Everything’s going along swimmingly until one day, your sales tank. They literally hit the worst levels they’ve ever been in your entire Amazon seller experience.

Wait! Don’t panic. Whatever you do, don’t drop prices, release a promo, or pull out your inventory and decide to sell on eBay instead.

Helium 10 is at it again with a sophisticated tool that will help you identify your market share – and your competitors’ market shares, too. Take a look at our RECAP as Bradley and Amy spill the beans on your specific performance.

Think about it. Maybe your competitors did badly on that day too, and it was a niche-wide occurrence. Or perhaps you were right, and your market share dropped because of something you did – or neglected to do. (And that’s information worth its weight in gold, because you can pivot with renewed keywords or PPC strategy.) Maybe there’s a new entrant in the market that’s disrupting the data a bit.

The point is, data is beautiful, especially data that’s this expertly culled and this thorough.

Helium 10’s Market Tracker can:

  1. Identify market share in your specific niche
  2. Check if a niche has new players
  3. See the market share of other products in a general search (ex. “anniversary gifts”)
  4. Identify expansion plans

…and a whole lot more.

Bradley Sutton joins Amy for an in-depth review of Market Tracker. He demonstrates how many Fortune 500 companies maximize their experience on this tool.

Want to perform as well as Lego, Spanx, and many of Helium 10’s other illustrious clientele? You know what to do.

Press play!

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