Are you planning on starting a website but you don’t know where to start? Or have you already started but somehow you got lost? Read on and learn the 3 main keys on how to getting people to buy from your online business.

Brand identity. Marketing Strategy. Product development. 

These are some of the many factors to consider when starting a business. Concerns are omnipresent, whatever industry you choose to venture into. Among all these,  the number one and most common problem for any starting and small business is customer acquisition. Bringing in new customers to buy products is a challenging step to get the ball rolling, take it from someone who actually failed a few times and learned. Miro Posavec, a homeopathy advocate and an e-commerce businessman himself, swears by this. He even gave emphasis to this question – How do you get people to buy your stuff? 

In today’s world, driving traffic to a website is not enough. In fact, those numbers will be useless if they do not eventually convert to sales. Imagine a physical store, a boutique perhaps, with hundreds of visitors each day. If those window shoppers aren’t into what you are selling and they leave empty-handed, foot traffic does not even matter. 

This is similar to people finding your website. Getting them to land on your page is a challenge itself. How much more getting them to stay, browse some more, and eventually buy? The goal is to position yourself in the market and make your audience trust you, and in the end, buy or avail of your products and services.  

Miro has extensive experience in the e-commerce business and he works with people who also want to grow theirs. At the beginning of his online venture, Miro did literally everything he could. He even had 10 WordPress sites and still, nothing worked. His determination and lessons learned from all those failures led him to success.  And now, he generously shared the main keys he picked up along the way. 

Solve One’s Problem

Positioning yourself as an expert is one thing, showing others that you can solve their problem is another. It basically answers “What can I do for people?”. Talking about your qualifications and experience is not enough, you have to solve somebody’s problem.  Take Melanie Perkins for example. The then 19-year old student gave a solution to pretty much everyone’s problem with creativity when she launched the online editing platform Canva. She came up with the idea when she and her fellow students found the other editing platforms offered by Adobe and Microsoft hard to use. They were certain that there must be a better way. Now, Canva does not only offer easy-to-use designs but it also became a place for people to collaborate with each other easily on a project. See what she did there? She found a problem and provided a solution. With the constant developments up to this date, Canva remains to provide new features that enhance the user experience.

Spend Time and Money on Marketing

There are two options you can choose from; either be good at marketing or find somebody who is. Either way, be prepared to spend money on it. Getting your product out there will cost you money, no matter what you do. In order for your target customers to buy from you, they have to find you first and build their trust. The US Small Business Administration stated that as a general rule,  companies that make less than $5 million a year should allocate 7-8% of their revenues to marketing, which is part of the customer acquisition cost. If the company earned $400,000, $28,000 of that should go into marketing. This includes social media campaigns, fees for sales and marketing staff, digital and in-print advertising.  Remember, the world is so competitive right now. Having a well-researched product and service is just a bare minimum standard. You have to get it out there and communicate. Imagine a well-designed bridal gown not being displayed. Will it be bought? 

Plan Everything and Do It Right

Yes,  down to the last detail. This may sound impossible but given how competitive the market is nowadays, you have to do everything right. From your email marketing, website design, SEO, and more. Be prepared to do a lot more than just put up your website.  If you can’t do it on your own, the best thing is to find someone who can. Hire experts. Because in reality, putting up a website will not magically get you all these organic hits. It has to be compelling.  Starting a business is similar to how you build a house. You have a vision of how the facade will look, how many stories, will there be a garden or pool, or how wide would you like your garage to be. If you know everything there is about constructing a house, then you do it. But if you don’t, let someone with expertise take care of it. Create a blueprint and execute accordingly.  Same with setting up your online business. Plan how your website will look, what niche will you focus on, who is your target audience, and hire people who can help you realize your vision.  Remember, the goal is to attract, make them trust you, and convert.
Starting an online business is never a walk in the park. People have a misconception that since technology is becoming accessible to everyone then maybe the risk is also as little. It doesn’t work that way though. It is just as hard, complicated, and risky. But if everything goes well, or even close to that, and you see people trusting your brand and buying from you repetitively, then all those risks will be worth it.

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