As an Amazon FBA seller, you must realize that having a great product in your hands is sometimes just not enough to earn those elusive 5-star reviews. Keep in mind that your product is tied up with Amazon’s service  – and what you’re selling is a positive customer experience as a whole. Essentially, the equation goes: good product + good service = positive customer experience = positive review.

Amazon already helps bump up your reviews by automatically requesting reviews through a templated message sent to your buyer’s email address. A templated message ensures your compliance with Amazon’s rules and restrictions in buyer-seller messaging (BSM) – we all know how fussy Amazon can be with the rules. This system is awesome for increasing your positive review count, but what about negative reviews? Is there a way to manipulate Amazon’s BSM system to mitigate negative reviews? What if you could customize your product review campaigns according to a specific buyer’s experience?

The answer to this is Feedbackwhiz – an online Amazon tool that helps sellers enhance their product review campaigns by allowing customizations that are set within Amazon’s BSM rules and restrictions. Feedbackwhiz is loaded with super cool features that can help you track order statuses, send automatic “Request a Review” emails to specific buyers, and exclude those with refunds or return requests – thereby avoiding potential bad reviews.

Sam Nedimyer of Feedbackwhiz shows Amy a quick demonstration in our featured video below:

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