External traffic is extremely vital in the life of an Amazon seller. If you didn’t already know, a major chunk of Amazon site visits originated from search – 60% to be exact. If you’re not worrying about marketing off Amazon now, someday you will be – and it might be too late. Better get on that train asap.

Today we’re going to talk about getting your products featured on major media channels such as Sports Illustrated, Forbes, or The Times – or non-traditional news sites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy. Getting featured can most definitely result in a major booster in your brand’s performance – not only does it increase brand awareness by getting your product out there, but it also instantly improves your credibility as a brand that can be trusted. Buyer mentality automatically trusts major media channels – i.e. if The Times is willing to put their name on the line by dedicating content space for you, you must be worth a try.

So, HOW? Well, you could always reach out to these channels yourself – but remember that there are thousands of Amazon business owners like you who are vying for a coveted spot in a high-traffic site. Sadly, the chances of getting noticed amidst the multitude of Amazon sellers are slim to none.

This is where a digital PR agency such as Seller Rocket comes in. Through Seller Rocket’s close partnerships with major publishers, influential websites, and media channels – they can offer Amazon sellers a bridgeway that helps get their products featured in viral articles and blogs.

Watch the featured video below where Amy puts the spotlight on Seller Rocket through their GM, Eric Suddarth, who introduces us to their services and tells us exactly how they can help market your product in exponential ways:

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