How to sell Saturated Products by Discovering new Keyword Opportunities


 How do you spot saturated niches in the Amazon market? Do you want to know what keywords your competitors on Amazon are organically ranking for? Do you want access to tools that will help you succeed in the over-saturated online marketplace? Just how do you go about creating new keyword opportunities to improve your Amazon ranking? How can you accurately reveal what people are looking and searching for? Did you know that Amazon Choice badges are given based on how well you write your product listing and how relevant that product is to the keywords used? Finally, are you willing and ready to thrive in the saturated Amazon marketplace?


Meet Amy Wees, inventor, entrepreneur, E-Commerce expert, and CEO of Amazing at Home. She answers the above questions and many more for it is in her field of experience and expertise. Her coaching finesse as exhibited in the video is a testimony to her success as a consultant in the Amazon marketplace. She is knowledgeable in using a wide range of ecommerce tools that are available to all and which she expertly demonstrates in “How to Sell Saturated Products by Discovering New Keyword Opportunities.” She explains to viewers and sellers how to determine market saturation and how you can succeed and differentiate your Amazon listing despite lots of competition from similar products.


In Amy’s unique and practical teaching style she tutors the viewer on the inner workings of Helium 10’s Cerebro tool. Helium 10 is an extremely precise Amazon Keyword Research Tool, which reveals the “Organic Ranking” position of a product and the search volume window. An overview of Helium 10 Cerebro’s reverse ASIN research feature is highlighted. This video showcases a step-by-step process that reveals tactics and strategies that assist the Amazon seller in understanding how best to strategically research and reveal new keyword opportunities, track competitor SEO tactics, and explains the Amazon ranking/algorithm process, and how to gain the advantage to remain competitive in Amazon’s over-saturated marketplace.


Her main objective is to guide the viewer and E-commerce seller on how to optimize their product listing in order to rank high on Amazon using the Helium 10 Cerebro instrument. Honorable mention is also given to the DS AMZ Quick View Toolbar tool, a free Chrome Extension, which features the ranking and seller’s information on the search page.


This tutorial will position the seller to explore and use the steps, tactics, and tools that will increase traffic to their specific Amazon listing.  Amy makes the entire process easy to understand while providing indispensable information for the e-commerce merchant. This is the mark of a master instructor.




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