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Many Amazon wholesale sellers have problems editing listings because they are not the brand owner or they didn’t create the original listing. When editing a listing, Amazon requires you to submit a live photo of the product with all sides of the packaging showing. They want to see the changes you are requesting to make match the product information given on the package. They also want to know you actually have this product in your possession.

One note about the photos you submit to Amazon, these need to be “live” photos meaning the product should be in your possession. Amazon wants to see a photo of a product, on a table live and in your possession, not a stock photo you took from a website. This is the best way to have the photos approved for a listing edit.

Next, Amazon requires a link to the product page on the manufacturers website. Here they are checking to see that the changes you are submitting match the product information page on the website. If you’re a private label seller and you aren’t yet brand registered, you can simply create a product information web page and submit this to Amazon when you want to change your product listing. Just make the product information page match the changes you are submitting to Amazon. This works wonders.

If you’re a wholesale seller selling someone else’s brand, you’ll want to either be the first person to create the listing so that you own it, or develop a relationship with that brand owner and help them understand the value to improving the listing on Amazon and in turn, allowing you and them to make more sales. Even if you give them the exact wording to put on a product information page and they have their website admin publish it, this will allow you to update the listing. A win win situation.

Many wholesale sellers will find another way to create a new listing, by bundling that product with another or selling a multipack or a different version of that same product. This is a strategy to use if you simply cannot get the brand owner to help you help them.

Here’s the question posted in the Facebook Group:

“I have a question for you. I am selling wholesale and I sell on tons of listings which can be improved. A lot! I’m selling on listings with one bulletpoint or with one low quality photo. The products are doing great but it is room for improvement. How can I edit listings? I mean what is the step by step process?. I tried to edit some listings in manage FBA inventory , click on the listing , edit, save but nothing happens.

Recently amazon have a few requirements in order to edit listings. Photos from all sides of the package. I have to give them the page product from the brand owner website and another few things. But how can I do that? Let’s say I have an Procter&Gamble product. It’s not possible to find it on their website.

To go a little deeper. I am selling some products from a small brand. More like a private label brand with , I’m not sure , but maybe they have like 20 different products including these. They don’t have any product on their website. Because they’re not selling it. They have distributors for that. Their website is about their story, when they started, the team and the future plans. That’s it. So can you tell me please how can I edit/optimize listings in 2020? Thank you so much!”

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