Despite the shipping delay on FBA orders right now, Amazon’s Merchant Fulfilled (FBM) Listings are Flying off the virtual shelves right now… People are SHOPPING!!

I received 14 orders already this morning so I wondered, can I sent a FBM order (fulfilled by merchant) using FBA inventory (fulfilled by Amazon)?

The answer is yes!! First you’ll need to list your items again as merchant fulfilled.

Here’s a blog post about how to do that

Next, when you get an order, you’ll simply ship it using your FBA inventory.

Here’s the link to the discussion on the seller central boards about this… but I explain how to do it in the above video.

Note to overseas sellers and general information about this process: Please ensure you check your General Settings under your shipping template and set a US based address, otherwise your shipping settings will show standard shipping in 10-20 days.
Remember that if you get a return from a customer it will go back to this address so make sure you have an address to send it to. Talk to a prep center and see if you can use their address and if they will process your returns.
Also, please ensure you do NOT offer expedited shipping, this will be very expensive and most likely will not get fulfilled in time. Increase your handling time from 1 day (default) to 2-3 days to ensure you make time for Amazon to fulfill your orders.
When you get an order you will go to your FBA listing and click the edit dropdown and select “Create Fulfillment Order” enter the customer shipping address from your MF order screen and then you’ll need to wait until Amazon ships it out. When they ship it (within 24-48 hours) they will send you the tracking number in an email or you can check your orders screen.
You’ll then go back into your MF order, enter the tracking number and mark it shipped.
You’ll want to do this as soon as you get the MF order in order to give Amazon their 24-48 hours to ship it out and also meet your shipping timelines for merchant fulfilled.
NOTE: As of right now (March 29, 2020), we are not having any problems with Amazon shipping within 24-48 hours, however, things could change quickly with the COVID-19 situation so keep an eye on it and set your inventory level to zero if this becomes a problem until you can set up fulfillment outside of Amazon.

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