How To Create A Social Media Content Calendar

One of the most challenging things about being a business owner is never having enough time to do the things you want or need to promote your business on different platforms efficiently with organic results. Creating an SEO rich content calendar for your business is a skill to be learned but can be achieved with time and dedication.


Why Should You Create A Content Calendar?

One of the most important things about being a business owner is staying organized. The content calendar will be the main part of this whole process because it is where all of the topics you find, cover photos you create and alt text you create will be stored so you won’t be sifting through papers from ideas you wrote down last week, but can’t find anymore because it was lost in the shuffle.

  • Time management & batch working: When you have everything you need to be organized in one place, it makes everything easier to post on multiple platforms in a timely manner
  • Organization: No more of your ideas getting lost in the shuffle. You will be able to have everything you need in one place for maximum organization
  • Not forgetting important elements: There are more elements in putting a content calendar together than most realize. Creating an SEO rich calendar is important for getting found in search results and sales
  • Planning a launch or promo

Getting Topics For Your Blog & Crafting A Title

Finding relevant topics that people actually want to read about is an easy thing to obtain, but not talked about as much as it should be. is a great resource to find topics for a product or service you are selling.

Crafting the title in a way to word it how people are searching for it is another task that takes some time, but is very necessary in order to get your content found in searches. The video above will explain more in detail how you can master this


Creating A Content Calendar

There are many different ways you can organize the output of content, but my favorite (and easiest) way is through AirTable. You can go to the AirTable website and create a free account to access all kinds of templates AirTable has to offer.

One of those I use for creating a calendar to organize content for what I am going to post when I am going to post it, and premade cover photos to go with each blog so when it comes time to post about your brand through different social platforms, it is all there for you, organized and ready to go.

Learn how to do this yourself from the above video


Tips On Writing A Blog

  • Most viral articles have between 1,500 – 1,800 words: After that, most people think it’s too long and will click away
  • Get extensions that make your life easier: Yoast and Grammerly are my favorites. Yoast will automatically give you signals if you are writing content that is readable and SEO rich for the topic you are talking about


Updating Old Blog Content

  • Update Title, SEO, tags, Alt Text, and Writing: Updating old content goes with creating evergreen content. You can make an old blog relevant again by making a few small changes
  • Update the publish date
  • Add new pictures
  • Add a new upsell or product pictures
  • Freshen up the wording


Create Your Own Or Let Us Do It For You!

After watching the video and reading this blog, you should have all of the tools needed to start making your own in no time! If you would rather save time and have an experienced team handle all of this for you, order our services here and we will take care of everything you need for up to 6 months worth of SEO rich blog titles relating to your product or service, alt text, cover photos and hashtags to streamline your posts.

We also have blog writing services for purchase that you can add on with your calendar as well. Get that here

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