Did you know that external traffic can be used to beat your competitors only using PPC? 

I saw a question on Facebook 

My answer was this:

Which was followed by a lot more questions from people:

Below is another snipped from the entrepreneur.com article about why to rank on Google to Sell More on Amazon. Check out this article yourself here https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/318101

Why does it beat out competitors only using PPC?

Optimizing your Amazon listing for organic sales is a great way to be seen in more searches! But your competitors can also do this AND THEY CAN PAY FOR ADS ON YOUR LISTING!!!

So we’ve made the argument for Google ads, but can you achieve this same “external traffic flair” with other methods?

What is external traffic?

External traffic is any traffic that comes from off of Amazon and leads people to your Amazon listing. Amazon loves this traffic because PEOPLE ARE VISITING AMAZON TO VIEW THEIR PRODUCTS! Amazon LIKES IT EVEN MORE WHEN THEY BUY!!!

What kind of external traffic is best? 

One of the highest factors in your rankings is CONVERSIONS!!! So the external traffic that is best is the traffic that leads to conversions!! What helps buyers jump on that opportunity to buy more than an AMAZING DEAL that is easy to claim?

Wait, if I sent them to my listing and they don’t buy, what happens to my conversion rate? 

This is where the super URL comes in. First we work on posting amazing deals on a site with lots of interested buyers like RebateJet.com and then we use a SuperURL to help you rank for more keywords and reduce the effect on your lack of conversions

The power of combining a Super URL with External Traffic to rank for your top medium to long tail keywords 

What is a Super URL and why should I use one? The Super URL is already created by Amazon when someone searches for a particular keyword while buying products.

So instead of looking like the person landed at your listing and didn’t buy your product, super URLs make it appear to the search engine as if someone searched for your product using those keywords and then clicked on your listing. This helps you rank for keywords AND has much lessor affect on the traffic not leading to a conversion. 

You should use super URLs in Giveaways, blog posts, YouTube videos, media buy campaigns, social media mentions, and all other places where you’re sending traffic to Amazon.

We cover this in our guide to Super URLs here https://rebatejet.com/support/sellers/guide-to-super-urls/

How you can COMBINE THE POWER of promo codes and rebates to send diverse traffic to your listing and get crazy sales!

Creating a promotion on a deals website like RebateJet.com will accomplish 2 goals: 

  1. Bring more attention to your product off of amazon, driving external traffic and combining the use of a super URL to also help rank for keywords
  2. Increase conversions by offering an amazing deal and boosting your best seller rankings!

Unlike other deal sites, RebateJet allows you to create 3 types of deals and drive even more traffic!

  1. Rebates: With rebates, you send a customer to Amazon to buy your product FULL price! Which means they can leave you a review AND you get credit for a full priced sale. What do you think the chances are of the below rebate being claimed? 

The customer will buy the product on Amazon using the buy product now link, and after purchase copy and paste their Amazon order ID into the corresponding field on rebatejet to claim their rebate. After 30 days, the customer will get a check in the mail from RebateJet. Cha-ching! Win win 

  • Instant Rebates (aka Amazon Promo Codes): With instant rebates, you create one time use promo codes on Amazon (check out our how to guide here), and the customer instantly receives the promo code on Rebate Jet and the link to your listing on Amazon to claim their instant rebate! 

No rebate check to wait for and instant gratification. This does not count as a full priced sale, but not having to wait for a rebate check is a bonus! This also brings lots of traffic and sales velocity to your products!

  • Liquidation Deals: Need to liquidate or sell in bulk? You can list inventory located in Amazon Warehouses OR anywhere in the US on Rebate Jet! Entice our already excited buyers AND other sellers with liquidations. Check out our liquidation how to guide here


How to Increase the Chance of your Rebates being Claimed (and bring more visits to your listing)

  • Offer Steep Discounts: Customers shopping on deal sites are looking for DEALS!! They know they can save on popular products. If they aren’t specifically looking for lavender sleep oil, the higher the discount, the higher the chance of conversion.
  • Share your discount with targeted customers: Need to sell your camping product? Share your deal in a Facebook group of RV enthusiasts and watch the magic happen! This greatly increases the chances of someone claiming your deal, and brings more attention to your brand from targeted buyers. Best of all, there’s no follow up sequence you have to create! You can simply post your deal on Rebate Jet and use our easy social media and link sharing tools! Let us help them claim the deal and take care of the follow up for you!
  • Offer a teaser ad or landing page to collect emails: Worried about collecting emails or adding to your messenger list? Create a landing page or social media sign up post and collect their email or messenger contact details, when they click submit, share the direct link to your product on rebate jet. Again, let us take care of the follow up for you AND still have their email or messenger contact for future follow ups! 

How to Get Feedback for your Products

We don’t recommend trying to circumvent Amazon Terms of Service by asking for reviews after customers have received discounts on your products.

However, you can send customers a message on the Rebate Jet Platform to ask for direct feedback via our messaging platform. You can also ask customers to review your products off of Amazon.

Here’s How to Send Customers Direct Messages on Rebate Jet:

  • Rebate Jet is not a platform for Amazon Reviews. Getting reviews on Amazon is something so many people struggle with. We recommenced reading the Amazon Terms of Service regarding reviews located here
  • Send Customers a Message on the Rebate Jet Platform: Although we cannot guarantee a customer will leave you a product review on Amazon, you can use our platform to send customers who’ve claimed your rebates a message asking for feedback about your products. 

Simply choose current campaigns in your RebateJet Seller Dashboard

Then select View Orders

Select the Customer Name under “Customers that have purchased this product”

Now type your message to the customer and click send.

Your chat with the customer will now appear under Chats in the Rebate Jet Seller Dashboard

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