Did you have the sales you were looking for in Q4? What about your advertising costs? Were you as profitable as you’d like to be? Are you getting the engagements you’d like on social media? This morning I’m talking about why many businesses are not meeting these goals and how, if this is you… you can break through these barriers with some core fundamentals that made all the difference in my businesses!!

Here’s some pain points we can all understand that I address in this video…

  • Visualizing your organization at $1M and planning for this growth. Can you imagine that roadmap? What does your business look like as a full team with every position filled and you not working in the business on a daily basis anymore?
  • Getting your social media posts to actually get sales, engagements, and likes. How to provide the content that will get people to follow you, like your business, and become raving fans
  • Having the CONFIDENCE to pitch your business or product to ANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMER so when you finally get that opportunity, you MAKE THE SALE and they become a PROMOTER of your business as well
  • Being able to explain what you are selling and articulate what you do in a way that people will be drawn to your product or service. If your brand messaging isn’t on point you will miss out on connections and sales…
  • How do you move forward when you come to a fork in the road in your business? How do you overcome hurdles? What processes do you need to have in place to NOT FAIL! So many new businesses fail, but it’s because they didn’t make the right decisions when they came to these barriers. Nechole is going to hook us up, she’s a barrier breaking master!
  • Do you have a product that is not selling? You have a garage full of inventory that isn’t moving? You can’t figure out how to sell it? Would you like to learn to sell ice to an eskimo? When you learn the fundamental concepts of selling, you’ll be able to get rid of that inventory gathering dust in the corner. You’ll get NEW LIFE to old products
  • Are you running out of money in your business? Is your cash flow low? Do you want to learn how to have an extra $50,000-$100,000 in your business at the end of the year? Do you know how to hire a lawyer, doctor, accountant, supplier or manufacturer at prices your business can actually afford and benefit from? And leave that supplier feeling like THEY WON BY DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU? Then you can’t miss Steven teaching you negotiation in business. YOU CAN’T MISS IT!!!
  • Have you ever wondered how to find new suppliers in new countries at better prices and quality levels? There’s this incredible woman who figured it out and is going to tell us about it! Are you taking care of yourself? Are you so busy in your business you haven’t had your hair done or spent time with your family and you wonder if it will ever end? Did you know you can take care of yourself all while all of this is going on?
  • What legal services are most important to hire out and which ones can you DIY? How do you make the decision to hire the right service provider?


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