Meet Shan Shan Fu, a self-made entrepreneur who went from rural China to San Francisco and became a successful Amazon seller. We sat down with her to learn about her journey and to get some tips on how to sell on Amazon. Her journey started with a 3D printing startup that won Vancouver Startup Weekend and eventually led her to the tech sales industry. When the pandemic hit, she pivoted her business to start selling masks on Etsy and found a way to sell them on Amazon too. Now, Shan Shan sells on multiple platforms and even helps other Amazon sellers through her work at Trivium.

One of the most valuable lessons that Shan Shan Fu’s story teaches us is the importance of adapting to changing circumstances and finding opportunities in unexpected places. When the pandemic hit and caused widespread disruption to many businesses, Shan recognized the growing demand for face masks and saw an opportunity to launch a new product line. Despite facing challenges, such as the no-face-mask policy on Amazon, she remained flexible and resourceful, finding a way to sell her products on multiple platforms and ultimately achieving great success.

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch a product on Amazon during times of crisis, Shan Shan’s story is a valuable source of inspiration. It demonstrates that by being open to new opportunities, staying adaptable, and leveraging emerging trends, it’s possible to build a successful business even in challenging times. In the face of uncertainty, it’s crucial to stay focused on the needs of your customers, be willing to pivot and make changes as needed, and always be on the lookout for unexpected opportunities that can help you achieve your goals.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: How To Sell On Amazon in Times of Crisis

Launching a new product on Amazon during times of crisis can be challenging, but it can also present opportunities for businesses willing to adapt and innovate. To succeed in launching a new product on Amazon in an economically unpredictable time, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and be proactive. Here are some steps that Shan took that bolstered her products:

  1. Research the market: Conduct extensive research to identify gaps in the market that your product can fill. Look for trends and emerging consumer behaviors that can inform your product development and marketing strategies.
  2. Develop a unique value proposition: Determine what sets your product apart from others in the market. Develop a unique value proposition that speaks directly to your target audience’s needs and desires.
  3. Optimize your listings: Make sure your product listings are optimized for search engines and include high-quality images and detailed descriptions. Use relevant keywords in your product title and description to help your product appear higher in search results.
  4. Leverage social media and influencer marketing: Use social media platforms and influencer marketing to promote your product and generate buzz. Identify influencers in your niche who have a following that matches your target audience and work with them to promote your product.
  5. Consider offering incentives: Consider offering incentives, such as discounts or free shipping, to entice customers to try your product. This can help generate early sales and reviews, which can help build momentum for your product.
  6. Be flexible and adaptable: Finally, be willing to pivot and make changes as needed. The market can be unpredictable during times of crisis, and it’s essential to stay nimble and adapt your strategy as necessary.

Shan, like many others at the time, was hit hard by the pandemic. We can’t always account for the perfect strategy or an immaculate plan to bail us out of difficult situations. It is important, and quite comforting to remember that luck and timing play a huge role too. Without reliable suppliers and connections, Shan wouldn’t have been able to scale her business up. So our last piece of advice? Get out there and network, broaden your reach, and speak to people who resonate with your vision.

Adapting Your Amazon Strategy for a Changing Market

As a platform that accounts for over 40% of all e-commerce sales in the United States, Amazon is a critical channel for many businesses. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying economic fallout have disrupted markets in unprecedented ways, requiring companies to adapt their strategies to stay competitive.

If you’re a seller on Amazon, another key skill is to know how to pivot your strategy to meet changing market demands. Here are some tips for adapting your Amazon strategy in a changing market:

  1. Monitor your sales data regularly. Keep a close eye on your sales data to understand trends and identify areas of strength and weakness. Use this information to make informed decisions about product offerings, promotions, and pricing.
  2. Leverage emerging trends. Be on the lookout for new trends and changes in consumer behavior. For example, the pandemic has led to a surge in demand for home exercise equipment and office supplies. By staying ahead of the curve and identifying emerging trends early, you can capitalize on new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.
  3. Optimize your listings. Ensure your product listings are optimized with relevant keywords, clear descriptions, and high-quality images. This will help you rank higher in search results and attract more customers.
  4. Diversify your sales channels. Consider selling your products on other platforms, such as Etsy, Walmart, or Shopify. Diversifying your sales channels can help you reach new customers and reduce your reliance on Amazon.
  5. Stay informed about policy changes. Amazon’s policies and guidelines are subject to change at any time. Keep updated with the latest policy changes and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Adapting your Amazon strategy to a changing market is crucial for success. By monitoring sales data, leveraging emerging trends, optimizing your listings, diversifying your sales channels, and staying informed about policy changes, you can stay competitive and grow your business on Amazon even during challenging times.

What To Expect in a Post-COVID World

One of the most significant changes in the post-COVID world is the shift toward online shopping. With many physical stores closed or operating at reduced capacity during the pandemic, consumers have turned to e-commerce platforms like Amazon to purchase essential goods, as well as non-essential items. Even as physical stores begin to reopen, the convenience and safety of online shopping have led many consumers to continue shopping online.

This is the best time to go out there and launch a product or a business that you have been mulling about. Consumer behavior has evolved a lot in such a short time. For instance, consumers have become more conscious of health and safety concerns when purchasing products. This includes an increased focus on hygiene and cleanliness, as well as concerns about the environmental impact of products.

As a result of these changes, it’s important for sellers to be aware of shifting consumer trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. This may include focusing on products that are in high demand, prioritizing safety and hygiene in product listings, and being transparent about the sourcing and environmental impact of products.

Making the Best Out of Any Situation

Shan Shan Fu’s inspiring story proved to us that sometimes the worst situations could come with unexpected results. Of course, launching a product on Amazon can be challenging, even in the best of times. But with a great mindset, you can train yourself to be resilient to challenges. By staying ahead of the curve, researching the market, developing a unique value proposition, optimizing your listings, leveraging social media and influencer marketing, offering incentives, and being flexible and adaptable, you can increase your chances of success.

If you’re looking for additional guidance and support, consider checking out Amazing At Home’s Amazon Mastermind courses. These courses provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

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