cosmetics brand for your perfumes and makeup kits.

8. Mathe Lab

Of course, if you’d rather resell Mexican beauty products, then Mathe Lab will be your choice. A bonus of this brand is that they specialize in producing organic and natural beauty products, which would elevate both your health and the environment. Mathe Lab advocates conscious cosmetics, which means they avoid parabens, sulfates, chemicals, or synthetic oils — a.k.a. eco-friendly and vegan. You can find a wide range of products in their collection, from hair and skin care to pet care and baby products.

9. Karati

Since beauty is more than just the consumables we apply to ourselves, we also bring Karati to this list. This brand is a master at plating gold jewelry at an affordable price, which means those of you selling accessories would do well to hook up with this brand. Karati has been around since 1988 so you can trust their craftsmanship has withstood the test of time. They have a wide variety of accessories and jewelry pieces made of gold plates, stones, pearls, leather, suede, chains, silk, and much more.

10. The Gold Ship Prep Center

Apart from actual raw materials, we have also included a brand hailing from the logistics industry. Remember the benefits of switching to Mexico? Add your warehousing and packaging to that list. The Gold Ship Prep Center is a fantastic option once you’ve diversified your supply chain or completely switched over to Mexico in the future. They will happily take care of your product management for you so that you could focus on bigger things like expanding your business. They pack all products with bubble wrap and polybags so you can ensure that your items are safe in their hands.

Discover More Suppliers at Evolatam

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that this is just the beginning of our exciting venture in product source diversification. The next Mexico Trip is already in the works, which means we will be finding even more hidden gems in Monterrey come 2023. Be sure to sign up as we will only open 100 slots. See you at the next Evolatam Expo!

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