Have you read part one of our spotlight feature on this year’s EvoLatam Exhibitors published a little over a week ago? Well, brace yourself for more, because here’s part two!

Imagine a melting pot of various suppliers for eCommerce sellers. Product manufacturers, raw material distributors, logistics, storage, and more – they’re all there. Picture all sorts of industry professionals in one major event for two days. We can already feel the exhilarating tradeshow energy in the air. We are more than ready to mingle and do business with our Latin American brothers and sisters for the progress of eCommerce.

We can feel your excitement rising. So let’s keep the ball rolling, shall we? Today, let’s refocus the spotlight on more exhibitors joining the LatAm eComm melting pot. Without further ado, here are four additional Mexican brands getting ready to wow us on EvoLatam 2023:

1 – Bolsitodo Packaging supplier with a wide selection of canvas bags, paper bags, eco bags, and more. They customize orders and personalize by printing brand logos on their bags. They also accept wholesale orders.

2 – Infinite Crystals Fine handcrafted jewelry made for women – gold, silver, or crystal-adorned; for fancy, formal, or everyday wear.

3 – Sellados Hamel – General merchandise manufacturer specializing in promotional items. Think personalized notebooks, corporate calendars, keychains, phone cases, and other merchandise that can carry your brand

4 – Sustenta Think Green – Products made with 100% eco-friendly and durable plastic material. Their main product selection includes biodegradable plastic containers in various sizes and colors, water buckets, and other functional items for the home.

And there’s a lot more where this list came from – we don’t call EvoLatam a multi-category trade show for nothing! If you’ve seen our FREE webinar – Tim and Amy did an excellent job of identifying all the products and raw materials that can be sourced from Mexico. Not a lot of us know that Mexico offers a diverse product selection that includes ceramics, electronics, auto parts, textiles, and more.

And if you’re hungry for even more information, we’ve got a FREE sourcing guide to feed that hunger. We’ve laid down everything you need to know about sourcing in Mexico in a downloadable ebook. Read about the history of Mexico sourcing, culture, best practices, and alternative solutions in the most comprehensive Mexico sourcing guide you’ll ever find.

In fact, product sourcing is not the only opportunity that Mexico has to offer. Mexico has lower fees for logistics, shipping, and storage services. Labor in Mexico has more affordable wages. Mexico offers other supply chain solutions other than its rich product selection. The possibilities to scale your business are endless. And EvoLatam 2023 is the perfect venue to explore all those possibilities. So don’t miss it!

EvoLatam is happening on February 15th to 16th, 2023 at Cintermex, Monterrey, Mexico – just a little over 30 days to go before the big event! Have you booked your FREE ticket yet? If not, there’s still time – secure your spot asap.

Or if you want to maximize your time in Mexico – The Mexico Trip includes a ticket to EvoLatam 2023. The Mexico Trip is a 7-day once-in-a-lifetime sourcing-educational-leisure trip for global eComm entrepreneurs. On the Mexico Trip, you’ll have a first-hand immersive experience of what it’s like to do business in Mexico plus factory tours, galas, meet and greets, and more! As we always mention here, Mexican business culture is deeply rooted in personal relationships. So consider The Mexico Trip as your introduction to la familia. If you haven’t signed up yet – do it now – click here.

35 days to go… ¡Hasta pronto!

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