Let’s talk marketing. In order to have a successful business, you must be able to reach existing and potential customers and convince them your offer is valuable.

👉Here’s some steps to follow 👉

1️⃣Know the target audience

Who is your customer? Many of you launch products and you make up a fake avatar. “I’m selling to Sally, a Mom who likes to spend money on expensive decor”. I don’t know, but based on that description Sally sounds kind of hard to target with ads.

The only way to learn more about Sally is to get into her world. Learn what she is reading, who she follows, what she is interested in. Take the same journey as Sally does when she’s looking for new decor for her home. Does she read a certain magazine or follow a specific board on Pinterest? Does she buy other brands or shop at certain stores? Learn more about Sally. Become her bestie. This is called a target market analysis.

2️⃣Know how to reach that target audience most effectively

Now that you know Sally and where she hangs out online and off, what she reads, and who she listens to and follow, etc. How can you gain her trust with your branding and connect with her most effectively in your advertising? Send your product to an influencer she already trusts? Put your product in the magazine she reads? Write down some strategies to reach her.

3️⃣Have a plan

This is the part most people skip. They run a PPC campaign or Facebook ad and spend a bunch of money and wonder why it didn’t work. Instead take some time to come up with a plan. Where should your ads show for Sally to see them? What should the ad look like? What action are you asking Sally to take when she gets to that ad and will there be a trusted path from start to finish? If you’re asking Sally to go from Facebook to your website and give up her email and then go to Amazon and make a purchase, how many Sally’s do you think you’ll convert?

Most importantly, what metrics do you need to track to determine if your strategy is successful and how will you track them? Plan this…

4️⃣Execute the plan

now that you have a plan it’s time to put the preparation steps in place and test your funnel. Add deadlines to your plan and set up mechanisms to track your progress. Schedule in time each week to track progress, take the customer journey, make sure everything looks good, make any tweaks and continue your plan.

5️⃣Follow up and retargeting –

most business is lost due to skipping this critical step. You have to follow up and retarget your audience. You have to optimize your campaigns and stop the bleeding on keywords spending all your budget and double down on highly converting lower cost ads. You can then retarget those who might have considered your offer to reconsider.

🚀🚀That’s it, everytime you launch new products or want to boost sales on existing products, follow this process. Build this process into your schedule.

If you want to learn how to do a target market analysis, develop a marketing plan, build your website for conversions and create content that converts join our mastermind group where we have in depth courses and step by step worksheets on these processes. Amazingathome.com/mastermind

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