Recently I had the pleasure of joining Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law on his podcast called “Innovations and Breakthroughs”.

On this podcast episode I talk about my story as an inventor bringing my first product to market, the roadblocks I ran into along the way and how I overcame them. I also give tips to others looking to develop their own products.

We discuss how being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey and having a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs can not only help boost your confidence, it can even help you refine your product.

This is what motivated me to create our Facebook community , so entrepreneurs could have a trusted group of experts who they can bounce ideas with and learn from.

I talk about the impact helping countless individuals jumpstart their business from conceptualization to launch has had on my journey. And how having mentors and people to share ideas with can have a very powerful impact in your business and in life.

In this episode of Innovations & Breakthroughs, Rich Goldstein talks to me about my very first invention, my coaching work and courses, why it’s important for innovators and entrepreneurs to research their product and be thoroughly acquainted with its manufacturing process, and the importance of studying a market before launching a product.

Check out this episode in the player here on the page or at

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