Get Over the Superman Syndrome. It’s Time to Delegate to a VA

The Superman Syndrome. Most eCommerce entrepreneurs make this mistake. In a nutshell, the Superman Syndrome is the belief that only you can do it all. So you wear all the hats – you handle customer inquiries and elevate cases to Amazon support; you handle returns; you check PPC daily; you post on social media; you manage inventory; and way more. You are, essentially, an employee in your own business.


To quote Gilad Freimann, Founder and CEO of VAA Philippines, “(when you) try to do everything yourself, there’s a limit to your growth.” This fact is so prevalent, especially when you think long-term about your business’s exit strategy and eventual acquisition, that we’re probably preaching to the choir here. You know you need a virtual assistant. But knowing you need one, and finding the right one, are two totally disparate things.


Horror stories surrounding unprofessional virtual assistants abound. First of all, how do you even find a good VA? Not all of them speak English well, and not all of them have a professional work ethic. Secondly, what about training? Do you have the bandwidth to sit and train a new hire on everything about Amazon and your business? Thirdly, what about the administrative stuff? Do you need to follow the Philippine holidays (which are many, to say the least), how much salary do you pay, is 13th month compulsory, what are the necessary virtual assistant skills…the list is a kilometer long.


Gilad had these same issues when he hired his first few VAs as an Amazon seller. That’s why he and his wife put up VAA Philippines, Fully entitled Virtual Assistant Academy Philippines, the company does the screening, training, and professional development of its people. The result is a VA that’s been briefed fully on the expectations surrounding him or her – work ethic, Amazon knowledge, specific job or role, and so forth. 


What does that mean for you? It means you can delegate. So you can focus on the advanced work you’d normally postpone, and run your business instead of working on it. To know more, check out Gilad’s chat with Amy. There’s a wealth of knowledge here to be discovered.

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