Stuck on the drawing board? 

Creating new products out of thin air is not easy – especially in the eCommerce world where every ‘new idea’ may in fact be already owned by someone else. 

Additionally – each year, Amazon introduces more than 1 million new sellers on the platform. How, amidst all that clutter, can you make your small business stand out with a unique and groundbreaking product that has the potential to sell like hotcakes?

In this featured video with Amy and patent lawyer Rich Goldstein, he divulges a trade secret that has blown our minds away: digging through expired patents may help you discover cool product ideas that never came into fruition. More importantly – all these ideas are available online, and are free for the taking. In other words – in the archive of expired patents, you may find the NEXT BIG THING on Amazon. 

No need for extra tools or special software – if you’ve got an internet connection, a computer, and an open mind, you’re good to go.

Are you up for it? Check out Rich’s chat with Amy below:


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