Today I joined @Sunitha Sundaran, and @Riya Mittal from Seller App to talk about listing optimization and the importance of using flat files.✨

Do you know how to use flat files to create, update and delete your Amazon product listings in Amazon seller central? This is a critical skill to have if you’d like to bypass hours on the phone or email back and forth with seller support.

Also, if your listings are having quality issues you can check and fix all issues at once using Amazon’s new listing quality report.

  • In Amazon Seller Central Go to Inventory > inventory reports > Listing quality and suppressed listing report (new).
  • Download the past year and and edit the blue fields.
  • Next >Go to inventory> Add products Via uploads and upload your file

👉Watch the whole video & for tons of Q&A and information and hit the like button!👈

The wonderful speakers and their topics:

  • Amy Wees: The Importance of Flat Files
  • Sunitha Sundaran: Listing Optimization – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Riya Mittal: Listing Optimization for Holidays

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